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Vendo Tamales

We have been working in an area outside of San Salvador called Apopa. Within Apopa we have been in Popotlan which is the most dangerous area there. We have been doing programs and Kid's Quest. Yesterday was quite a bit different because we did a prayer walk through Popotlan declaring the strongholds and walls fall down just like they did in Jericho. After the prayer walk we hit the streets and sold tamales. It was a lot of fun walking with plastic tubs of tamales yelling "Vendo Tamales" which is what all the street vendors say when they are selling something. Vendo means I am selling. We were saleing them to help raise money so the busses could come out and pick up the kids from Apopa on Saturday and Sunday. After we finished I was so hungry so I ate one of the tamales; it was really good except for a few pieces of the chicken foot I almost choked on. Yes, they eat chicken feet here.

Big Day

Saturday we practiced the drama for Big Day until 2:00 a.m. We got up early and did the first service at 10:30 and about 50 or 60 people received Christ. Then we cleaned up the tabernacle, ate, and went back down to do it again at 3:30. It went really well. God touched many people. I don't know how many accepted Christ at the second service but it was a lot. It is so cool when you do alter calls and the first people running down are children. After the program we cleaned up and tore down everything and all the World Warriors, Interns, MA's, and Master's Commission went to the Tripplet's house for Bro. Don Tripplet's Birthday. They had a huge pinata and it was so funny to watch them go out it. When it finally broke there was a mad rush for the candy. It was hilarious they were like little children. Today we were able to sleep in a little bit and we will be going out with Master's Commission students around the San Salvador area helping them with their…

Bootcamp Week

This week has been absolutely incredible. It has been physically and spiritually draining. The first day we did team building exercises and we had to get everyone over a 15 ft. wall and everyone had to go over somehow. But certain people were picked that couldn't talk, I was one of them. As they hoisted me over I got half way over the ledge but the guy up top didn't catch me quick enough and I fell back down but caught myself with my hands but the inside of my arms were ripped and bruised. But it is ok, those are my battle wounds. We got up in the mornings to pray at the prayer fortress with Master's Commission students at 5 in the morning. We trained every day during the day, we practiced our dances for the "Big Day". Every night we had incredible services. God moved in a way I have never experienced before.

Therefore, equip yourself

World Worriors has officially begun. Last night the leaders got together and prayed at the prayer fortress, at the lake, and God really touched us all. Today we went to the airport to pick up the first group and in a little while we will be going back to pick up the rest of the group. It is so amazing to see how God has put this team together and the expectency that each of them have. It is going to be an amazing six weeks and I cannot wait to share all that God is going to do.

World Warriors

I just found out that I am going on the entire World Warrior trip. We will be gone for two months and working in five different countries in Central America. I am so excited that God opened up the opportunity for me to go and I believe awsome things are going to happen. The World Warriors are all coming in on Monday and we will be having boot camp that week and the following Monday we will be leaving. If you would like more info on what and who the World Warriors are check out the website It is going to be a hard trip, physically and spiritually, so we definately need prayers.

Urban Sprawl

"The housing boom is a boom based on the fact that there is no real income apart from what goes on outside the country," Jeff Holman said. A quarter of El Salvador's 9 million citizens are estimated to live outside the country, primarily in the United States. They sent home $3.3 billion in remittances last year, and much of it was used by families to make down payments on new homes, particularly in coffee-rich western El Salvador. El Salvador has a density of 330 people per square kilometer, the highest of any country in the Americas and similar to Japan or Belgium. By comparison, nearby Costa Rica has 81 people per square kilometer. For a country that is already severely deforested, the construction boom is a looming environmental disaster."--Taken from an article in Reuters

Children's Church

This past Sunday was my first time in Children's Church and it was really awsome how everything ran. They have 3 different programs running at one time and the kids are seperated by age. So they have something for the younger kids like 6 and under, then the middle age, and then pre-teen. This picture is one of the services for the pre-teen kids. I think there is about 350-400 children total. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to working with these children.