New Move

Reading a comic book tract to a street boy.
Doing a dance at the youth service.
Talking to some young boys that used to be Guardians at Mega Dia.
Talking to some kids at a program.
Playing limbo at a program.

All the interns left on Monday and all this week I have been moving into our new place. It is nice and much more roomier and such a blessing because we are paying the same price as our place before. This week has been a time to rest, move, and take care of things that I haven't been able to since I have been working non stop the past 2 months. Now my work will return to somewhat normality. I will still be busy and working hard but I will be in the country instead of traveling throughout Central America. I am still without internet so until then my blog posts will be sporadic. I have uploaded some photos from this summer that another Missionary Associate, Lisa Sears, took of me. Most of these I did not even know she took but I was excited to see them because I am usually taking the pictures and never in any of them.


Anonymous said…
These are good. Tell LISA thanks... for taking the phots of you! I am a proud and THANKFUL momma.
Your dad and I are very blessed to a small part in all this. You have made your grandparents very proud too... just for following the call the Lord has placed on your life.
Lisa Sears said…
You're very welcome. I know exactly what you mean about not having photos of yourself so that's why I tried to get a lot of all of the missionaries so they could have some good photos of themselves while in ministry! :)

Keep up the hard work!

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