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Work Day

Yesterday a group of students, including myself, went to the church of one of our teachers. The church building is being remodeled by the members themselves. So we volunteered to go help out. I thought we were going to be painting but before you can paint you have to do prep work. So we worked on sanding and chipping off old paint from the outside wall and fence of the church. We all had a great time and it felt good to be able to do some manuel labor. Most importantly we were able to join with our fellow brothers and sisters in the body of Christ and help out in a tangible way. After we finished working one of the women in the church cooked us a delicious typical Costa Rican meal.

Pictures from Prison

Here is the link to my facebook album of our time in prison.

Monday Prison Ministry

We were able to go into the prison yesterday without a hitch this time. I was also allowed to bring in my camera. So we were able to take pictures of some of the mom's and babies in prison. Nicole came and talked to me again and she felt that her court date went well last Tuesday. She said they all seemed to be on her side and arguing the points she felt were unjust. They told her they would give her more information in about two weeks or so. We probably talked an hour and a half. The ladies from Bandera Blanca were so shocked that she has been talking to me. All I can say is the Lord is opening up the doorway and I just hope that I can plant a seed in her life. Many of the babies we were playing with were sick so we were also able to pray for them. The baby I am holding in the picture is named Brandon and he was so precious. He kept laughing and smiling real big when I was playing with him. As we hold these innocent children I just quickly pray to the Lord to guard…

Communist Party Won in El Salvador

Here is a letter from my missionary, Don Triplett, about the presidential elections yesterday.

Hi team,

Since everyone is not in country and there is no news at camp so I thought I would let everyone know what is happening at this moment. I just wanted to let you know that we have a new President Elect in El Salvador. Mauricio Funes has won a very close election winning by less than 3%. He has already given his acceptance speech and it was a very good one. Fireworks are going off and sirens’ are screaming but the whole election process went without a hitch. I can hear the yells of Victory all around as people are overwhelmed with emotion. From every indication there was no violence and the elections were monitored by over 4,000 International Observers so everything seems to be above board. The poor have spoken and had a voice so the Democratic Process has worked and the majority have elected a representative.

Let’s hope for the best and be prepared for anything. God is in control and …

Prayer Request

Please continue to pray for both of my grandparents. My Grandmother is receiving injections for the pain and she is still waiting for the Doctor's to decide what to do about her fractured disk. My Grandfather is going to the Doctor because his white blood count has been down quite a bit this year but has been much lower than normal. Please pray that the Lord touches them.

Behind Prison Doors

Today I went into the only women's prison in Costa Rica. Supposedly, I had permission to go in but when we arrived at the gates it appeared my name was not on the list. So I was left at the guard station for about an hour and a half waiting to see if I could get permission while the others went in without me. I was slightly agitated but just started praying under my breath for the Lord to work it out. In the meantime, I was able to chat and share about what I was doing in Costa Rica and El Salvador with one of the guards. I finally was given written permission from the Director to go in but I was not able to bring in my camera. I happened to come into the nursery as a Pastor was dedicating to the Lord some of the new babies born to the inmates. So we were able to pray over these babies and their moms. We also gave out about 15 questionnaires to the women to fill out about their life, as a mother, in prison. Many women started crying as they were filling out our papers.…

Church at the Beach

We went to the church service at the beach in Jaco on Saturday night and it was really good. There were tons of young people and it was all outside. I found that it was a church plant from a church here in San Jose. They have been meeting outside for the past four years and are in the process of raising funds to build a building. Many people went down to accept Christ as their Savior and even more went down simply desiring more of the Lord in their lives. Afterwards, we were invited to eat tamales that the ladies from the church had made. The youth pastor invited us to come visit their church in San Jose so I think we are going to check it out this Sunday.

Beach Ministry

Today a few of my fellow classmates and I are taking a bus to Jaco. Jaco is the closest beach to San Jose, about 2 hours or so. It is a good little weekend getaway. We are staying in a cheap hostel 50 meters from the beach so we can get up early and go surfing. There is also an AIM team from Tennessee that is here and they are ministering in Jaco this week. So I talked to the Pastor and they are going to be doing children's ministry and having a service tomorrow evening, all open air. So I plan to go help them out. This should be a great weekend. Surfing and ministry can't get much better than that.

Yesterday's Breathtaking Sunset

Ecclesiastes 1:5 "The sun rises and the sun sets, then hurries around to rise again."

Does anyone else feel as if the days are going by faster and faster?

Update on my Grandmother

I just got off the phone with my mom and she told me that my grandmother is at home and on pain medication. Tomorrow morning she will have an MRI to try to find out what is causing all the pain. Thank you for all your prayers.

Bandera Blanca/White Flag

Melissa, my classmate and also missionary to El Salvador, and I are working on a project about the children that live in prison with their mother's. Tonight we met with the board of the Fundacion Bandera Blanca which means Foundation White Flag. It is a group of women from varies churches and religions who work specifically with the children that live in prison. At the prison, El Buen Pastor, here in Costa Rica is the only women's prison. If a women is convicted of a crime and has a child three years of age or younger the child will live in the prison with the mom if no family will take care of the child. The objective of this project is to learn the pros and cons of a child spending their first three years behind bars and to open the eyes of other missionary's over the huge need that this foundation needs to continue working with these children.

Crossing Cultures

I am reading "Crossing Cultures" by Patty Lane for the AGTS class that I took "Counseling with Special Populations." It is a great book and helping me to understand so much about different cultures. I recommend this book to anyone who has friends, coworkers, or church members that are from other cultures. It is so important that we stop being ethnocentric. Ethnocentrism is the belief that one's own culture, race, or ethnicity is the best. A portion that I read really opened my eyes. This girl from Egypt, who was studying in the U.S. made this comment to her N. American friend, "Americans have their schedules and that is their god. How can a real Christian survive here?" As N. American's we are so "doing" orientated that other cultures view us as insensitive and uncaring. As lovers of people and ultimately lovers of God it is our job to be aware and sensitive to those around us so we can accurately portray the gospel of Jesus Chri…