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World Warrior Farewell

Today has been a sober day. Everyone is trying to be cheerful but we are all growing more and more sad by the moment. Bro. Don called up all the World Warriors and we prayed for them and their next journey in life. After church we went to Pizza Hut and then to the market. Tonight we are having a farewell service which will likely bring tears to many of our eyes. This has been a special group and I am very sad to see them go home.

World Warrior Free Day

Today we took the World Warriors to a water park for our free day. We all had a ton of fun enjoying each others company before their soon departure. I think what they enjoyed the most was not having lifeguards and so you could pretty much do whatever you wanted to on the slides. Everyone keeps talking about how sad they are because the time is up already. However, the next adventure begins for them as they return home.


Me with some Achí girls.
Praying for the Achí women. This is the lady who accepted Christ.
Playing a game with the children in Puerto Cabezas.
Praying with the children in Guatemala.
Holding a cute little baby on the Island.

At all our programs we keep count of how many people we reached, how many accepted Christ, and how many we prayed for. I am not all about numbers but I think it is good to look back and see how many people were touched during World Warriors. Total amount of people reached was 9,418. 838 people made the decision to accept Jesus into their hearts and live for Him. We prayed with 719 over personal problems or sicknesses.


As the World Warrior's time draws to an end we like to have a time at the end of week to process, pray, and prepare for the returning to the United States. Today we had a great time of prayer and devotion on the pier at the lake. I asked Gabe to share with the team, from his point of view being a former World Warrior, on what to expect and how it was for him when he returned home. We also had Bro. Don Triplett come out and speak to the Warrior's. Just because they are going home does not mean the work stops. This time of working and ministering in Central America has been a time of learning and preparation for the students to return to their parts of the States and be ministers of the Lord to their friends, families, and workmates.

New photos

I finally have all my photos uploaded from the World Warrior trip. There are two albums. I hope I was able to capture the realness of what we experienced.

Where To Begin

We have all heard the saying "Save the best for last." I have no idea where it came from however I know that in referring to our last trip with the World Warriors it was very true. I truly believe this trip impacted us all the most. Guatemala was not even in the original plan but it was is God's plan and He had a specific reason for us to go. I could write a book about this past week but I will tell only two stories that truly impacted me. We went deep into the mountain one day. We were allowed to go into a school where no one had ever been before. We had to hike about 6 miles, off the beaten track and took more than two hours, carrying a sound system, generator, gas tank, candies, cookies, and prizes. I love hiking and have hiked some hard stuff but nothing like this. This hike was the hardest, beautiful, most amazing, and rewarding hike I have ever done. When we finally arrived to the school in the middle of nowhere we were the first white people they ha…

Pto. Cabezas

The entire time we were in Pto. Cabezas we ate typical food such as the inside of a Conch shell, turtle, lobster (which are cheaper than ham sandwiches), fish soup just to name a few. We all learned more of the Miskito language which was a lot of fun. We even went to work with a church in Nazaret which was about 4hours away and we had to cross the river Wawa on a cable ferry. We all have our fair share of chiggers and miskito bites but it was worth it all to share the love of Jesus with the people on the Miskito coast.

The World Warriors had to take three planes to get to the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua. It was very interesting and the smallest plane I had ever been on.

Videos and Pictures

I have added more photos you can check them out at
Here is the drama we did at the National Vigilia.

Ministering to the Indigenous

Tomorrow the World Warriors are headed to Managua, Nicaragua which is about a 13 hour bus ride. Then on Tuesday we will be flying to the Caribbean coast Puerto Cabeza and ministering to the Indigenous people group the Miskitos. This will be my third time to go and I absolutely love this part of Nicaragua. I am super excited and looking forward to learning more of the Miskito language. I also have heard that we are possibly going to work with some Indigenous tribes in Guatemala instead of going to Honduras. This trip has been completely changed from what we originally planned but we know the Lord has it all planned and we are listening to His direction. I will try to update when we arrive in Nicaragua but I don't know if there will be internet access. Please continue to pray for us all as we work in Nicaragua.

Island Trip

Monday we rode on a bus for about 5 hours to the Port city of La Union, El Salvador. We did a program in the street for the children and then we also were in charge of the church service that evening. Emily helped lead worship and Brandon preached as George translated for him. The next day we packed all our stuff and went on a hour and a half boat ride to the Island of Meanguera. We stayed on this Island the entire time. They have about 700 people on the entire Island. We did many programs in the streets and two programs in the school. We also were involved with the church services and cell groups. I think one of my favorite things was attending the cell group. We were divided into three groups and my group went to a house that overlooked the ocean. Gabe and Emma shared a little with the people and the lady who led preached on Jonah and it was a great message. During the worship time two ladies led us in old Spanish hymns. They sang so awesome very Mariachi like in their…