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I am almost there

I am so excited about my budget almost being raised. All I need is 300 more dollars and I will have my entire cash budget raised. I need quite a bit more pledged, about $1,500. I know that God will provide. If anyone feels led to support me monthly just email me and I can give you more information.

Family Fun Day at DCI

This past weekend my dad and I went into DCI with Inner Faith Prison Ministry. We helped with Family Fun Day. Which 13 inmates were selected to participate out of about 50 applications. If they were chosen they would be able to spend a day with there children and the children's caregiver, which could be a family member, wife, or girlfriend.
Friday we went into the prison to set up for Saturday. We did as much as we could and then the women left for the hotel to greet the families as they arrived while the men stayed to minister to the inmates. As the children arrived we let them decorate bags for all the prizes and candy they would be winning the next day. We also helped them make a foam picture frame for their dad, and helped them write letters to their dad. While we were doing that the men were helping the inmate wrap gifts for their children, gave them a parenting book, prayed with them, and encouraged them to write letters to their children.
Saturday morning all 60 of us …