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Revolting Monks

My first rememberance of hearing abou the country of Burma is when I was a little girl in Missionette's. For our mission's badge I was required to read a certain amount of books about missionary's. The one book that I remember out of all of them was Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma. That book has since been etched in my memory. There were other things early on that inspired me to be a missionary but I believe that book played an integral role. Most people are now very familiar with Burma or Myanmar. This country has been oppressed by their own military government and have had enough. Once can tell things are getting bad when, the otherwise peaceful, monks have been on the forefront of this rebellion. When I read about what is going on I can not help but wonder what role are the believers taking in all of this. What must they be going through? I can imagine that they are probably protesting along with the monks for a democracy. The Military Junta only allows …

Overcoming My Fear of the Taxi

Today I did something that I have been putting off since I have arrived here in El Salvador. I do not have a vehicle but I am in the process of looking for one. In the meantime, I have two roommates with vehicle's that I have been depending on. That in itself has been a lesson for me. I normally do not like to depend on people for a ride because I feel like I am being an inconvenience. That is beside the point. Inevitably I knew this day would come. Both of my roommates were not available to take me to work with Club Castillo this morning so I had to call for a taxi. Keep in mind I do not think I have ever rode in a taxi in the U.S. Much less ride in a taxi in another country, by myself. So there is this particular taxi service that I am supposed to use called Deluxe Taxi. My roommate gave me the directions to our house and then the street of where I need to go. I know my way enough to get around, however with limited Spanish speaking skills I was a tad bit nervous. I…


I received this story as an email from the Crump's who are missionary's here in El Salvador. As I read the email tears came to my eyes with the realization of how awsome God's grace is for me. I take His grace for granted so much and I do not want to anymore. I want to be more aware of the wonderful grace He has bestowed upon me.

"I left work early so I could have some uninterrupted study time right before the final in my Youth Issues class. When I got to class, everybody was doing their last minute studying. The teacher came in and said he would review with us for just a little bit before the test. We went through the review, most of it right on the study guide, but there were some things he was reviewing that I had never heard of. When questioned about it, he said that they were in the book and we were responsible for everything in the book. We couldn't really argue with that. Finally it was time to take the test. "Leave them face down on the desk until ever…

Field Fellowship Retreat

We had a Field Fellowship Retreat the 17-19 at the DeCameron, which is an all inclusive beach resort here in El Salvador. The retreat was for all the Missionary's and Missionary Associate's in El Salvador to get together and fellowship with one another and with the Lord. Paul and Karla Weis, our Area Director's, came down and ministered to us in our morning and evening devotionals. The Decameron was absolutely beautiful and the Weis's really ministered to all of us. It was a wonderful time to get to know other and spend time with others who are missionary's but I don't work with or see. My only complaint is that we did have to evenually leave.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Since I have been back from World Warrior's we have not had a dryer. We let everything line dry. Just recently our wash machine broke so I was washing my clothes by hand. One of the girl's from Master's Commission was so shocked that I was handwashing my clothes. She said, "You are not like most girls from America, they don't wash their clothes by hand. You are different." That one little action of washing my clothes by hand broke down the stereotypes within her mind. It broke down the barriers between us. I feel as an American I have to prove myself to many people here. The simple action of hand washing my clothes proved to her that I was different which gave her something to have in common with me, if that makes any sense. This girl hardly ever spoke to me and as I was washing my clothes and she was waiting to wash hers, she starts asking me questions about my family and I ask questions about hers. She opens up and tells me some personal stuff.…

Making a Living in a Landfill

The government is closing an open air dump here in El Salvador called Nejapa. The closing of this dump affects the livelihood of many people. Here are some powerful pictures of such people.

Tiger Pride

There are people promoting Tiger Pride in El Salvador and they don't even know it. This is one of the Master's Commission students that is in my English class. As we were going over something in class I glanced up and saw LSU on his sleeve and stopped class and told everyone that LSU is the University in my city and the best University in America. I proceeded to get him to repeat Go Tigers after me and it was awsome.

New Master's Commission Students

Yesterday after my English class with the Master's Commission students I saw some new students. These two new students are from the United States and one more is coming this week. They will be immediately incorporated into the Master's Commission student program here. They will live like they live, eat what they eat, do what they do, ect. It is definately going to be a wake up call to the American's but something that will change their lives forever. There is about 17 signed up to come in Januarary. In addition to their classes and everything else they will be doing the English stream will be helping me with the recruiting of 1,000 World Warriors for next summer. So it will be nice to have help with that because it is going to be a lot of work.

Pictures of Pto. Cabeza, Nica

We recieved news that everyone I worked with and know in Puerto are fine. There is a lot of damage and they still need your prayers. Check out this link of some pictures.


Today was one of those blah days. It was cloudy and rainy all day. One of those days you just want to stay in bed and read a book or watch a movie. However, I was not able to do either. My day started at 5:00 in the morning. Wednesday I take the CCI class and when the class is over I usually go to the lake to teach the third year Master Commission students English. Today classes were cancelled because of Mr. Gary Crump's farewell service. Mr. Gary and Mrs. Karen Crump have been Missionary Associate's here for fifteen years, I believe. He was in charge of AIM teams and Interns and she took care of the donations and sewing ministry. I asked them what advice they had for a young M.A. and they said, "Know that you are called and have lots of grace." The first part of their advice is very similar to the advice Martha Lesperance, Missionary to Argentina, had told me a year prior. She told me to write in my Bible "I know that I am called and I know I am su…

On Alert

It appears I can not escape hurricanes. So far we have not had bad weather. Today was actually one of the most beautiful days I have seen here; the calm before the storm. Around 6:00 pm the storm clouds started rolling in and that is when I took this picture from my apartment. El Salvador is apparantly on yellow or orange alert, I don't really know what that means. I do know the schools are shut down for tomorrow and possibly Thursday. I believe the biggest threat here is alot of rain which causes flooding and mudslides.

Faith Promise

Today in Children's Church the kids made a faith promise. Their faith promise is to bring 15 cents to church next Sunday as an offering for the Dream Center. Fifteen cents may seem like nothing but to God the 15 cents each of those children contribute to Bro. Don's vision of the Dream Center is greater than thousands given by someone who can afford it.

Little Things That Humble

Yesterday I attended a Vigilia at which my one of my roommates was going to be preaching. One of the women from church invited us to eat dinner at her home before the service. When we arrived we had to park in the street and then she sent one of her daughter's to come up and walk us in the barrio. We walked past the gang members to get to her house. We eat the typical meal of pupusas and I look around and feel extremelly greatful. This women had four children and they all stayed in the room we were eating. The bedroom, kitchen, dining room was all one room. And here they were feeding us.

Today at Club Castillo I was working with the kids who are in Level 6. We played games and before they broke off into groups they all started praying for Bro. Don Triplett and praying that God would provide the money for the Dream Center. I just sat there with tears in my eyes as I heard all these children praying and believing that God is going to provide all the money by December. …