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Pray for my Grandmaw

My mom emailed me today and she told me my grandmother had been admitted into the hospital. I really don't know what is going on other than my grandmother is in severe pain and has something wrong with her back. It is really hard being separated from family when stuff like this happens but I know it is in the Lord's hands. Please be praying for my grandmother, Hazel William's, that the Lord would touch her body.


One week out of every trimester we have AGTS week. It is a week where a Professor from Assembly of God Theological Seminary comes to Costa Rica and gives us a credit course in one week. I am working on finishing up my undergrad through Global University so I am taking advantage of taking this course which is under the umbrella of a cross cultural class and counseling. It is called Counseling with Special Populations. The professor giving the class is Johan Mostart from South Africa. He is amazing and already I have learned and enjoyed so much from him. Plus, he is a fan of Shane Claiborne who wrote two of my favorite books called "The Irresistible Revolution" and "Jesus for President". If you want your world rocked read those books. I am really looking forward to the rest of the week. We have class from 8-3 and we have to read two text books, write three papers, and take a test. Thankfully, the papers are not due this week.

Giraffes, Tigers, and Bears...Oh my!!

Yesterday, I saw something I had never seen before. My friends and I are were in a store in the central part of David, Panama and we heard all this yelling, horn honking, and music. So we walked outside and there were about 15 truck taxi's lined up in a row all with people in crazy costumes in each truck. At first, I thought it was a parade because they celebrate Carnival, like Mardi Gras, here. Then after all the people pass guys on motorcycles came flying through the streets doing all kinds of tricks. Then on the back of a flatbed truck with two guys was a big, brown bear. Then came tigers and the giraffe. They were a circus from Russia that just came into town. I felt like I had gone back in time or something because I know that is how things were "advertised" before there was television and radio. After all the hoopla died down we started walking back to the hotel and found a place that sold chicha. Chicha is a drink that is served in many different Ce…

Time For a Visa Renewal

Today all the students are going to Panama, for the weekend, so we can renew our visas. Some of us do not need to yet but CINCEL decided it would be easier on everyone to go all at the same time. In Costa Rica, you have to leave every three months to renew your visa. When you do this you have to leave the country for over 48 hours and then when you return they will give you a new stamp at the border. This will be me last trip because around the time of my visa expiring I will be headed to El Salvador.

Invasion of My Free Will

I am slightly irritated because I just got out of class and it is gorgeous day and I was planning on doing my homework outside. In front of my apartment is a small, public park. I changed clothes, grabbed my books, and set out to do my homework. I was out there 10 minutes when this gang of young guys comes walking into the park. By the way they were dressed you could tell they were a little gang or something having a meeting. I didn't want to just get up and leave because that would be really obvious. So I continued doing my homework and they just acted like I was not there. After about five minutes, Rudy, a guy who works at the school, came out and called me over to ask me a question and then said I should go home that it wasn't safe with those guys there. They weren't bothering me but I didn't feel comfortable sitting out there with them. So I was glad Rudy did what he did very nonchalantly. However, it is not fair that people can enter public places and exc…

Witnessing to the Street Vendors

Today I had a street vendor, who makes necklaces and stuff, put a trenza in my hair. The word trenza is actually braid in Spanish but they use the same word for the knotted, braid, of colors they wrap around your hair. At the beach many of the
Rasta´s were doing it but it was expensive. The hair wrap, I guess that is what it is called in English, is super popular here. So this guy did it for like 2 bucks and it opened up an opportunity to share my testimony with him. His name is Wilky and I pass him on the street at least once a week. He is a young guy, kinda hippyish, and trying to make a living. It took him about 20 minutes to do my hair and during that time I was able to share with him. It was so cool because it is becoming easier and easier to share with people in Spanish. Yay, language school is paying off. Sometimes it gets kinda tough when your studying day in and day out and wondering if you will ever understand all this grammar stuff. However, when things happen…

Beach Ministry

I love the beach. It is, by far, my favorite place in the world to be. One of the benefits of studying in Costa Rica is the opportunity to go to the beach. In fact, taking trips is encouraged by our teachers because it helps us to enter into the culture and practice Spanish. It is great because everyone is super friendly and chill and I was able to do quite a bit of one on one witnessing. I didn't go out and decide I am going to witness today. I believe that is a given and whenever you meet someone new or are talking to someone how can you help but witness. I talked to a handful of people about what the Lord has called me to do in El Salvador. It was cool because I was out surfing and many of the locals were out. After we all came in one local surfer named Alex came and introduced himself. I told him that I was a missionary and we just started talking about the life of Jesus. He said he doesn't like christianity but reads the Bible and loves the life that Jesus liv…

Costa Rica/Honduras World Cup Qualifying Match

The school has planned for this game since January. I have been looking forward to this game since I heard about it. We had 22 students going. My friends and I have been rushing around today to finish our homework and we are wearing our Costa Rican jerseys. The excitement has been increasing until today, the day of the match. With the game being sold out we would be in for a treat and only a few hours away. Until I received a phone call and found out we would not be going to the game because the tickets had been stolen. One of the guys that works at the school had his father buy all of our tickets and had them in their house. Someone broke into their house and stole the tickets and also other things. So needless to say we are all a little bummed out. However, El Salvador is coming here to play in April and I plan on going to that game and I think I will buy the ticket myself.

How Bout Them Apples

I bought a bag of apples this morning and they are probably the smallest apples I have ever seen. In fact, at the same booth they were selling cherry's that were not much smaller. But they are really good apples and I think they are the perfect size for a snack. I don't have a big mouth (I know some people are smirking and/or laughing at that) but to bite into a huge apple is hard for me so I like these miniature apples. As I was eating the apple the saying "how bout them apples" came to my mind. I started to wonder what it meant so like I do to find out anything I googled it. Supposedly, In World War I, something called a Stokes gun fired mortars resembling apples with a stick in them, so they were often referred to as Toffee Apples. In the movie Rio Bravo in 1959, a guy tosses a hand grenade and says "How do ya like them apples?"

Missionaries Super Bowl Party

Last night we converted our chapel into a living room so we could have a Super Bowl Party. I was looking forward to all the good American food and I was not let down. Probably, one of the best parts was doing the National Anthem. Everyone was sitting around talking but as soon as the National Anthem started everyone stood up and they were all just mesmerized. Some were singing, some were praying, some had their hands over their heart. It was a time that we could all feel like we were at home even though we are separated from family and friends. Regardless, if we were a Cardinal or Steeler fan or from the North or the South we are all one...we are all Americans.