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Honduran Political Situation

Because of the current situation in Honduras we will NOT be going out of the country until we know that it is completely safe to travel. We are leaving this morning to go to the Islands of El Salvador and possibly a Honduran Island. However, we will be checking with the locals to see if it is safe or not. It is possible the Islands are isolated enough that everything going on is not affecting them but we are not for sure. We will be back on Friday and I will try to update then. Everything here in El Salvador is fine and there are no problems at this time. Please be praying for us as we are working on the Islands.


This morning at church we were commissioned for our trip. We are leaving to go to the Islands of El Salvador and we will be back on Friday. We were originally going to Honduras but because of the Coup our trip has changed. We are monitoring the situation and have plans on going in three weeks depending on the situation. Please keep us in your prayers.

Vigilia Nacional

Twice a year King's Castle has a National Vigilia, which means all night prayer service, and churches from all over El Salvador come together. It is always a lot of fun but also a time where God moves powerfully. The World Warriors had the privilege to have a part in the Vigilia. The drama we did was to Misty Edwards song "I Will Run" however Emily Pike, one of our warriors sang over it in Spanish. Every one of the warriors and interns put all they had into this drama and it came out awesome. The first three scenes are about Abraham, David, and Jesus then it changes to modern day. The first scene the guy sacrifices his relationship for the Lord that is why Abraham comes up behind him, then there is a group of people praying against the bondage of sin like gangs, drugs, ect. So David comes and helps them fight their giant. The last scene is a girl trying to live for Jesus but all the pressures of the world are beating her down. But she takes up her cross and J…

Singing Stars

During training week I like to find out all the different talents and gifts the students have and try to incorporate those things into our ministry times. I already knew Emily so I knew she had an amazing voice but quickly found out that Gabe can sing awesome as well. I have been teaching this drama we are doing to Misty Edwards "I Will Run." It is super powerful and we were just going to do it in English. We also are doing the Lifehouse "Everything" drama which is in English. However, we got the songs translated and for the most of the day yesterday Gabe and Emily were recording the songs in Spanish while we were out doing programs. I haven't heard the final cut but others have and said it sounds great. So tonight we are going to the National Vigilia, which is an all night prayer service. We are doing the drama "I Will Run" but now we have it in Spanish so it will be way more effective. Today we will be practicing all day until we go to the …

Logistical Day

Unfortunately, when you are a leader you sometimes have to sit out on things to take care of logistics. Today was one of those days. Lidia and I planned on going to buy the bus tickets in the morning and meet back up with the team for the rest of the day. However, things did not go as planned and many of our plans were changed so all day we were working on getting everything lined up logistically. Praise God we got everything accomplished and we are headed for the Islands of El Salvador on Monday. One of the days that we are working on the Islands we will be going to an Island of Honduras so we are all excited about this trip. Please continue to keep the whole World Warrior team in your prayers. We met up with the team for dinner and had a great devotional time. It was so cool to hear how Jolie and Emily ministered during some of the programs and how Jenissa always gives her all and loves on the kids with her whole heart. How Gabe doesn't like clowns but was one today and he…

World Warrior Program Day 1

Doing a dance for the kids.
Mingle, Mingle, Mingle
Taylor just hanging around with some kids.
We're World Warriors!
We started our first day of ministry and we got off to a rough start. We started a program and we started having problems with our sound system. So we had to do the program without sound. So the World Warriors learned real quick how flexible you have to be in ministry. We had a lot of fun and many children and adults heard about the love of Jesus today.

Bootcamp photos

We have another full day of training and tonight we will be going to the Prayer Fortress one last time before we go out and do ministry tomorrow. Here are some pictures from the past week.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers because yesterday the Lord's hand was on me. I was coming back from church and it was raining. I was going about 50 mph on a highway and I was in the left land and I was coming up on a 18 wheeler who was going a bit slower. So I changed lanes and was about to go around him as he comes over on me and is blocking both lanes and the shoulder. I had no where to go so I slammed on my breaks and almost spun in a complete circle. I was all over the road and all I could think of was going off the side of the cliff or the cars coming up behind me. However, I was able to maintain control and pull over. I regained my nerve and thanked the Lord for protecting me. It really shook me…

Long Day of Training

Today we went to church and then came back to the camp and we trained all day long. We have taught the Warriors 14 songs and about 8 dramas. Needless, to say everyone is super tired but in great spirits. They have been working so hard but not a complaint have I heard. We also had a great devotion time in which Kendra and Carolyn both shared visions the Lord has given them while in the prayer fortress. The Lord is doing great things in the students and leaders lives already. We are all anticipating getting out and ministering. Tomorrow is our last day of full training and then we will be working on the streets of San Salvador.

Taking the Streets

Jolie and Roberto
Elizabeth and I
World Warriors taking the streets.
Another street kid reading the comic book we gave him.
The Warriors doing human billboards.
Today was a national wide taking of the streets. Teams all over El Salvador went to the streets declaring Victory in Jesus. The World Warriors were privileged to be apart of this evangelistic outreach. The World Warriors did human billboards in which there were four different scenes from the Bible that they acted out but kept frozen for two minutes and then change. The rest of us held signs that said, "Victory in Jesus" and we passed out Powermark comics that told the story of Jesus. When we were taking a break a little street boy came over and started talking to us. His mother was selling bananas on the street. He originally came over asking for food. Some of the team members gave him the snacks they had. Taylor gave him a slim jim and he didn't know wha…

Sharpening Our Swords

Today the World Warriors fasted as a team. We spent most the day in prayer and warrior training. Bro. Don Triplett came and shared his heart for a few hours and he led us in communion as we broke our fast. We had a great time of spiritual bonding and seeking more of the Lord's presence. I also started teaching them a really cool drama that we are going to be doing for a all night prayer service we will be going to next week. We ended the night with a bonfire devotional down at the lake. The team is doing great and every day I am getting more and more excited to see how the Lord is going to work through them.

World Warrior Boot Camp Day 1

The World Warriors arrived yesterday and we started off this morning at 5:00 am to pray for an hour at the prayer fortress. We will be praying at this time every day during boot camp. Today we did alot of team building exercises and get to know you games. We also spent time going through the World Warrior manuel learning how to be a warrior. After we finished up everyone went for a swim in the lake and tonight we have a special devotion lined up. I am so excited to work with this team. I think the coolest thing I keep hearing is, "I feel like I have known you all so much longer than one day." That is what we are aiming for because we will be working together for six full weeks and it is important to develop unity between us.

Children's Fair

All week long as the interns were doing programs (sidewalk Sunday school) in the streets and in the schools all over San Salvador. We were also inviting the children to come to a fair we had at the church. So yesterday we worked the fair and it was really neat to see so many kids we had ministered to throughout the week. There was one little boy in particular who was being really bad at one of our last programs. I sat him down and Jason, another intern, and I tried to talk to him. I told him that he was very special to God and he said, "Five of you have told me that and God hasn't done anything for me." Keep in mind he is under 10 years old. I asked him if he lived with his parents and he said he lives with his grandmother because his mom and dad left him to go to the United States. That is a very typical response and a huge reason why so many young boys join the gangs. We sat and talked with him a while longer and I invited him to come to the fair. As were a…

Day Full of Stories

Today was another day full of stories and amazing things that the Lord did.  My blog would turn into a book if I wrote them all and it is just the beginning of the summer.  We worked in a few schools, did some street programs, and helped out with a children's feeding program.  I have some specific stories but I will have to blog about them later when I have more time.

Reaching the Gangs

Today we did outreaches in some neighborhoods close to where I live.  Neighborhoods I have worked in before and many of the children I work with live in these areas.  The first program we did I counted 35 gang members.  They all stayed and watched the entire program.  It was really cool because you could tell they were actually listening and paying attention.  The gang leader was even there and he is the one who gave us permission to do the program.   You always have to ask.  At the same place I was able to talk to one lady and she said she had accepted Jesus in her heart and believed in him but she was an alcoholic.  I shared with her some of my testimony and prayed with her and invited her to church.  Hopefully, she will come so she can receive more of God and support for changing her life.  Every place we went the gangs members came to our programs to keep an eye on us.  They respect us and like when we come play and minister the love of Jesus to their children.

Intern Boot Camp

Eric (a Guardian) and I at a program.
    Her name was Milagro, which means miracle.
Jorge leading a program.
  This past week has been, what we call, Intern boot camp.  We have about 22 interns that have come down to work with King's Castle this summer and boot camp is their training week.  We train them in songs and dramas, how to run a program (similar to sidewalk Sunday School), what to do in case of emergency. We also have many team building exercises and games, devotions and times of prayer.  The last three days of intern boot camp we were actually out on the streets around the lake doing programs.  Yesterday we came to San Salvador and we will be working all over San Salvador this week.

Change of Power

Saturday most of the interns came in and I have been out at the lake working, training, and teaching them before teams start coming down.  It has been wonderful so far.  Each intern has brought something special to the team and I am looking forward to working with them.  They started doing what we call Programs but Sidewalk Sunday Schools today.  However, I came back to San Salvador because I needed to work on some logistical things for the World Warriors.  During my time out at the lake this past Monday was the transfer of power to the Communist party FMLN.  I just watched the swearing in of President Funes, for the first time ever  in El Salvador, a Communist President.  Many of my Salvadoran friends said they felt sick when they watched it and these are people my age that were children during the Civil War.  The Lord has everything in His hands, this we know. Continue to pray for the country of El Salvador. You may not be able to understand it but it is interesting to watch.