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A Privilaged Clown

I received a call from the Kid's Quest director here in El Salvador asking me to be Ling, the girl clown, in a program next Saturday. I didn't realize until today that all 700 people from the Cumbre and going to come to the little community church in Nueva Esperanza and watch us put on a Kid's Quest program. It is quite a bit nerve racking because there are all kinds of Children's Pastors from the US here and are professionals in what they do as far as clowns and puppets and such, not to mention those from all over the world. However, I must admit I am a bit flattered that of all the Master's Commission students and anyone else who is trained in Kid's Quest that I was asked. Eventhough I am just a clown I pray that God will use me to reach those children in Nueva Esperanza and that I will be the best clown I can be.

New Song

Today we had our last practice with the Guardians before the Cumbre starts this Monday, and it was an all day affair. This was a practice for the Cumbre because the kids are going to be leading the worship one of the nights this week but as they were practicing we started praying that God would use them in a special way. Everyone was worshipping and crying. The whole front row of boys were on their faces crying and praying. Then Pastor Roberto, the music pastor, told them to start singing what was on their heart's. Some started singing in tongues others started to just sing and it was so awsome. I know the Cumbre is going to be amazing and God is going to use these kids to minister in an awsome way.

Painting the World

I have recently become quite the painter. I don't know how good I am but I am certainly getting a lot of practice. This entire week has been preparation for the Cumbre, which begins this Monday. People from around the world are already starting to arrive. Today, as we were painting and cleaning, some of the Venezuelan National Team came in and worked with us. Then while we were all working Bro. Don Triplett came and introduced us to some Americans. It is really tons of fun meeting people from different countries but all working in the same ministry. Eventhough you don't know each other there is a connection. One, because we are all believers in Jesus Christ. Second, we all have a desire to reach the children of the world.

Gang Prevention

La Playa El Espino

One of the girls, Evelyn, who stayed with us during the week of prayer is from El Espino. She invited a few of us to come to her church on Saturday night. We woke up early Saturday morning and drove to the most beautiful place I have ever been. El Espino is a beach town that has not been consumed with tourist traps. It is very quaint and rustic, exactly how I like it. The beach front was lined with with bamboo booths selling food and drinks. Vendors walking up and down the beach selling everything from coconuts to shell bracelets. There was nothing but beach as far as you could see. You could walk out 100 ft. into the water and it was only ankle deep and there were tons of shells. The waves were big but there was no riptide while we were there. When you were out in the water looking back to the shore beyond the shoreline were mountains. It was such a beautiful place. I felt like a "real" missionary because I was offered all kinds of different types of fish and s…

You Will Be Like a Well-Watered Garden

This past Friday night, at 10 pm, ended my week of prayer in the Prayer Fortress, which is at King's Castle training center. Mauricio, a second year Master's Commision student, and I were the Pastor's of the week. We were in charge of scheduling the two hour prayer shifts, devotion's, services, explaining the rules and praying over anyone who wanted to come into the prayer fortress. Anyone who is not part of the prayer week team and wants to come in to pray needs to have the rules explained to them and be informed that the fortress is a place of prayer and fasting. Also, they must examine themselves, ask God to forgive them of their sins, and go in transparent before Him. During the weekend we had about thirty people, mostly children and teenagers. The majority had to leave on Sunday to go back to school. We had eleven stay throughout the entire week. It was such a testimony to see children and young people sacrifice their time. Eight year olds taking two hour…