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Closer and Closer as the Days Go By

Everyday is one day closer to leaving for El Salvador. I have all my luggage packed and ready to go. All I need is 7 more people/churches to support me at $50 a month and I will have financial clearance and the next time you hear from me I will be in El Salvador.

What Kind of Testimony Do We Have?

We, my family, recently received David Wilkerson's newsletter. If you don't know who He is or don't receive his newsletters go check him out. With that came this World Challenge Missions Update by Gary Wilkerson which is extremelly sad and very convicting.

Worldwide Statistics...

6,571,497,332 people now live on earth
1,200,000,000 people live on 23 cents a day
2,000,000,000 people have no electricity
80% of all people live in substandard housing
1,000,000,000 people are without safe drinking water (a huge issue in El Salvador)
Every 16 sec. someone dies of hunger
57,000,000 people died in 2006
10,500,000 of these were children less than five years old
14,000,000 children were orphaned because of HIV/AIDS
2,000,000 children have died as a direct result of armed conflict during the last 10 years


$8,000,000,000.00 were spent on cosmetics in America in 2006
$11,000,000,000.00 for ice cream in Europe

Dare You to Dream

This was written by missionary Don and Terri Triplett, whom I will be working under in El Salvador. Their dream is also a dream of mine.

1.) Terri and I dream of raising up a model children’s ministry model for El Salvador and all the countries where King’s Castle is working.

2.) Terri and I dream of training hundreds of children to become a Generation for God in a nation where 93% of the children do not have a traditional family.

3.) Terri and I dream of giving the children a chance to dream of becoming something other than a gang member in the barrios.

4.) Terri and I dream of pastoring a church where every child is trained to serve and is actively engaged in Vertically Integrated Ministry, from birth to the grave.

5.) Terri and I dream of demonstrating Compassion to the children, the widow, the orphan, and the poor through every available means.

6.) Terri and I dream of systematically explaining the Gospel to every child in San Salvador through Strategic Target Evangelism.

7.) Terri and I…

Give a little more

On Wednesday nights a couple, from the church I attend, lead a Bible study at a retirement center. It happens to be right across the street from the neighborhood that I babysit in so it is very convenient for me to go and help. Last night was my first night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We sang a few old hymns, which I love. I was raised singing those old songs with my grandfather so I love the opportunity to be able to sing them and learn ones I am not familiar with. I think it is sad that most churches these days have turned away from the old songs. After we sang Mr. Bill led the Bible study and then we prayed. Before we started Mr. Bill introduced me and told them I was going to El Salvador as a missionary. So afterwards many of the old ladies came up and told me they thought it was wonderful that I was going to do that. I was able to talk to a few of the ladies for a while and they were just so excited that I cared enough to talk to them. One lady kept thanking us for…

Be the change

I am itching for a be a change. I am tired of being just a believer; I want to be a follower. I want to go against the grain. I want people to see Jesus in me ...'this revolution must begin with me.'

Today I was at Whole Foods and this elderly man and I were looking at the same product and he excused himself for being in my way. I told him he wasn't. I then asked him if he was a WWII veteran. (Anything to start a conversation, plus I find that veteran's are proud of what they did and it makes them feel good that someone in the younger generation cares.) I told him my grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor and we just started talking. He then asked me if I am in the military. I told him I had thought about it in highschool but God has different plans for my life. I proceeded to tell him what I was going to be doing in El Salvador. He continued to ask me questions like what I believed, what I would be doing. I was able just to share with this fellow all kinds…

Back home

Well, baby Emily and her family have been back home for a week now. Because she is on oxygen and feeding tubes it is really hard for her mom to get the other two children to and from school so that is what I am doing. Emily looks great. She is a little over 10 pounds!!!! Can you believe it? She is truly a miracle baby, surviving being born at 23 weeks and weighing less than a one lbs. She is so adorable and except for all the tubes looks like a normal two month old, healthy baby girl. Technically, she is 2 months old because they go by the due date. At the end of May they have to go back to Philly and if she still can not eat without the feeding tube (the kind that goes in through her nose) they will put in a more permenant one through her stomach. But I am praying that will not happen. It is so wonderful to see this baby at home with her family, finally. I just praise God for all he has done in their lives.

Willing to wait

Yesterday I was reading in Numbers about the cloud by day and the fire by night. A verse that really jumped out at me was 9:22 "Whether it was two days or a month or a year that the cloud lingered over the tabernacle, staying above it, the sons of Israel remained camped and did not set out, but when it was lifted, they did set out."

The Israelites were in a continual state of waiting on God. They never knew, a head of time, when they were going to move. The Israelites had to always be ready. I believe God is trying to develop in me patience and complete faith in Him. I felt Him speaking to my heart, "I have called you and put these desires in your heart but am I worth the wait? Is El Salvador worth the wait? For most the struggle is to go but for you the struggle is to wait."

Talk about a punch in the stomach. My first thought is why would You call me and then make me wait? But, it is all about obeying God and trusting completely in Him.

Oh, and some exciting news abo…

3 keys

Last night I had a dream and all I really remember is that I was in a store and some little children in a stroller were singing a song. To me it is an old song because I remember singing it at church when I was young.

Just forget about yourself, put your faith in Him, and worship Him,
Just forget about yourself, put your faith in Him, and worship Him,
Just forget about yourself, put your faith in Him, and worship Christ the Lord,
Worship Him, Jesus Christ the Lord.

So when I woke up this song was what came out of my mouth and has been on my heart. If we could embrace these three keys first thing in the morning our lives would be changed. 1.) Forget about yourself (the absolute hardest thing to do and is usually the root of all our problems), 2.) Put your faith in Him ( don't worry about ANYTHING; He will take care of us and believe it), 3.) Worship Him (We are to be in a continual state of praise and worship).

Satellite pictures of El Salvador

Check out this link to see El Salvador from a satellite view.

Cafe Chi Alpha at UL

Last Sunday night Travis, my brother, and I went to Cafe XA in Lafayette and saw Tyler Reed, Showbread, and Pillar with about 300 or so other people. I went to see Showbread and they were way awsome. I am not a fan of Pillar but the lead guy preached for about 15-20 minutes in between a song and said some really good stuff. Most of the time you attend these "Christian" shows and the message is not brought forth. So needless to say, I am still not a fan of Pillar but I am glad that he proclaimed his belief and such. Also, it was good to be able to meet some of the students and visit with my old XA pastor, Josh Higgins. He was my XA Pastor at Nicholls State but now he and his wife are at UL helping out.