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World Warrior's in Honduras and Nicaragua

Today we arrived in Panama City, Panama. We will be here for a week. So many awsome things have happened I do not even know where to begin. I was able to minister at a program in Nicaragua and a lady was healed at a service we did. I had an accident and I had to get two stitches in my pinky finger on my right hand. I should be getting them out soon. God has been doing awsome things on this trip. I wish I could write more by my time constraint keeps me from doing so.

Week One Completed

World Warrior boot camp just came to an end. It has been such an incredible week and I know this is going to be a great team. We did many team building games, training songs and dramas, and spiritual preparation. One exercise we did was bring our most valued position with us to a mud pit. We were asked if we would be willing to put that thing in the mud pit and why or why not. Then in partners we covered each other in mud and then prayed for each other that God would bring out our gifts on this trip. Then we went to wash off and swim in the lake. I also led a group down a 500 foot old sewage line that went underground. The purpose was to work together and all come out as a group. It went well and really brought our team together. Friday we had a prayer and fasting retreat. We had classes about the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. One of the coolest things that happened was one of the team members said God spoke to him earlier that day and he read Psalm 91. That t…

It's Time

Today we are picking up the World Warrior's from the airport and tomorrow we start boot camp. I am super excited and believe God is going to do awsome things in each and every one of the students' lives. World Warrior's is such an awsome, unique program that allows young people to truly experience missionary life. It is a perfect opportunity for those who feel they are called into missions. From our team last year, five, of the students returned to El Salvador this past January to be a part of Master's Commission. There are two tracks: the English Master's and National Master's. However, they live together, work together, do pretty much everything together.

I am going to try to update my blog when I can but last year we did not have many chances to get on the internet. So keep checking for updates and when I come back July 24 I will continue to post regularly. Please keep us in your daily prayers as we trek across Central America proclaiming the goo…

Special Sunday

We had a special Sunday today, for the children, which consisted of the doing new songs and skits, playing games, having a special speaker, and a pinata. Afterwards, I went to the Dream Center, our new property, for a members meeting. The children have church at a different location since there is only a tent at the property. At the end of the meeting we had communion. Before we partook in the communion our worship leader led us in some worship songs. When we started singing "En la cruz, en la cruz" (At the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light) tears started running down my face. There was such a sweet spirit and I just started thinking about the great sacrifice that was made for me. Communion is such a great thing because it keeps us remembering what Jesus did for each and everyone of us.

I am reading a book by Ted Dekker called "Thunder of Heaven". So far I am very pleased with his writing. This is the first book I have read of his and I have …

Last Class

Today was my last Saturday teaching the adolescents English. I gave them a test and everyone of them did really well. I am not teaching them anymore because the World Warrior's come in this Monday and I will be traveling around Central America working with them. I had a great time teaching these kids and getting to know them better.

My Life in Pics Today


Programs with the Interns

Every summer interns come to El Salvador and help King's Castle with the inflow of American teams that come here for mission trips. There are twelve to fifteen interns here and most are college graduates or in college. These past few days they had a "boot camp" which is training in songs, dramas, and other things they need to know as they work with teams. However, today we put that training to the test and did programs in three different schools. In one school, a little girl was sitting next to one of the intern's and she was crying. Lacey, the intern, tried to talk to the little girl to find out what was wrong. The little girl would not tell her but continued crying. Eventually, she must have told someone that she has problems in her home. After the program was over and the children were all back in their classrooms a few of us went into the classroom of the little girl named, Becky. Naty, the Master Commission team leader, explained to the children tha…

2009 King's Castle Compassion Video

Sing to the Lord All the Earth

I have to write a little about two worship album's that I recently purchased. One is by Aradhna and it is a Indian worship album. It is wonderful to worship along to and the music is so beautiful. Here is a verse of one of the songs:

"Maharaja biraajey aasana mei
The king is seated on the throne
Surya chandra uski gouda dhare
The sun and moon circling in his lap
Bhavara se tujhe vahi tare re
From the whirlpool of your turmoil he will save you
Mana mera kyu dole re?
Oh my soul why do you waver?"

The songs are not in English but I bought the music "Amrit Vani" from Itunes and it came with a digital booklet and has all the songs in Sanskrit translated to English.

The other album I bought yesterday from the website It is called "Chair & Microphone, Vol. 3 and it is soft, acoustic, real worship from the heart. Not only is the music catchy but the words to the songs are very strong and true. I think I could be a bit bias …

What a Difference a Day Makes

I received an email from my dad and he told me about a program that he was involved with in a Louisiana prison with Awana's. It is a program where they bring the children of certain inmates in for the weekend. They have special services, crafts, games and different things for the kids and their father's. I have worked with two different organizations doing this type of thing and it is so rewarding. You become attached to the children quickly and it is so hard at the end of the day when you have to take away the child from their father they hardly ever see. My dad said that one of the inmates asked about me and remembered me because I was playing ping pong with his sons and it made an impression on him because I didn't even know his kids, and that was about three years ago. You never know how your actions can affect someone's life. One act of kindness can made a difference in the life of other's.

Servant of the King

I worked with camp two for the Guardians named Servant of the King, which teaches the children how to be servants in all aspects of their lives. One of the activities consisted of partnering the kids up and tying their wrists together during dinner. So they had to learn to work together to eat and serve one another. After dinner one of the leaders had all the girls in her group tied together and had to work together to brush their teeth. I also helped in teaching many children how to swim which was tons of fun. Always, the best part of the camps is the service we have in the prayer fortress. I never get tired of seeing children worshipping the Lord and praying for other children. The little boy in the picture is named Wiliam and he was just crying and praying his little heart out and it just brought tears to my eyes. I have been here for a year now and seeing a child seek the Lord never gets old.