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It is Better to Give Than to Receive

This is a great testimony that might move on your hearts to give toward missions.

A teenager made a step of faith before the New Year started and doubled his faith pledge for Speed the Light.( He works part-time making a little over minimum wage and working about 16 hours a week. He already gives 10% of his earnings as tithes. He was giving $20.00 a month last year, being very faithful, even when he worked less hours. This year, 2008, he doubled his pledge to $40.00 a month even though sometimes he was working less hours. Since he trusted God, God has given him favor working more hours. Every week he has worked 20 + hours. This teenager, Travis my younger brother, is actually giving about 6% above his tithes to missions. God will bless him for giving and also for stepping out in faith and trusting God to take care of his finances.

I Give You My Dreams

I desire to be in your presence
To lay things aside for a while
To gaze in the eyes of you Jesus
To be in your arms like a child
And I worship you
With all that I have
And I offer you
This heart that's broken
I surrender to you
All of me
I abandon my life
I give you my dreams
Come and pour down your love
All over me
That's what I want
That's what I need
That's what I live for
I long to be in this moment
To stay here for the rest of all time
I fall on my face before you
As you sing a song over my life
And I worship you with all that I have
And I offer you
This heart that's broken
I surrender to you
All of me
I abandon my life
I give you my dreams
Come and pour down your love
All over me
That's what I want
That's what I need
That's what I live for

-Rusty and Jessica
From the album "God's Romance"

Future Missionaries

These are some of the 3rd year Master Commission students that I had in my English class last year. They are future missionaries to Cambodia and Puerta Cabeza, Nicaragua. They have been raising their funds but, as you can imagine, it has been very difficult. It was rough for me to raise my funds in America so I can not even imagine raising funds in a third world country. Nevertheless, these young people in the photo's above need your help. They want to be used by God, they want to go to the nations but are hindered because of their lack of funds. Please pray for them to raise their money quickly. Ines, who is going to Nicaragua, told me the goal is to leave by April. It speaks alot to me because a few of these students were 1st years when I interned here in 2005. Not many of them stay or make it to become 3rd year students. It is awsome for me to see that they continued through the program and now are going to be missionaries. Each one will leave as their money comes in. …

Breakaway From Mainstream Worship Music

I would like to encourage you to breakaway from mainstream worship music. There is so much more out there than what the radio plays and the music is unique. I get so burned out on the typical worship music because it sounds all the same and I feel like they all try to copy one you have to look, sound, and act the same to fit into the worship mold. There is no right or wrong sound or style. Worship music is supposed to help us worship the Lord. I am not saying that these mainstream bands are not truly worshipping God...I have no idea what state their heart's are in. However, I do know that there are some really amazing and annointed musicians that are not in the mainstream that you should check out. Here is a list of some of my favories in no particular order:

1.)Aaron Strumpel
2.) Agents of the Future
3.) Ben Pasley
4.) Enter the Worship Circle
5.) Ben Bylsma
6.)Jonathan Stockstill
7.) Kalanie Gloekler
8.) Mad City Church Worship
9.) Misty Edwards
10.) Morning Star Wor…

Praying God's Word

The Lord has impressed on my heart to pray the word of God. Everyday when I read the Bible and certain promises jump off the page at me or certain scripture's stand out, I highlight them or write the text down somewhere. Then while I am praying I look those verses up and I pray the scripture. No one can argue with the word of God, the enemy does not have a chance when you are praying or quoting the word of God that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The scripture is alive and real. I have found by praying the scriptures your prayer time will be dramatically changed. I was reading today in Isaiah 37:14 which says, "After Hezekiah received the letter and read it, he went up to the Lord's Temple and spread it out before te Lord." That confirms to me that we should lay out our petitions to the Lord and use the word in our defense. There is an excellent sermon on this subject by David Wilkerson. You can download his sermon "Binding God to His Own Word" at …

Back to the Camp

The last weekend of each month our church has camps out at the training center, aka the lake. There are different levels of camps going on at the same time and they have adult, teenager, and children camps. As an adult, when you finish all the camps, you become a servent member in the church. I work with the Guardian's of the Vision, 9-12 yr. old, so I help in those camps. Each camp, for me, has become more desirable for me to attned solely because my spanish is improving. I actually feel as though I can make a contribution and help. This weekend was different because of a baptismal camp going on. So, yesterday, everyone who was at the camps went down to the lake to watch and be witnesses of those being baptized.

Extending My Time in El Salvador

This past week I went on a fast to seek the Lord's face as to what direction I should take when my term ends in May. I felt God telling me to dedicate these last three months completely to Him. God impressed on me that I should rid my life of any distractions, anything that was taking away time from Him. So I did just that. When I broke my fast on Tuesday morning Sis. Terri Triplett, asked if I would like to extend my time through August to help with World Warrior's and AIM teams. I believe that this was an answer to my prayers. I was under the impression that I could not extend because I have not been to language school but Mr. Paul Weis, the Area Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, approved the three month extension. I just need all my monthly supporters to continue to support me until the end of August.

Psalm 31:15 "My future is in your hands..."
Proverbs 23:18 "For surely you have a future ahead of you and your hope will not be disappointed.&quo…

My First Baby Shower

I am utterly positive that I attended my first ever baby shower today. I know it can be quite shocking and somewhat unbelievable that a twenty-five year old woman has never been to a baby shower. The baby shower was for baby Malachi who was born, last week, to Garrett and Tara. They are MIT's,Missionary In Traing, here in El Salvador working with King's Castle Ministries, as well. I assume most baby shower's happen before the baby; however, since I have not been to one before I am, by no means, an expert on these types of things. The shower was held at this time because they wanted to have it while Tara's mom was in the country visiting. It was fun to see all the cute little baby stuff and I enjoyed the company of all the other missionary women that I hardly see because of our busy schedules.

World Warrior's: Mission's Best Kept Secret

World Warrior’s 2008
King’s Castle Ministries
It is your turn to be the change!

Missions, ministry, work, games, fun, exciting, travel, meeting new people, sharing God’s word, loving and helping children, teaching children, evangelism...there is nothing like it!

-We need young people, ages 16-20, ready to
commit to World Warrior’s 2008.
-We need pastors and youth pastors to send us your best youth for a life changing adventure.
-We need you to pray for an explosion of power to watch these youth change Central America.
-We need you to share the experience

When? June 9-July 24, 2008
Where? Three or four countries in Central America
How much? 2,300(not including plane ticket)

If interested in becoming a World Warrior in 2008 please contact Elizabeth Triplett for more information.

Putting My Guitar to Good Use

A good friend of mine bought me a really cool Martin Backpacker guitar the Christmas before I left for El Salvador. I was so blessed that he bought it for me. It is perfect for traveling and great for me to have here. I play it all the time but I actually used it tonight to lead worship at a cell group. I have lead worship at Bible study's and stuff before but this was a little harder because I was leading worship in Spanish. Most songs are not translated literally so it can be a bit difficult when you are used to playing certain chords with certain words. But it went well. I had been practicing worship songs in Spanish for a reason and the Lord must have been preparing me for tonight. I really didn't want to do it because I am not that confident on the guitar. However, I know that it is all for the Lord and doing things like this not only stretch me, but it helps me with my Spanish.


With my tiny hands, with my tiny fingers, I will reach out hard to You,
In this tiny room, with these tiny people, I will tell the truth to You,
You are faithful, You are strong, You are goodness, I am wrong,
You are larger, more than anything, your everything to me.

With my tiny words, In this tiny song, I will sing my heart to You,
On my tiny knees, With my tiny dreams, I will give my life to You,
You are faithful, You are strong, You are goodness, I am wrong,
You are larger, more than anything, Your everthing to me.

Artist: Enter the Worship Circle
Cd: Second Circle

Children Leading the Service

Today while I was working with the Guardian's I worked with the level of children that will be leading the children's church service tomorrow. They were broken up into different groups as to which child is doing what in the service. I was helping the girls who will be leading worship tomorrow. So we picked out a few songs they practiced them. It is really cool to see these children taking the lead in these services and learning how to get in front of their peer's.

New Land

Today was the first Sunday on the newly purchased land. We met under, what appears to be, a huge circus tent. For the closing of the service a few of the Guardians of the Vision came up and prayed for the future of the church. There were over 850 people in attendence. After the service we all ate lunch and had a surprise visit from a Mariachi band. It is enthralling to think about what God has in store for El Salvador and King's Castle Ministry.

All For Jesus

Yesterday and today I have been able to work with another ministry here in El Salvador called "Todo Por Jesus" which focuses more on the youth. We worked in a little community called Las Delicias in Ciudad Arce, which is not the same Las Delicias I have been working in with the AIM team. I enjoyed working with another ministry and being able see a different part of El Salvador that I do not usually work in.

Good Things on a Forgotten Hill

This past week I worked with a AIM team from Massachusett's. We worked in an extremelly dangerous area outside of San Salvador called Las Delicias. This team has invested many years into Las Delicias. It was a great privilage to be able to work them. In the mornings we did a Vacation Bible School type thing for the kids. After lunch a service for the youth and at night a regular church service. I know many people in Las Delicias feel like they have been forgotten and this week gave them hope.

Give It Away

Last night I brought a lady named Sister Rosita home from the cell group. I have been sick with a cold for about a week. I feel better now but I am just coughing alot and I am working with a team helping to translate. So I am talking more than normal and my voice is going out. She was telling me I need to buy some lemons and honey and that will help my voice. When I arrived at her home she turned to me and said, "Here is a little offereing go and buy some lemons and honey." I didn't want to take it but I know culturally you always take whatever is given to you. I just assumed it was a dollar. When she left and I looked down at what she gave me it was a ten dollar bill. That may not seem like alot but for here it is so much. I cried and cried all the way home because it was so humbling. It broke my heart to think about the sacrifices her family will be making because she gave me her money. Then I think about America and how we are so stingy with our money even…

The New Year

The holiday's are over and another year has begun. I have to say this past year, so far, has been the best year of my life. Being that I have spent most of it in El Salvador. I only have five months left which is sad. However, I know that this is just the beginning of what God has planned for me in missions. On a completely different note, if you happened to watch the Rose Parade in Pasadena a high school band from El Salvador played in it. Apparently, it was a big deal to get there. They didn't have money to fly so they took a bus from El Salvador to California and many of the members could not even make it because they could not get their visa's.