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Save the best for last

Our last country to work in was Honduras. Honduras holds a special place in the hearts of each and every World Warrior. We worked in a town called Los Cedros that was the first town conquered by the Spanish in Honduras. We stayed in a home that was 210 years old. The streets were cobblestone and it was such a picturesque place. This was the only place in which we stayed at the same place and worked with the same people the entire time. I believe that made a huge difference because we were able to make relationships. There was a little girl named Cristal and she had curly hair, too. The people were so amazing and sweet. They made us feel right at home and Honduran food is definately the best. We were able to really pour in and be apart of those people's lives. One lady wanted us to come and pray for her in her home because she is in an abusive relationship and her husband had just beaten her a few days prior and she has internal bleeding. Things such as that are very c…


Our 4th country was Costa Rica in which we joined up with King's Castle and their Almaton, which means soul-a-thon. It is one week with evangelizing teams going all over the country to reach the people of Costa Rica. One of my favorite things we did in Costa Rica was all 400 of us invaded downtown San Jose, which reminded me a lot of the French Quarter in New Orleans. We went marching through the streets proclaiming Jesus Christ as our Saviour. Then we split into teams and went witnessing and then did a program. It was really awsome and God touched many people. I was shocked to feel how cold it was. I always wore a hoodie at night and slept inside my sleeping bag. A huge factor in my love for Costa Rica was the coffee, in which they served us at every meal; amazing. Costa Rica was tough for us all and I think it was because we expected it to be the easiest. Many of the girls became really sick there. At the end of the week we all gathered together and did a big program in the park…

Third Country

Panama City, Panama

We were supposed to fly to the Kuna Islands and work with the Indians but there was a problem with our plane so we stayed and ministered in Panama City. I was a little bummed at first but I know God does everything for a reason. We were able to go into many highschool's and do programs and the kids were all very receptive. We were still able to work with the Kuna's because there is a village in a dump called Kuna Nega and we went there two times. The second program we did was absolutely heart breaking for me. There were so many children there and we tried to do a prayer line but it didn't work because every child that came through was bawling and would hug you and not let go. One little girl named, Nadia, for the longest time wouldn't talk to me. She just sat in my lap and cried. She finally told me that her dad is an alcoholic and beats her mom. It kills me when I see these kids so broken and hurt.

The next day we did the children's service at a …

Dawan Yanny May Mumbia (God Bless You in Miskito)

Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

The last time I was in Nicarauga was in 2005 for Transformacion. Since then the people elected in a Communist dictator. Nicarauga has always been oppressed but even more so now. Seeing statues being put up of their new leader and big signs everywhere was proof of communistic brain washing of this country that so needs Jesus.

God has put a burden in my heart for the Miskito people and being able to finally go to them and minister was amazing. It was interesting being in a spanish speaking country but not being able to communicate with people because the speak Miskito instead of Spanish. However, in the city of Puerto Cabezas many speak both. We took about a 3 or 4 hour bus ride from Puerto Cabezas into a village/town called Columbo that had no running water or electricity. I did get really sick while I was there and missed two programs and bathing in a river. But I prayed for God to heal me and he did and by 3:00 I was up and doing home ministry. …

So hard to say goodbye

Today was the end of World Warriors '07. It was a sad day. However, I am glad to be back in El Salvador. Our six week mission to five countries in Central America was absolutely amazing. God did so much in us and through us. I could probably write a book of all the things that happened. There is so much to say I don't even know where to begin. As soon as I can process my thoughts and get some rest I will put up some highlights of our time trecking around Central America. I started putting up some pics so if you want to check them out go to the webshots link.