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Bumming on the Beach

I love the beach and it was nice to be able to take my mom and sister to one here in El Salvador. We went to Costa del Sol and stayed at Joya de Pacifico resort. The beaches in El Salvador are somewhat different. Most of the time you can not just drive up to the beach or park somewhere and walk to it. There are resorts lining the beach front and you have to stay at one of the resorts; you can stay for the day or nights. Usually, we go just for the day. Joya de Pacifico is the one Bro. Don and Sis. Terri Triplett go to and so we know it is a safe place for us to go as well. I have been to other beaches but I went with Nationals. Unfortuantely, being white makes you are a target so it is best to go places we know are safe. We had a great time of relaxing, talking, and soaking up the sun. My sister and I also attempted surfing but the waves were very strong and really choppy so we did not do so well.

Another Trip Around the Sun

Thursday was my birthday and I took another trip around the sun, as one of my friends said. Last year on my birthday God supplied all my financial needs to come to El Salvador. This year I am actually in El Salvador and my mom and sister are here with me. Friday I had my CCI class, out at the lake, so my mom and sister were able to see the International Campgrounds and were also able to go up to the Prayer Fortress. Friday night we went to see Marcos Witt, a famous Spanish worship leader, from Houston. Then on Saturday they tagged along with me with the Guardian's of the Vision classes. The kids sang Happy Birthday to me and then all attacked me and gave me hugs. One of the levels of Guardian's was practicing how to evangelize on the street so it was cool that my mom and sister were able to experience the children doing that. Then they came with me as I taught my English class. This morning I am preaching in the Guardians service at church and my sister, Jana, is shar…

Testimony of God's Protection

I have been traveling more this week than usual and I try to say a prayer everytime I get behind the wheel, in this country, but especially when I going far and by myself. On Sunday, after church, Janelle and I took the families in her cell group to this park that is up the mountain. As we were driving up I started hearing a weird high pitched sound that was coming from the back of my truck. It was not super loud but it was not normal and it was enough for me to worry. Then as we were driving back I made sure I prayed because my truck was full of kids and I did not hear anything else the rest of the way. The next day, which was yesterday, I went to the airport to pick up my mom and sister and I did not notice anything strange. Today I took my mom and sister to the Mayan Ruins and after we returned to the city my truck started making bad, loud noises and I felt like grinding when I pressed the gas. We barely made it home and I was able to bring it to a mechanic in which we sa…

A Special Surprise

My mom had been planning on coming down to visit me here in El Salvador for my birthday. So today I went to the airport to pick her up and Jana, my sister, was with her as well. I have not seen anyone in my family for almost a year so I am very happy that they are here.

Diabetes: A Life-Threatening Disease for the Poor

Imagine being a twelve year old girl and being hospitalized and told you have diabetes. To this child diabetes is a life-threatening disease. Imagine being the mother of this girl and worrying because you cannot afford any treatment for your daughter. The only thing that can be done is to watch what you eat which is easier said then done when the poor consume beans, rice, and tortillas for the majority of their meals. This is the story of a Guardian of the Vision named Karen. The first time I was a Cabin leader for a camp she was in my group. I did not know, until this past, Saturday that she was sick. I went to a service on Saturday for the leader's of cell groups and Karen and her mom were there. Karen sat with me and after worship service Janelle called up Karen and her mom to pray for healing. Janelle asked me to come up and pray for Karen as Janelle prayed for her mom. Karen was just in the hospital and not only is her mom upset that her daughter is sick but can not…

Celebration in the Heavenlies

Today during Guardian discipleship one of the Guardian's, named Glenda, called me over. She told me that the girl she was discipling wanted to accept Christ and she needed help praying for her. So for the first time, ever, I lead someone to the Lord in Spanish. The name of the little girl who accepted Christ is Luz which means light. It was very exciting, for me, because I had just been praying and asking the Lord to be used more by Him. As I was driving this morning, I was praying along those lines and I was listening to a song that said, "So make me worth you while, put me to use." That is exactly what I wanted; to be put to use, to be used in a greater way to bring glory to His name. God is so faithful to answer our prayers, especially, when we desire to be used by Him.

Extending My Time

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been in El Salvador for almost a year and looking back at all the things God has done brings tears to my eyes. Last year, on my birthday at the Louisiana District Hope Banquet, I told my parents that I prayed I wanted nothing for my birthday but to go to El Salvador. The Lord heard my prayer and that very night my funds were raised. It was nothing short of a miracle and the perfect timing of the Lord because He wanted me here for such a time as this. Thank you all so much for your love, your prayers, and your faithful financial support through this past year. Each and every one of you are directly a part of the children and youth movement that is going on here in El Salvador. Because of what you are doing, the Lord is able to work through me and use me to fulfill the calling He has for my life. As many of you know, I am called to foreign missions until God tells me to go home. He has spoken to me and I feel He wants me to stay in El Salvador longe…

Out of My Comfort Zone

If you want to check out pictures from the AIM teams I worked with this past month copy and paste this link:

Anyone who has learned another language will be able to sympathize with me. I am not talking about taking a foreign language in high school or college but, actually, living in the country of the language you are trying to learn. I have been in El Salvador for almost a year and I my Spanish has improved tremendously. However, I still have a ton of learning to do. Last year I took a class with the Master's Commission and three other American's. The class is CCI, which means Christian Camps International. These are classes to become an instructor in the campementos we do monthly. I passed the first CCI and I am now taking the second one. However, this class is quite a bit different. It started yesterday and the teacher of this class told me I know enough Spanish to be answering and doing it al…

My Assigned Work

Acts 20:24 "But my life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus-the work of telling others the Good News about God's wonderful kindness and love."

The groans of the wounded rise up from the earth
The cry of the afflicted resonates to the heavens
Wailings of misery and despair
Fill the ears of our God
His voice goes forth to those who listen
Calming the cries and giving peace
Waiting with tears in His eyes
Wanting to rescue the brokenhearted
Longing for one more to turn to Him
When His bride will be complete
And the cries pain will turn into sounds of joy

He Will Set the Captive Free

This past weekend my dad was involved in a Prison Revival at Hunt Correctional Center. When I was living in Louisiana I tried to be involved as much as possible in prison ministry because those guys need Jesus just as much as the people and children in El Salvador. The prisons of our country are a huge mission field and I believe more people should be taking advantage that the government allows believers go in and minister to these guys. I had been praying about this revival since my prayer week at the Prayer Fortress. However, this past weekend, while it was taking place I was really burdened to intercede as much as I could. Friday night, the first night of the revival, I was praying for the services and that many would receive Christ and a song came on that said, "Jesus' blood never fails me." I just kept praying that over and over. I really felt like that was a word for at least one guy in particular in the prison. So I emailed my dad and told him I really fee…

Not Just Plain Warrior's

I started working with the Guererros (Warriors) on Saturdays. The Warriors are Guardian of the Vision graduates and are the age of adolescentes. So after I finish working with the Guardian's, at around noon, I then go and teach three English classes to the Warrior's and then stay and help out with the service. Many of these Warriors were Guardians when I came down in as an intern in 2005. I even went to Nicarague with some of them that year for Transformation.

A Picture Can Say a Thousand Words


Two New Must Have Worship Albums

I have two new worship albums that are phenomenal. They are completely different worship styles but amazing in their uniqueness. The first album is Bethany Presents Deluge (live). I think the artist may actually be considered Deluge. The Second is Fourth Circle by Enter the Worship Circle. I can not get enough of either of these two albums. If you want to add some style and passion to your worship music collection check these two bands out. Seriously, while I was working with an AIM team last week, and we had lots of time riding a bus, I could not stop listening to the Deluge band. The songs are so awsome and powerful and continued to minister to me every time I turned it on. I just bought the Fourth Circle and it never ceases to amaze me the creativity and rawness of their worship. I love Enter the Worship Circle stuff because it is so real. I feel like I am just sitting around with them as they worship from the depths of their hearts.

Punta Roca

Every Tuesday is technically the ministry day off. So if we want to go do something Tuesday is the day. Especially, for all of us who work with the children because it is the weekends that are super busy. So I took two future missionaries and two children's pastors to the beach today. It is very rare that they are able to get away and do something special so I felt honored to be able to take them, plus they are my friends and I have really enjoyed working and getting to know each one of them. The two guys, who are raising their funds, one is going to Cambodia and the other to Nicaragua very soon. Ivar, the one going to Cambodia, surfs and I had told him a while back I wanted to go surfing so that is why we chose Punta Roca because it is the best surfing spot in El Salvador. I had not surfed in a while so I was kinda nervous especially because there were nothing but rocks everywhere. But once we got out we caught a few gnarly waves. The waves were way bigger than anything …

Where To Begin

The past three weeks have been extremely busy for me. The week of March 17 started the Cumbre Mundial, World Summit, in which the King's Castle ministries from other countries came together to El Salvador for a week. Tuesday night we did "Exodus" which is the big production the World Warrior's did when I first came to El Salvador. Then Wednesday night was the Guardian's night. I led the Guardian's in worship we sang the five english worship songs that we had been working on since October. It was a awsome night and the kids did great. On Saturday they took everyone on a tour and part of the tour was to come to Nueva Esperanza and watch Kid's Quest, in which I was the clown Ling. The whole week was amazing. The quality of dramas, skits, preaching, worship was top notch. The Cumbre Mundial happens every two years but is in different countries each time so it was a blessing that it happened to be in El Salvador while I was here. That same Saturda…