It is Better to Give Than to Receive

This is a great testimony that might move on your hearts to give toward missions.

A teenager made a step of faith before the New Year started and doubled his faith pledge for Speed the Light.( He works part-time making a little over minimum wage and working about 16 hours a week. He already gives 10% of his earnings as tithes. He was giving $20.00 a month last year, being very faithful, even when he worked less hours. This year, 2008, he doubled his pledge to $40.00 a month even though sometimes he was working less hours. Since he trusted God, God has given him favor working more hours. Every week he has worked 20 + hours. This teenager, Travis my younger brother, is actually giving about 6% above his tithes to missions. God will bless him for giving and also for stepping out in faith and trusting God to take care of his finances.


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