Tour of San Jose

All the new students were taught how to use the public bus system and were given a walking tour of downtown San Jose. It was really neat and beautiful. We saw the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Theatre, and tons of people feeding pigeons which apparently is a very "Tico" thing to do to relieve stress. We also were taken to a few markets and then hopped on a bus and rode back to the school. I seriously feel like I am going through culture shock being able to do things that we are not allowed to do in El Salvador because of the danger. I must admit I am quite a bit overwhelmed. It was really neat because already I am learning and able to submerge myself more into the culture because there are so many things I can do. When we came back to the school we took a little break and then my neighbor and I went walking around to explore and went to a few surf shops and made it to one of the malls to find something to eat. Two things that I have learned already one being never leave the house without a umbrella and do not slam doors on the taxis. Apparently, that is super offensive and the taxi drivers will yell at you. So, Bethany and I explored the mall trying to wait for the rain and traffic to slow down. Then I had my first experience of hailing a taxi and getting us back to the school. Our classes were posted today and I am in the second level class so that is exciting for me because I did not really expect that. I am super anxious for classes to start and to get my brain absorbing every morsel that it can about the Spanish language.


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