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Back Stateside

So I flew in last Saturday and it has been nothing short of a whirlwind since I have been home. That being part of the reason I haven't updated my blog and my computer was in the shop being worked on. I just recently got it back but still have been struggling to find time to write anything. I am having a great time being a "tourist" in my hometown. Going to see things such as Mike the Tiger and eating at tons of amazing restaurants and spending time with family and friends. We are leaving this week to go to Texas to visit my grandparents and they live way out in the country where there is no internet access so I will be MIA the next week. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and will be back to posting when I come back home. Feliz Navidad!


If one takes a stroll in downtown San Jose there is no way to ignore the lottery vendors. They are everywhere! They sit on the street with a little table and filled with tickets. Apparently, there is no law for what age you must be to purchase a ticket because I was watching the local San Jose news and they were talking about how more people buy lottery tickets during Christmas time. They interviewed a little boy, no more than five years old, and he was a buying a ticket. At first I was shocked that they let a little kid buy a lottery ticket and then as I continued to listen to the interview what the little boy said broke my heart. They asked him what he would by if he won and he thought about it for a little while and said, "I would buy food for my mom." Can you imagine my shock? I was expecting him to say a toy or something but this little boy wants to buy food if he wins a lottery ticket.

Let it Snow

Songs such as "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" or "Let it Snow" have always been a foreign concept for me since I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, yesterday, two days before I return home it snowed as it has never snowed before in South Louisiana. The snowy wonderland above is a picture my sister took yesterday morning. I am still in shock. All the pictures were so beautiful. I could not believe it was Baton Rouge. Yesterday, was just a good day all around. I received my score from the ECO I took about two weeks ago and they placed me at Intermediate High. I am absolutely thrilled about that. Thank you all for your prayers because it is the Lord who has helped me learn so much, so quickly. Last night, most of the students went out to eat at Pizza Hut for our last time together. It was fun to get to chat with everyone. Today at 10:00 is graduation, unfortunately, I am not graduating yet but my time will come. I am happy to…

Night of Surprise

This evening we had a surprise anniversary party for, Roger and Debbie, who are missionaries to Mexico. They have been married 33 years. The big surprise was we had a Mariachi band come and play for them. It was so much fun and they were crying and singing along to some of the songs. After it was all over Debbie said this was the best night she has had her entire year in language school.

Veritas College

A teacher of mine, at CINCEL, is also a professor at another college called Veritas. It is a private college of art, architect, interior and exterior design. Some of the students used her house as a model for their final project which was basically redecorate her house and garden. Today those students had their presentations and she brought me along. I was able to see the campus and some interesting art exhibits. It was very cool to be able to sit through someone else's final project and also very good practice for me to learn new vocabulary.

True Meaning of Christmas

Secret Sister's

At the very beginning of the trimester we all were given a person that was to be our secret sister. Today was the big reveal and we went to eat and had a little Christmas party. It was a very enjoyable time. My favorite part was when we all shared our best Christmas memory. It was really nice to hear all the different, and very interesting, stories each person had. I also received a sweet purse and a scarf, which as all but the latest craze here in Costa Rica, and I hear back in the United States as well. I have never been a scarf person but now that I have one I think I will try to sport it. The kinds that are so fashionable down here are very thin, linen type material, are usually very colorful, long and wide. They are fun and add some change to my wardrobe.

Training Vigilia

Last night we had a training vigilia with the Castle team that I work with. A vigilia is usually an all night prayer meeting but this was an all night training session. It started at 10 and ended at 5 this morning. So through the night we did all kinds of dances and dramas so it went by fast and it was a great time to really get to know the Castle team better. I have found that the younger generation here is a bit standoffish. I don't know if they are like that in general or if it is because we are Americans. Even though I have been working with them the whole time I have been here it was good to hang out all night and get to know them better. Today was such a beautiful day but because I did not get any sleep last night I was to tired to get out and do anything.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Today I had a divine appointment with a Nicaraguan man who might have been homeless, who was sick, trying to find work, and take care of his family. He wanted to clean the sidewalk or yard in return for pay. I didn't need anything cleaned but I gave him some money. But even better, I talked to him for a while and was able to pray with him. I had been praying that the Lord would give me boldness in spanish to be able to talk to those who I felt led to. Many times I have passed a homeless person or simply just gave them some money because I was scared to talk to them in Spanish. I was worried that I would not understand or that I could not say what I wanted. Today the Lord gave the opportunity. I should have been in class but my teacher did not show up today so I happened to be walking out when he was coming up. I prayed for him and it wasn't anything grand because my words in Spanish are limited but I know the Lord blessed him. When I finished praying he had tears in…

God is Always at Work

I received an email from my mom last night that said the Doctors could not even FIND the area of concern that they saw earlier. God touched my Grandmother; no questions asked. Wednesday, in Spanish Chapel, a missionary spoke to us. In closing he prayed and he, "God is going to heal some people. There are people at home that you are worrying about and God is touching them." I immediately started praying for my grandmother and, at that moment, I knew God had healed her. I was not even going to entertain doubt. Later that day my roommate came to me asking me for advice about an experience that she also had that day during chapel. She believes that God is healing her very sick dad. However, she has doubts. I told her that faith is a decision and you have to continue to claim the promises in the word of God. I shared with her what happened in chapel with me. Then yesterday night I received the good news from my mom. When I told my roommate she said she had prayed the…

My Mission Trip to America

As I was spending time with the Lord in prayer this morning I started interceding for every person that I will be coming in contact with when I come home for Christmas. I keep thinking about my trip home and I cannot wait. However, today the Lord slightly changed my perspective. This is not just a trip home to visit and have fun; it is a mission trip. I should prepare myself as I would when I go on mission trips. Fervently pray for the country, the people, and for the anointing on my life. I have no idea what God has in store for me when I go home but I know it will exceed my expectations.

Andre's Update

Andre, the little boy that we have been praying for, is the grandson of Don and Terri Triplett. For those who do not know they are the missionary's I work under in El Salvador. Here is an update that I received from their newsletter.
Update on our grandson, Andre:

"After several days in the hospital and doing every test on him, the doctors were not able to positively diagnose what Andre had. He was first hospitalized the first week of November, when they thought he had strep throat with complications. The symptoms that worried us the most was his high fever and pain in his abdomen and head, reoccurring every week. But now, he seems to be doing better. We told Kim, “You know, we may never know what Andre had. We had so many people praying for him. God healed him in the midst of all the testing. Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and support. We couldn’t be here without you."

Like someone on another blog I read wrote, "Prayer does work and not a…

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

My Crochet Beanie

I have been crocheting for a while now but since I have been in Costa Rica I have not had tons of free time. So I started this beanie on the Panama trip and I finished it yesterday. This is my first adult size beanie I have made. I think it turned out well and I will have something warm to where when I go back home for Christmas.

Urgent Prayer Request

Please be praying for my grandmother, Hazel. Recently, she has been having increasing problems with her health. The Doctor has found a suspicious area in her stomach. Please pray that the Lord will completely heal her body. I know God is bigger than any kind of infirmity and I know God is going to touch her.

Update on Andre

Here is the latest on little Andre. Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to lift him up.