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Backtracking to Honduras

So I am going to be backtracking a bit so I can share some of the awsome things that happened these past six weeks on World Warrior's. So back to Honduras, the first country we worked in. The first miracle of protection was one night driving back to the church where were staying. An oncoming vehicle threw something out the window and busted out the driverside windshield and cut up his hand. The cool thing is earlier that night, at the church service we were ministering at, the Pastor called us all up to pray for our protection. In the prayer he asked our bus drivers, we had three younger guys, to come up and he prayed for their protection as they drove us around. Praise God the Pastor was listening to the Lord because had he not prayed over all of us and the drivers who knows what could have happened. Needless to say, we drove around without a front windshield for the rest of the week. The next night a little girl was really touched on the street and after the program was …


Today was the first day of ministering without the World Warrior's. Not that any of us stop ministering it is just weird when you have been with a group of people for six weeks straight and are used to having them there and ministering alongside of you. I went to the Casona to work with the Guardian's children's church and it was so good to be back. I have missed the children so much. They welcomed me back and I was able to share a testimony about the trip. It was a bit emotional because God did so much, in all of us, and I am finally able to start processing and really thinking about it. Throughout the week I will be backtracking about my trip. You will be amazed at what God did and is continuing to do.

Romans 12:2 "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of the world, but be transformed..."

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Working Our Way Through C. America

Yesterday was our last day in Panama and I ministered in Spanish at a Children's Church service. It was the scarriest, hardest, most humbling thing I have ever done. But I did it...and God helped me and children responded. I am just really hard on myself and I know that I could have done better. I was able to hang out with some of my friends that I met from Cumbre so that was fun. We left Panama on bus at 11 pm and arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica at 3:00 pm. My favorite thing about traveling on the Tica Bus is meeting people. Two guys behind us were from Denmark, I met two from Israel, and a couple from the US but live in Costa Rica. It is cool because they share what they are doing and then they want to know what we are doing so it opens up a door to be able to witness. Tomorrow we are leaving for Limon, which is on the coast, and we will be joining up with the National team and working with their "Almoton" which means "Soul-a-thon". The basic concep…

Heart for Panama

I am with the World Warrior´s in Panama City, Panama and God is moving in us and through us in ways I have never seen before. Every school we go into is so hungry for more of the Lord. Programs turn into all day events because so many kids and youth are being ministered to. I can not even begin to explain what is going on here but for sure this country is on the verge of revival. Please continue praying because we are running on nothing. We are all physically and spiritually drained and God is just using us within our weakness.