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Breakfast for the homeless

This morning at about 4:45 I went with Mr. Ed and Mrs. Beth, who are over the Compassion Ministry, to find and feed the homeless. We went to about 5 or 6 different spots and gave out sandwiches and hot coffee. Because of this outreach many of the homeless have been coming to church. They bus in about 50 0r 60 to church on Sunday morning. About five have accepted salvation. One died recently because of a bad storm and a sign fell down and killed him but he had accepted Christ a week prior. We went to some rough areas. Two different parks about two or three blocks apart is gang territory. Parque de la Libertad is one of the most dangerous places in San Salvador and I believe it is MS-13 territory and the other park is 18th St. territory. When we drove up the homeless all came up because they recognize the vehicle and they were all so very greatful. Mr. Ed sometimes has to go and wake them up. It is the only day that they are woken up in love and given some food. I am so honored to be ab…

Children of the War

Hijos de la Guerra (Children of the War) is premiering on June 9 at the Seattle International Film Festival. It is really hard for me to watch this because this is what we are fighting against. We are trying to reach the children for Jesus before the gangs get them.

English Class

Today Karen and I went with Janell, to the lake, to help her teach English classes to the Master Commission students. It was so much fun. I may be able to teach some classes starting in August. Tonight we took out a little boy and his family, for his birthday. We had a lot of fun and I know he enjoyed it.


This morning I helped in the nursery and after church I was with Janell when she found out that Tara could not preach this evening at a women's group because she was sick. Janell was stressing because that put the burden on her to have to do it and she wasn't prepared. As we were talking she asked if I would share my testimony with these women. I said I would and around 4:30 drove to a neighborhood I had actually done programs in with my first team in 2005. As we were worshipping, I felt God really burden my heart to talk about forgiveness. Forgiveness of those who have abused you. I know that all kinds of abuse is very prevalent here and God wanted to heal. As I was speaking one women in particular, named Paz which means Peace, was crying. So when I finished we asked if any wanted prayer to come up. Well, she was the first one up but almost all responded. She had a very hard story but basically she has been abused her entire life by her mom, her mom's boyfriends, and her …

Las Delicias

I tagged along with Karen to a little community about 45 minutes from San Salvador called Las Delicias. This little girl, Danielle, was one of the many beautiful children here. Karen was taking pictures of the children for brochures for sponsership. Many of the older children were embarassed to have their picture taken. I asked one of the teacher's why that was so and she said because the kids think they are ugly. When she said that it just broke my heart.
We were also able to help the Pastor's wife cook and then serve the meal to the children in the feeding program.

This weekend at the Campemento and I have an hour to share my testimony and what God has done in my life for the morning devotion. I pray that God gives me the words to say and annoints them so that He may receive the glory.


Today I took care of my residency visa and I should have it by next Wednesday. I am surprised to receive it so quickly. You can't even get Governmental documents that quickly in the States. But everything seemed to go very smoothly and next week I will be a resident of El Salvador.

Give Me Vision to See You

I have never worked so hard in a kitchen in my life as I did today. I went to the Camp to help get the Cafetin ready for all the AIM teams. It is a little place with concessions and games so the teams can hang out in their free time. So I helped clean the kitchen, which was an all day job. I am so exhausted and my arms will probably be sore tomorrow. For dinner I had a really great experience. I was able to go with Janelle to visit a family in her cell and eat dinner with them. We were hoping for some Salvadoran food but instead we got Pizza Hut. It was a really great time. Their 9 yr. old, Solomon, really took a liking to me and decided to become my spanish teacher. Janelle was really able to share with them and before we left we all prayed together. And Solomon was right there with us just praying out loud the whole time. The spirtual level of the children here is absolutely amazing.

Costa Del Sol

Today we went to the beach, Costa Del Sol. We were the only ones there so it was really cool. I had a really good time. I was able to talk to Bro. Don and Sis. Terri about what I will be doing and I am very excited. It was great to have a relaxing day at the beach. Especially since I am about to get really busy. I got a little burnt, not to bad considering we are closer to the equator. We are in the rainy season but it has not rained since I have been here. However, as we came back from the beach it started to rain and has been raining. In El Salvador it usually rains at night unless there is a Hurricane. Bro. Don said that May is the hottest month but it hasn't been bad at all. In fact, here in San Salvador where the altitude is at 2,600 it is much better than Louisiana.

Truth About It Is

It has not hit me that I am actually living here, in El Salvador. As I am riding around with Karen, doing errands, it just feels so surreal. I am also becoming more and more terrified about having to drive. It is definately going to be interesting. Today I was able to unpack everything and also start the process of getting my residency visa. The weather has been really nice. We are supposedly in the rainy season, but it hasn't rained once since I have arrived.

Such a need

This is one of the views from the house that I live in. At night it is really cool because it is pitch black but you can see lights all out on the mountains. Today at church Master's Commission did a drama that was, no doubt, the best I have ever seen. The salvation's that came forth because of it was incredible. Kids went down just balling there eyes out wanting to be saved. After church all the missionary's went to Wendy's to eat. Then we went to the Triplett's house for a meeting, which is across the street from us. We discussed all the things we needed to do for this summer. Just sitting there hearing some of the stories of normal things that are dealt with humbles me so. There are apparantly so many kids in the church that are hungry but they never complain or ask for don't even know they are hurting. After the meeting Bro. Don invited over all the Master's Commission students and we had a big get together. They ordered pizza a…

I am here

I am finally in El Salvador. I had a great trip, no problems at all. Janelle and Karen, other MA's , and a two nationals that I have known from previous trips came and picked me up from the airport. Then we went to eat and now I am at the apartment. I am super tired and have church in the morning. Tomorrow after church all the missionaries are having a meeting so I will get to see and talk to everyone then.

My last day

Today, or actually yesterday, was my last full day in the U.S. and it was definately bittersweet. I got to eat my two favorite foods, oyster poboy for lunch and boiled crawfish for dinner, for the last time. I went and said goodbye to the kids that I have watched for the past year, that was hard. Then at church we had a prayer meeting and a going away party. It was really good and I am so glad I was able to see mostly everyone before I left. I am sad to leave my family and friends but I am so happy to finally be able to fulfill what God has called me to do.

I Got My Ticket

The day has finally come were I have been able to purchase my tickets for El Salvador. I will be leaving this Saturday at noon. I can not believe it is actually happening. I just finished doing all my packing and I am absolutely ready to go.

Financial Clearance

I finally got financial clearance and tomorrow I will get my flight schedule. I should be in El Salvador within the week.

Story in the LA Times

I Saw A Sign

I was driving around town, running some errands and I saw this sign outside of a business. It said, "People may doubt what you say but believe what you do."

Clint Brown

I went with some friends, from church, to see Clint Brown. The whole service was really good and I was especially impressed with the message he preached. One thing in particular that he said was, "If you use the trial as a testimony, you've passed the test." If we kept that thought in mind I think we would have a different viewpoint as we are going through hard times.

Fishers of Men

"I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men, I will make you fishers of men if you follow me, If you follow me, If you follow me, I will make you fishers of men if you follow me."
That is a song I used to sing, as a child, in Children's church but was made so real to me this weekend. This past weekend my family and I went down to Grand Isle to fish. We had planned on staying at the state park, which has just recently been re-opened since Katrina. However, God had other plans. There were no sights available so we found a little camp motel and stayed there. It was on the bay side and had a lighted pier you could fish on 24/7. So that is where we went the first night. Around 10:30 or so a big group of people came out. They had been at some meeting or something. One of the men was really Cajun and when I caught a fish he grabbed and took it off the hook for me. Obviousely, that is not what makes him Cajun. He was speaking in Cajun French most of the time a…

Love Culture

Sunday night Derick Jackson, Chi Alpha Pastor at LSU, spoke about having a love culture. Here are a few statements that he made.
People are drawn to love.
Love is unselfishly choosing for the highest good of another.
We are God's love to other people.

Some scriptures he used were John 13:35, Romans 5:8, 1 John 4:10, Mathew 5:43-48

After hearing his message I was really convicted of my selfishness. I have really started to ask myself while I am doing certain things, "Who am I doing this for? Myself or Others?" So many times we have such a bad attitude about doing things and that is not right. Examine yourself through out the day and see the motive or your heart and remember that we are supposed to first, Love God with all our heart and second, love our neighbors as ourselves. Are we loving our neighbors, those we like and dislike, as much as we love ourselves?