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Learning to Crochet

I have begun to learn how to crochet. I have already made a pot holder, holla! A wonderful lady from my church, Mrs. Bobbie has been teaching me. It is a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing it. I really like it because you are tying a bunch of knots but it eventually produces something you can use or wear. Not only has it been great learning a new art but I am also able to learn from her spiritually. Mrs. Bobbie and her husband, Mr. Archie, have been so wonderful to me. I cherish their frienship and consider them as my spiritual mentors. I only hope that I can help and encourage others the way they have to me and so many others.

Yay God!

This past weekend was Deluge IV at Bethany and was simply amazing. Deluge is held during the Mardis Gras holidays and is strategically chosen to combat the devil during this sinful holiday and to celebrate the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing better than on Fat Tuesday worshipping God and soaking in the Spirit. Being filled with the joy; unlike those in New Orleans who are getting on drunk and filling themselves with false joy. I have gone to Mardis Gras in New Orleans in the past and saturated myself in sin and nothing the devil offers can compare to what the Lord has and I would not trade it for anything. During this time God opened my eyes and took me to another level.

1.) Because of the holidays I have been watching Sydney and Tyler all day. Yesterday I took them to the levy to ride bikes. While we were out there we started talking about Heaven and how awsome it is going to be. We talked about the things of God for about an hour. Now this is a 6 and a 9 year old. …

SLU Chi Alpha

A few weeks ago I went to share with the Chi Alpha group at Southeastern. It was truly an honor for me to be able to share my heart with them. I have spoken at many churches and such but it is different when you are speaking to people around your own age. I was able to be more real with them. I shared my testimony in full detail for the very first time. It was somewhat of a struggle because I feel condemnation from my past but God spoke to my heart and told me it is nothing to be ashamed of. This is what I brought you from and look where you are now.
They gave me a wonderful offering and also pledged to support me monthly. The monthly support absolutely blesses my heart because I know how it is to be a college student and money isn't usually in abundance. What really stands out to me is that they are like the widow in the Bible who didn't give out of her abundance but from her heart. That is what God cherishes.

Answer to prayer

As a Missionary Associate we are not allowed to call Pastors we do not know and ask them for support or to speak at their church. However, in our district that rule has recently been changed. So now I can contact Pastors and schedule some services and get the rest of my money quickly so I can get to El Salvador.

In His Steps

I just finished reading In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. It is a great book and I highly recommend it. Here is an excerpt that really stood out to me. "...If our defination of being a Christian is simply the enjoyment of corporate worship; generosity with no personal sacrifice; good times surrounded by people we like and things we enjoy; living respectably and at the same time, avoiding the world's great masses of desperate and suffering humanity because it is too much pain to bear it--if this is our defination of Christianity, surely we are a long way from following the steps of Him Who carried His cross for us."

Financial update

I hope to be leaving for El Salvador soon I only need about $790.00 more in monthly pledges.