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Hell will not be a party

I was sitting in the office at the school where I work taking a quick break before teaching my next class. While in there I heard a conversation that deeply grieved my heart. A few women were talking about something and one said, "I'm going to go to hell for that." And she chuckled and then said, "My friend and I always say we will have our lounge chairs and ice chests and be with our families, though." I just sat there in shock. So many people actually think hell is going to be a party. Even as christians we seem to forget how awful hell will be, eternal seperation from our Saviour and there will be weeping and knashing of teeth. Hell has definately lost it's shock value in our society and that is exactly what the devil wants.

My stats

Here are my new stats.

My cash budget to raise is 11,843. I have 8, 602, so I need 3,241.
My monthly support is 1,932. I have 275.00 pledged. I need 1, 654 pledged

If you want to help you can send support to: AGWM, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802 and my account number is 2942654.

I am His

The missionary is one in whom the Holy Ghost has wrought this realization- "Ye are not your own." To say, "I am not my own" is to have reached a great point in spiritual nobility. The true nature of the life in the actual whirl is the deliberate giving up of myself to another in sovereign preference, and that other is Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit expounds the nature of Jesus Christ to me in order to make me one with my Lord, not that I might go off as a showroom exhibit. Our Lord never sent any of the disciples out on the ground of what He had done for them. It was not until after the Resurrection, when the disciples had perceived by the power of the Holy Spirit Who He was, that Jesus said "Go."
"If any man come to me and hate not..., he cannot be My disciple," not, he cannot be good and upright, but, he cannot be one over whom Jesus writes the word "Mine." Any one of the relationships Our Lord mentions may be a competitive relatio…

A Call to Holiness

God is stirring the hearts of the people who will let Him. I truly desire more of Him; I am not satisfied with what I have. These past couple of weeks Jesus has been convicting me of the life I am living. We, as the church, are not living the way we should. We wonder why we aren't seeing a move of is because we are not repentant and certainly not living a life of obtaining holiness. It is the ordinary, every day things that Christ has been convicting me of. Things such as secular music, television, movies, magazines, books, anything that is not uplifting Him. How are we any different from the world if we are allowing this trash into our lives? Look at the industry that we, as christians, are supporting if we are buying into these pleasures. Is it worth it? Why is it so hard to give up? By holding on to this worldliness we are allowing satan to desensitize us and keep us from spending time with our heavenly Saviour. Father forgive me for being deceived. I want more of you …