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Lost People

This morning as I was reading the RSS feed from BBC news I was shocked to read about a tribe that was discovered, in Brazil, for the first time. The first question that came to my mind was with all the technology we have in the world how can there still be undiscovered, indigenous people in the world? No one knows anything about this tribe, what they are called or the language they speak. All that is known is what was saw from the photos that were taken by flying over with a helicopter. My second question is how many more people groups are there that we do not know about? And third, who is going to reach them? Who is going to tell them about Jesus? Has there been missionaries that have gone to these people before or have they never, ever been presented with the gospel? If we do not even know what language they speak how can they be told about the Lord? Copy and paste this link into your toolbar if you would like to read more and see the pictures of this tribe. (…

Where in the World is Kristal and the World Warrior's

Here is the schedule of my trip with the World Warrior's. Be praying for us as we work in the five countries in Central America.

June 9: World Warrior's arrive
June 10-16: World Warrior bootcamp
June 17-22: Honduras
June 23-29: Nicaragua
June 30-July 5: Panama
July 6- 13: Costa Rica
July 14-24: El Salvador

Once I leave for Honduras I do not know if or when I will have internet. There is a possibilty I will not be posting until I return.

Is There No One to Help the Powerless Against the Mighty?

I bought a newspaper yesterday and on the front page was a huge picture of a gas station sign that had diesel for $5.11. Gas is not far behind at $4.57 a gallon. I find it ironic that gas and diesel is so high in price but as I was standing in line to pay at the gas station they had Marlboro cigarettes for less than $2.00 a pack. The things that you need to function on a daily basis are staggering but something that is a vice, a vice that kills you, is ridiculously cheap. The people in El Salvador are suffering. Every time gas or diesel or corn goes up in price they suffer.

"Milk prices soar 50 percent. Rice is up 45 percent.

The soaring cost of food, along with other basic commodities, has drastically reduced the real purchasing power of workers in El Salvador, in Central America and across the developing world.

In just the last eight months to a year, basic food prices in El Salvador have skyrocketed. Rice is up 45 percent—from 38 cents a pound in August 2007 to 55 cents …

My Crocheted Bookmark

I learned how to crochet a little over a year ago and have been doing it ever since. I usually make things using regular yarn but I started making a bookmark using the little cotton thread. I finally finished it and I am going to give it to my friend Ruth as a going away gift. Since I have been in El Salvador I have been teaching Ruth, my friend in Master's Commission, how to crochet which has really helped me with my Spanish vocabulary. When I come back from working with World Warrior's at the end of July she will be back in Nicaragua, where she is from. Ruth has been a very good friend and I am going to miss her very much. Many students come to El Salvador for their first year in Master's Commission. When they complete first year they return to their home countries to continue with the program.

Mistaken for a Salvadoran

This morning, as I was on my way to the Casona (it means Big House), I stopped at a gas station to grab something to drink and eat. The Casona is the location where we have the Discipleship office. So I was in line paying for a coffee and breakfast sandwich when a business man behind me says, "Excuse me, would you like to learn English?" Now this conversation was in Spanish but I feel no need to write it out in Spanish and English. I was caught a little off guard and I said, "Excuse me?" He repeated the question. So I told him, "Well, I do speak English." With a shocked face he exclaimed, "Oh, wow! You are bilingual." I said, "More or less." He proceeds to ask me what my first language is and I told him English. I told the man I speak English and a little Spanish. Then he turns to the guy with him and says, "Oh, she is an American." How this was such a shock I will never know but I thought it was funny. The whole …

Memorial Day Cook Out

All of the missionary's got together today for a Memorial Day cook out at the Triplett's house, the fully appointed missionaries here in El Salvador with King's Castle. There were a lot of people and we had a good time. A new couple and a single guy just finished language school are here to work in the ministry. The guy is from Louisiana and the couple is from Alabama. It is nice to finally have some southern folk around. I was the lone Southerner in the midst of tons of Yankees. Around 6:30, as everyone is sitting around in the kitchen, the fixtures started shaking and the ground was moving. I can always tell we are having a tremor because my stomach turns and I get very dizzy. It always seems to happen so quick and I do not realize what I need to do but when Bro. Don yelled, "It's a tremor, everyone get outside" it registered that I needed to move. By the time we all got in the backyard it had stopped but it is always strange, nonetheless. We had…

Strawberry Fields

I work with the Guardians of the Vision every Saturday and Sunday. Today I was helping out with the level that was doing programs, street evangelism. So as they were doing the program I was sitting out with the children and two little girls come over and sat by me. They were sisters and about 6 and 8 years old. Then another little girl runs up and comes and sits down between me and the other little girl. She has a few strawberry's wrapped up in her shirt and she grabs one and gives it to me. In this culture when anyone offers you anything you do not refuse it. No matter what it is, if you like it or not, if you are hungry or not, you take it and say thank you and with a big smile ingest it. Usually, I don't have a problem with what kids offer me because it is usually mango that is in a bag or chips. But this was just a strawberry who knows where it had been, where her hands had been, if it had even been washed. All of these thoughts were running across my mind duri…

Dry Bones

I was reading Ezekiel 37 where God told Ezekiel to prophecy over the dead bones and over the four winds to bring life to the dry bones. And I had such an amazing picture in my mind of how this must have looked. I wish I could draw or paint so that I could put on paper what my idea of this Chapter portrays. However, it was reduced to a measly sketch. But for some reason I had to get this from my head to paper. As I was reading I felt this prophecy was not just for Israel but for his bride; his church. The Holy place of worship and the Lord is waiting for people to rise up and say, "Dry bones, Listen to the message of God. You'll come alive and realize I am God."

Under The Weather

This past week I have been fairly ill. I had some kind of stomach virus or infection, it was awful. Today was the first day that I could actually eat and felt like getting out of bed. There is nothing better than learning news dances to songs after you have been so sick. It is amazing what you can force yourself to do when there is no other option. The songs/dances are like doing aerobics and there is no air conditioning here so I was very worn out by the end of it. However, because I am a leader I needed to be at the practice to learn the new stuff so we can teach it to other leaders. We are doing a special Children's Church service in a couple of weeks and are going to be dressed as clowns and do the songs for the children. It was fun learning some of the new material that we saw at the Cumbre this past March.

How Can You Not Shed a Tear?

Within one week two countries in the world were plagued with natural disasters. Within that one week estimated 128,000 were wiped out, just like that. As of yesterday, Associated Press said, the official death count was 77,738 in Myanmar, Burma.
( The confirmed deaths in China is 32,477 which is escalating daily and sources believe that it could reach 50,000. When I heard about these tragedies my heart sunk. So many people died so quickly and many of them did not know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Who was responsible for reaching them? Who was responsible for praying for them? We were. We so quickly try to forget about the tragedy and go on with our lives but these are human beings, someone's mother, father, sister, and brother. These people were created by God Himself. When things like this happen and I watch the news or read about it I am reminded of a song by Jack Johnson that says, &q…

Termos del Rio

Yesterday was the celebration of my birthday with my roommates because my mom and sister were here during my actual birthday. We decided to try out a water park called "Termos del Rio". None of us really knew what to expect but it was alright. Not quite as clean as a park in America and there were not any rules and most of the slides were made out of concrete so we all came back pretty banged up. Probably the biggest annoyance were all the teenagers hitting on us. So many young kids were trying to talk to us and give us compliments and follow us around. However, I can now say I have been and experienced a Salvadoran water park. After we came home and changed my roommates took me to a Mexican restaurant where they told them it was my birthday, even though my birthday was almost a month ago. So this guy, who was not our waiter, comes over and puts a huge sombrero on me and sings Happy Birthday not in Spanish and not in English but in Chinese. He then insists I have …

Seed Has Been Sown

One of my roommates, Janelle, is over cell groups in the church here in El Salvador. Part of her ministry is to go and visit different cell groups to see how they are functioning. Last night I went with her to Alta Vista, which is a community about twenty minutes outside of San Salvador. They had a good amount of people and many children that I work with were there. They had asked Janelle to share and at the end she began to pray and first asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus Christ. One lady was crying and raised her hand and said, "I do." I started to think how many people had planted seeds into her life, maybe, not even knowing it. This lady needed no encouraging or talking into, she was ready to live for the Lord. We should be planting seeds into lives of people everyday, all the time. Seeds of love, kindness, joy, ect. You never know when a person could be one person away from accepting the Lord. Are you planting seeds?

Ready for Change

So many everday things in El Salvador can turn into a big ordeal. Every time my roommates and I go get a haircut it becomes a stressful situation. We all three have curly hair and it is hard enough to explain what you want in English much less doing it in Spanish. We went and got our haircuts and they did a good job. The girl straightened my hair, which I have only done once in my life. However, two hours later it was already frizzing and starting to curl. Another normal thing but in a different language can be more of a challenge is leading worship. The songs I play for the cell group are usually songs I know already know in English but it is a whole different story playing and singing in Spanish. It always goes well, whether I do good or not, because the Lord is being glorified. Today I worked with Master's Commission, again, doing programs. It was a good day; we reached many adults and children. FYI, the cheapest gas is $4.34 a gallon.

Tribute to the Box

It was a nostalgic, sad weekend for me because this past weekend was the end of Alex Box Stadium. I have been going to LSU baseball games since I was three or four years old. Spring always meant going to the Box to see LSU play. It is even more sad because I was not able to go to the last games because I am here in El Salvador. It may not seem like that big of a deal but when you have so much emotional attachment or so much of your past is invested in something or someplace it can feel like a part of you is being destroyed. I can not tell you how many batting practices I went to and buckets of baseballs we collected and autograph's I got. I can remember players as far back as Ben McDonald and Lyle Mouton. I remember Rich Cordoni because of his strange batting stants. When I started playing softball all the other girls would pick numbers from pro players, not me, I chose Todd Walker's number 12 to proudly wear on my back. I have spent many times watching games when it …

Gift From the Heart

I went out with Master's Commission today, again, and in the last program something happened that really touched my heart. When I say programs, I mean that we play games with the kids and then do like a Sidewalk Sunday School or Children's Church but in the street or somewhere within the community. There was a little nine year old boy, named Samuel, who had Down's Syndrome. He was super sweet going around hugging us and when we were doing a song for the kid's he was with us doing all the motions. After the song, one of the Master's students who was leading the program, told him to come over so they could give him a prize. So one of our clowns goes over to get him. As they are talking the clown says, "I want a prize, too." But the leader of the program told the clown he was sorry but the prizes were for the kids. The little boy takes the toy, he just received, and gives it to the clown. The guy playing the clown told him it is alright and he coul…

Gas Prices in El Salvador

My vehicle was running on empty yesterday and I decided to pull into the Esso gas station, close to where I live, to purchase some gas. I looked up at the gas prices and to my horror I saw the cheapest gas was $4.14 a gallon. My measly $10.00 did not even give me three gallons. That is a lot to pay but I glanced at the price of diesel and saw it is $4.40 a gallon quietly said a prayer thankful I did not have a diesel. I do not use that much gas around town because everywhere I go is fairly close except when I drive out to the lake every Wednesday, for my CCI class, which is 65 kilometers away.

Los Campos Blancos

Today I went with Master's Commission to help out with the Campos Blancos. The vision behind this outreach is to go into a community and spend the whole day there. The day consists of house to house evangelism, playing games, and doing a program with songs, dramas, puppets and such with the kids. It is an outreach to create more of a relationship with the people.

Fried Armadillo

As I washing my sleeping bag and wet clothes from this past weekend I forgot to write about the interesting animals people were selling on the side of the road. Once you past San Miguel, going toward Morazan, you are pretty much in the country. I was listening to my ipod and looking out the bus window at the mountain view and I saw a women on the side of the road holding an upside down, dead armadillo. My first reaction was, "Oh, my gosh, that lady is holding a huge armadillo." Then it hit me by the time I saw the second one that they were selling them. I turned to Carlos, the Master Commission leader and teacher of CCI, and asked, "You eat armadillo here?' He smiled and replied, "Yeah, it is good and we eat Iguana." He did not explain how they eat it but I assume they fry it or maybe put it in a soup. Fortunately, I have not had the pleasure of trying these Salvadoran delicacies.

CCI Camping Trip

This past weekend, everyone who has been taking the CCI course, were required to go to a campemento in the department of Morazan. We went to the land that King's Castle owns called Montana del Rey. It is in the Northeastern part of El Salvador right on the border of Honduras. It was the first time most of the second year Master's Commission students had ever been camping so it was cool to be able to share the experience with them. We actually camped in tents, cooked food on an open fire, and bathed in the river. It was a realistic introduction as to what camping is. We even had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. I was the teacher because none of them had roasted marshmallows before. When we arrived on Friday night we sat up camp but right before we went to bed it started pouring rain, being that rainy season has just started. So my little, two person tent was certainly not waterproof and all of our stuff got wet. It rained through the whole night, both nights, that…

Time Well Spent

Ten days came and went before I even realized. This morning I had to take my mom and my sister to the airport. The airport is about 45 minutes away from San Salvador and it is a lonely drive back. I really did not want them to leave. I had a great time and I guess I did not realize how much I missed them until they were here. Being seperated from family is not an easy thing. We were able to do and see a lot even though my car was out of commission for a few days. I was invited to preach at a service, in Popotlan, yesterday so my mom and sister were able to accompany me to do that and see a pretty rough area where we minister. It went very well and the Spirit of God really touched some people.