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Declare A Holy Fast

This past weekend I participated in my first Nacional Empoderamiento, National Empowerment. We all gathered at the lake from Friday morning until Sunday morning. We all fasted nothing but water and prayed and interceded for El Salvador, the Triplett's, King's Castle Ministry, and the Dream Center. It was an amazing weekend and God really poured out his Spirit on us. About 20 of the Guardians participated in the fast, as well, and led the intercession for the children of El Salvador. Saturday night about 35 people were filled with the Holy Spirit. One 15 yr. old was filled with the Holy Spirit and then went to pray with one of his friends and when he laid his hands on her she was filled with the Holy Spirit. We broke the fast with communion Sunday morning. It was a great weekend and I felt I had a breakthrough within my own life. However, I felt horrible the whole time because I was given a different kind medicine to take Friday and apparantly I am having a allergic re…

Life Is So Much Better With Cayenne Pepper

I like to cook. Everyone knows that Cayenne pepper is a staple ingredient in food in S. Louisiana. Being an ignorant Louisianian, I assumed Cayenne was something that could be bought anywhere in the world. When I arrived in El Salvador I quickly found out that it can not be. Furthermore, many Americans do not even know what it is. Shocking, isn't it? Well, I have been here for five months on Oct. 19 and have been searching for it at every store I have visited. Again and again I came up empty handed until....yesterday. We went to a store to purchase some ingrediants for some food because we wanted to make dinner for all ten of us girls who have been couped up in the house with scabies. So we go, and keep in mind I have looked here everytime I have been, but to no avail. Yesterday, however, was different and they had a big bottle of Cayenne Pepper. I could hardly contain my excitement as I picked it up and yelled down the isle to my roommates who were laughing at me. Needl…

Decorating for Christmas

Yes, it is October and yes we have our Christmas tree up already. It is completely normal to decorate for Christmas this early because it is the next big holiday. El Salvador does not celebrate Halloween and obviously does not celebrate Thanksgiving. We started seeing Christmas decorations toward the end of September. I thought it was a bit ridiculous to put up a tree this early but I decided to go along with my roommates. Everytime I see the tree it does give me a little sense of being home eventhough the weather is the exact same as it was when I arrived. I thought Louisiana did not really have seasons well El Salvador for sure does not. It is summer all year round but I love it.

This To Shall Pass

Yesterday my roommates and I were all diagnosed with the dreaded Scabies. We have had a rash for a little over a week and since we just purchsed a dog we thought we were having some kind of allergic reaction to the puppy. Or maybe the dog had some weird bug or something. But as it continued to get worse and spread on our bodies and spread to other people we have been in contact with, we thought it must be something else. So we went and saw the Doctor and without a doubt said we had Scabies. Turns out the lady that cleans the house on the weekends brought her daughter. Her daughter was in our rooms and playing with us and with the puppy. She sat in my lap as we watched a movie. That little girl has Scabies and passed it to us and so forth. It is really horrible. It itches worse than anything I have ever had and burns as well. At night they spread and bite because your body temperature rises. We have to clean everything in boiling hot water and those items we cannot wash we …

CCI Mini Camp

I just came back from the second CCI mini camp. This one was different because instead of being a camper we were in charge of different stations and such. I was in charge of a game which was fairly easy. Thank God I had Ruth to help me out with the explaining the game. I learned how to trust my friends. We did a exercise were each one in the group has to fall backwards into the arms of the group. It was a little scary but I did it. I had a lot of fun and learned tons. Next week is our last week of CCI class. It has been a little bit of a challenge but I know I have improved in Spanish, so much, just from this class.

Rivers of Tears

Psalms 119:136 "Rivers of tears gush from my eyes because people disobey your law."

We should not stand in judgement or disgust when people disobey the laws of God. We should have compassion and love towards them that compels us to go into our closet of prayer and weep for for those who are lost. How can we expect those who do not know God to act and live like they do. It is a lost cause. Those who do not know the trust know nothing else than to live in sin and disobey His statutes. We so quickly condemn; instead of condemning start praying.

Nuestra Perrita

Today we all three bought a new little puppy. We have been driving by this certain area where they sale dogs on the side of the road. Everytime we would drive by we would say to one another, "Let's get a dog." So we finally talked to our head missionary's and they said it was fine. So today we went and bought this cute little puppy and named her Maya.

Mourning From a Distance

Being away from friends and family when a tragedy strikes is extremelly difficult. A family friend passed away today. She was friends of my grandparents and she and her husband were like second grandparent's to my siblings and I. They were always so excited and extremelly supportive of me coming to El Salvador and what I am doing here. When you want to be somewhere to show your support but can not you feel dibilated. This is one of the downfall's of living out of the country but a small sacrifice for the Lord and the people He wants me to reach.

Take It All

On Saturday morning we have children's discipleship in which I help out. Today I started something a little different. The Guardian's of the Vision, the ultimate level of Club Castillo, are preparing for a Big Day. Big Day happens one Sunday a month. The purpose is an extravagant production and evengilistic outreach within the church. I have been asked to teach the Guardian's the Hillsong United song "Take It All." It is good that I am teaching them that song, eventhough it is a bit wordy, because they are already familiar with the tune because they sing it in Spanish all the time. The more I am around these kids the more I know they are the reason I am here. I was listening to a message earlier by Rob Bell and he said, "Join God and give your life to the children that everyone else has forgotten." That is what I want to do.

Communist March

Going around town, running errands, you never know what you might see or run into. Today we were not able to drive down a road we needed to because the FMLN, the communist party, was having some kind of march. There were hundreds of people, all dressed in red and white, the party's colors, carrying flags and banners with their hero Che Guevara's face everywhere.

Precious Life

Today I had a sobering experiance...I don't even know if that word quite describes how I feel. I go out to the lake on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week to teach english and it is about an hour or so to get out there, depending on traffic. I was riding out there with a couple that are MIT's, missionary's in training. It is not out of the oridinary to be stopped by police in roadblocks and different places they put cones in the middle of the road that you have to maneuver around. I am assuming to slow people down. As we were driving along we came to an abrupt stop because there were people everywhere, cones were out, cops, and an area to our left was all taped off. As we got closer Garrett kept saying, "Please don't let there be anyone dead." So we are stopped so we can see what is going on and as I look to my left I see this car about 10 ft. away completely crushed and I see the dead people inside. I have never seen a dead body before other than…

Scripture Memory

I have been thoroughly challanged by the Master's Commission students here in El Salvador. The student's memorize some 300 chapters, I believe, within one year. The past year or so I have wanted to apply scripture memory to my weekly routine but it always fizzles out and it has always been single verses. In "The Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell he says, "A friend of mine studied in the mid-1980's at a yeshiva (Jewish Seminary) in Manhattan. He claims he was the only student in the entire school who didn't have the entire Old Testament memorized." The entire Old Testament; I get excited that I can still remember a few key scriptures I learned in Sunday School as a child. As I was reading "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom I felt God speak to me saying, 'Like Corrie you may not always have a hard copy of the Bible, you will only have what is in your heart.' I really feel that to go deeper in my study of the Bible that I need to ap…