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Week of Prayer

My week of prayer begins this evening. I will be lifting up each and every request that was sent to me and look forward to hearing how God touched lives. I am very excited and know God is going to do awsome things. I will not be back to San Salvador until next Saturday, so be looking for a new post then.

Throw Away Society

El Salvador, a throw away society, where it is an honor for a child to die but a dishonor for a child to be adopted. A society where women and children are abused and looked upon as worthless. This past Friday night the team that was here had their farewell service. One man got up to say something that brought tears to my eyes. He said Ecclesiastes 3:8 says "A time to love and a time to hate..." but hate what? He said, "You know what I hate? I hate the term throw away kids. Because MY GOD DOES NOT MAKE THROW AWAY KIDS." There is not one life that God created that is a waste. As much as we might not agree with how someone lives or what someone one is a waste. Each person was lovingly created by God and we are supposed to love them.

Your All I Want

The Gift of Mango's

Finally, green mangos are back in season. Mango tree's are everywhere, especially in Las Delicias. The kids found out how much I love mangos so they go and shoot them out of the trees, or they will climb the trees and throw them down to me. I will end up with ten mangos but I end up giving them all away, except for one that I will eat. The other day, the little boy in the picture, was already up at the church working and when I arrived he ran up to me and pulled out a big mango from his pocket. It is so cute how excited they get to give me something. These kids have next to nothing but love to give. We could all learn a lesson from these children. Giving is wonderful, it is so much better than receiving.

Building a Parsonage

There has been a team here working in Las Delicias. Part of the team is doing outreach and the other construction. The construction team is working on the parsonage in Las Delicias. Today I had the awsome privilage of mixing cement. Well, not actually mixing it...there were mixers but shoveling the rocks and sand into metal squares that were then dumped into the mixer. So we were pretty much shoveling all day. I feel like I accomplish more when I am working hard outside. I have a few blisters and my arms and back are already hurting but I am ready for some more work tomorrow.

It Is Well

No matter what happens in life, good or bad, as believers we have the promise of eternal life. Sometimes things happen to us and we start dwelling on the temporal, instead of the eternal. The person whose state of mind is on the eternal is one who truly walks in victory. Most everyone is familiar with the hymn, "It is Well With My Soul" and I did a little research about the author of this beautiful song. His name was Horatio Spafford and this man went through quite a few fiery trials. His son dies, he looses everything he owns in a fire, and his remaining four daughters died on a boat. Despite the tragedies he endured he kept his mind on the eternal and was able to say, "It is well with my soul." I have always loved this hymn and thought it was very powerful, even without knowing the story behind the song. Take heart all those who are suffering because nothing is to much for the Lord.

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows rol…

Learning New Things

Today, while helping out with a team that is working in Las Delicias, I was able to see how tamales are made. I informed the church ladies that were making them that I have had tamales here but I have never seen them made. I even attempted at making one myself, much harder than it looks. Salvadoran tamales are very different from Mexican tamales, that most people are familiar with. Salvadoran tamales are not dry and are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. They put different things in them but the ones that were being made today had this corn stuff, salsa, potato's, and chicken. They usually sell them for $.25 a piece but they sold them to us for, the great deal of, $.15 a piece. I also watched the boys shoot down mangos with homemade slingshots and tiny rocks. They would shoot a little rock into the Mango tree's and about a dozen mangos would fall. You eat them straight off the tree and with some salt. They are green mangos so they are hard and acidic but delicious, n…


Popotlan is an area in Apopa, which is outside of San Salvador. The Master's Commission students have been working very hard in this area with the children and adults. There was a service yesterday for those who attend the Coffee groups (cell groups) in that area. Janelle, one on my roommates, preached and I went along to help minister and pray. I felt the Lord leading me to a specific lady and I started to pray for her. I asked her if she was a believer and she said she was and then I asked her what she would like me to pray with her about. She was very upset because her sister just left for the United States without telling anyone and she has not heard from her and is very worried and said she was not a Christian. She also told me that she has a lot of pain in her back. So I prayed with her for her sister and healing in her back. After the service one of the lady's asked us to come to her home and pray for her son named, Alejandro. Alejandro is about 14 years old a…

What A Day That Will Be

Last night Pastor Amy Stockstill passed away. I truly believed the Lord was going to heal her but He reminded me that His ways are higher than ours and He sees things and knows things that we do not. He is in control and everything under heaven and earth is His. It is sad but she is in a much better place with no more pain and suffering. One day, those who have accepted Jesus Christ in their heart's, will be reunited with her and others who have gone before us. Just like the old hymn says, "What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, and I look upon His face, the one who saved me by His grace, when he takes me by the hand, and leads me to the promise land, what a day, glorious day that will be."

Isaiah 55:8,9 "My thoughts are completely different from yours, says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts…

My Week of Working With the Wisconsin Team

Many churches come to El Salvador for a mission trip. This past week I worked with a team from Wisconsin that was a Medical/Dental, Construction/Mechanic, Outreach/Evangelism team. I was leading the outreach team with Mario, a 2nd year Master's Commission student. Here is a breakdown of what we did and the highlights of the day.

Monday-We worked in Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) which is a community built within the lava fields. Played with the kids for a long while and did two programs (like a sidewalk sunday school). I also helped translate for one of the nurses and the kids took us on a hike through the lava.

Tuesday-Worked in Guadalupe and stayed at the church with the clinic most of the day. Played with the kids, did a program, gave out clothes and toys. Found an Avocado tree and the kids helped us pick avocados.

Wednesday-Worked in Mira Flores and had some Guardians of the Vision work with us as we did programs in some schools. Noe, a Guardian from Mira Flores, was so proud …

El Salvador is Praying for Amy Stockstill

For those of you who do not know the name Amy Stockstill, she is the wife of Pastor Joel Stockstill at Bethany World Prayer Center. Please go to their blog to get more information The attack on Pastor Amy's health is directly from the enemy however, saints from all over the world are binding together and fighting with the power of their prayers. Here in El Salvador I have asked the leaders of Master Commission to be praying and to ask their students to pray. This is the 10th year of continual prayer and fasting at the Prayer Fortress, here in El Salvador, and we are informing the Pastor who is in charge of the Prayer Fortress this week to be interceding and praising God for healing and rapid recovery.

On the Move Again

Tomorrow a Construction, Medical, and AIM team is coming here to El Salvador and I am going to be working with them. I will mostly be working with the AIM part of the team. The Medical and AIM teams will be working together in different communities each day. I will not be posting this week because I will be out working.