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Caste Club

So this Friday was the kick off of Castle Club during the week. I worked in the area of Soyapango. I taught English and then we hung out and played video games and then had a devotional time with the kids. It was a lot of fun because I am getting to know the kids better and work with younger kids that I don't usually work with. I can tell it really means a lot to them that I am actually coming into their neighborhoods to teach them English and hang out. We did two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, because the kids here go to school at different times. I really enjoyed it and Monday I will be working in an area called San Jacinto.

Newly Discovered Music

I have discovered some new music. Well, I don't know if all of it is necessary new but to me it is. Some worship artists that I am really enjoying right now is Daniel Bashta, Rick Pino, and Kristi Northup. For those into Spanish music the new Tercer Cielo cd is really good and I just downloaded Christ for the Nations Spanish album called "Supergod" by Cristo Para Las Naciones. For the Mutemath fans out there I definitely recommend getting their new one "Armistice." Happy listening and feel free to share some of your favorites, at the moment, with me.
"Make it so today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be forever changed." -Anthony Robbins

My Beloved Crystal Hot Sauce

I went grocery shopping today and to my sheer delight stumbled upon Crystal Hot Sauce. Crystal Hot Sauce is my favorite hot sauce ever, not just because it is the same name as me, but because it has the best flavor. We have been using Crystal Hot Sauce in my house all my life and I can not believe I found it here in El Salvador. I bought three bottles and a bottle of the extra hot stuff. I may have had to pay a little more than what it is at home but it is an exported item here and totally worth it. The improved taste of my food is worth the price.

Termos del Rio

Today most of the Pastor's and children's leaders took about 45 children from the Guardians program to a water park called Termos del Rio. We were there all day long and had a lot of fun. My roommates and I went there a few years back for my birthday but by noon we were ready to go. It was definitely more fun going with a bunch of kids that had never been to a water park before. It was a also a time to just hang out and get to know each other better. Don and Terri Triplett showed up around lunch and some of the boys talked Don into going down one of the slides that is basically a free fall and he did it. However, now I am absolutely beat. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night because I think I had food poisoning so I was suffering through the night and then all day in the sun and water equals I want to go to bed now.

Guardian Graduation Day

Me with a few of the Guardians that graduated.
A few of the kids that graduated into the Guardians doing a song for the church.
Newly graduated Guardians being prayed over.
Today was graduation day. We had children from Castle Club graduate into the Guardian program and sadly we had Guardians graduate into Adolescents. Some of the kids I have known since I was an intern in 2005! It was a little sad but it is time for them to move up and I know God is going to use them in mighty ways as they continue to seek the Lord.

What a Legacy

Yesterday was the Guardian's "Big Day" service as they call it here. King's Castle has been in El Salvador for 20 years this year so we decided to do the theme of leaving a legacy. We pulled out old photos and put together a slide show, we showed old videos, and they did a funny drama about King's Castle in the past, today, and the future. For the ministry time we did a drama talking about how we, as leaders, want to leave a legacy. So as we did the drama we all sat down at the table, as Jesus did with his disciples, then the children came up and we gave them our seats signifying that these children will be our legacy. Afterwards, Pastor Mario called up the leadership team, that works with the Guardians, and had the kids surround us and pray for us. It was a very powerful time and I was just in awe that the Lord chose me to come and work in this country with this ministry and these children.

What The Streets Are Saying

The central church of King's Castle has divided the city, and outlying areas, of San Salvador into different zones. Each zone has its own pastor that works within the area during the week and then everyone comes together to church on Sunday. Between another Missionary Associate and I the zones have been split up four and four. So the past two days I went with the leaders, of children's discipleship, to visit the zones and talk to the Pastors and servant leaders about a new program we want to implement during the week. The idea is to have a "club" for the kids to participate in once a week. It would not be anything mandatory but something fun for the children and to help us, as leaders, to create stronger relationships with the children. We will be having an English class, then we will have a time of playing games or making something, and at the end a devotion time. I obviously will be teaching English but I will also be involved with the rest of the activitie…

Intern Bus

After the World Warrior´s left most of the interns had another week. So the interns that were free we created the Intern Bus again, like we had in the beginning of the summer, and went out and ministered. These are some more photos by Lisa during the last week with the interns.

The Real Work Has Only Just Begun

Today I had a meeting with the children's pastors that I have been working with since I have been in El Salvador. But it is always new when I return from working with the World Warrior's because I have been doing that for the past two months. So I will be working in four zones, areas of San Salvador and some surrounding areas, having meetings with the kids. I will be teaching english, having devotional time, and then a time to just hang out and play with the kids. I am really looking forward to spending more time out in the community. I am also helping out with the translating of the Guardian manuals. This Sunday the children are in charge of the service, which we call Big Day, and so all this week will be practicing and preparing for that. So as the summer months are dying down the work that we have here certainly is not.

Christian Surfers

La Libertad which is a famous beach area in El Salvador is about 3o kilometers from San Salvador. However, the drive takes about 30 or 40 minutes because of construction. My roommate Karen and I went out there yesterday so I could surf and we could relax a little at the beach. When we arrived to El Sunzal, the beach where I was surfing, we ran into some friends. One is involved with Christian Surfers and he invited us to a Bible Study they were having down at another beach. So we went to El Zonte and surfed a little and then went to the Bible Study. It was so good and I really enjoyed it. Surfers have such a bad reputation and I think it is great that they have this organization to reach out to the local kids. The worship was cool because it was just a guy playing a guitar, everyone was still in bathing suits and board shorts from coming in from surfing, and the message was great. I especially enjoyed the message when he related stuff from the Bible into a way that surfer…

New Move

Reading a comic book tract to a street boy.
Doing a dance at the youth service.
Talking to some young boys that used to be Guardians at Mega Dia.
Talking to some kids at a program.
Playing limbo at a program.

All the interns left on Monday and all this week I have been moving into our new place. It is nice and much more roomier and such a blessing because we are paying the same price as our place before. This week has been a time to rest, move, and take care of things that I haven't been able to since I have been working non stop the past 2 months. Now my work will return to somewhat normality. I will still be busy and working hard but I will be in the country instead of traveling throughout Central America. I am still without internet so until then my blog posts will be sporadic. I have uploaded some photos from this summer that another Missionary Associate, Lisa Sears, took of me. Most of these I did not even know she took but I was excite…