Where Does the Time Go?

I haven't written in a while, not because there is nothing going on, but on the contrary. I have been so busy with school work and my final interaction project that I have hardly had time to breath. But now I can because I am in Guatemala. It is Semana Santa, otherwise known as Holy week, and we don't have class. So I am with my friends, Dawn and Claire, and we are visiting Dawn's parents who are missionaries here. Tomorrow we will be helping out with the children's church and sometime this week I may be sharing my testimony with the Teen Challenge group here. I am a little nervous about that. I am excited to be here. To take a little break, minister, and experience the culture of Guatemala during Semana Santa.


Derek Johnson said…
Great to hear that you are sharing your testimony with Teen Challenge! Awesome. I am a graduate and now a Director of a boys TC.

God Bless you as you speak and offer encouragement to them.


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