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Salvadoran Funeral

Yesterday after church my friend Helen received a phone call saying her grandfather had passed away. I am friends with the whole family and Helen works in discipleship with me. So I went to the wake to support her family. The wake started at 9:00 p.m. and ended at 12:00 a.m. at a church close to where she lives. There were so many people we had to stand outside of the little church. They had the body in a casket and basically had a church service. We sang songs and then someone preached. At the end they called the immediate family in and they stood around the casket and we all prayed for them. After the service most of us left but the family and close friends stays up all night. Today after we had the Pastor's meeting we all left to attend the funeral at 2:00 pm. We drove up to the cemetery but the family and such walked from the church up about four blocks behind a truck that had the casket. We all walked to the site and someone gave a small sermon and a few people said…

Glad Tidings A/G

Glad Tidings A/G from Lake Charles, Louisiana came down last week and I was able to work with them and help build this church in El Carmen.
The first day we put up the trusses (sp?).
The second day they put up the roof and we started laying the center block.
I learned how to mortar and lay brick.
This was the finished project and the dedication of the church. Glad Tidings is going to finish the project by sending funds and the men that work for King's Castle are going to finish it up. We will all be anxiously awaiting to see it complete.

Surprise of a Lifetime

Last Saturday night as I was sitting around a table talking to friends I said that I would like my dad to be able to come to El Salvador and see what I do. The next day at church someone walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around I saw my dad. I thought I was dreaming but soon realized he was really there with me.
A construction team from Glad Tidings A/G in Lake Charles had come down to build a church for the week. I knew I was working with them but I did not know that my dad was part of the team.
I could not believe here was there with me. It was such a surprise and such a special time.
I could not have been happier.

Building a Church

Today I am beginning to work with a supporting church from Lake Charles, Louisiana, named Glad Tidings A/G. I am really excited to be able to to work with them and get to know some of the people who are part of the church that has been so faithfully supporting me as I work here in El Salvador. We are going to be working outside of San Salvador in an area called Cojutepeque and we are going to be building a church. I have worked on construction teams before but never a church project so I am really excited. I will be with them for a week so next Saturday I will write an update with pictures.

Work Day

Today those of us who work in Discipleship had the fun job of rearranging and reorganizing our storage shed. Somehow it was basically turned into a huge garbage can or might as well have been with all the junk. However, between the 8 of us we were able to get it all cleaned up and organized in a matter of a few hours. Which I thought was quite impressive after seeing all we had to do. Now, we just need to make sure people don't get in there and mess it up again. But we all know how that goes; the storage closet at churches NEVER stay organized.

Independence Day

Today on September 15, 1821, El Salvador became independent from Spain. It is a big deal...kinda like the 4th of July for us except they have tons of parades. Which I find to be a real contradiction in Louisiana because we usually celebrate EVERYTHING with a parade but the 4th of July there is no parade. I always wanted to go to an Independence day parade but my first year the church took a trip on this day up into the Mountains, that was cool but I did not see a parade. Last year I was living in Costa Rica and we had a celebration and it was really neat but still no parades. This year, however, quite a few kids had invited me to come watch them march so this year I was able to see a parade. I actually saw three. We had a great time and it was a really neat cultural experience. To see more pictures you can do so here

Going to the Kids

This past week we started something different.  We usually have the children's program on Saturday morning.  However, the children are going to school on Saturdays this month because they are making up for the time off from the Swine Flu and also the time they get off next week for Independence Day.  So we are taking the program to them within the week and on Saturdays.  It is easier for the children to come to a place close to where they live and then they can leave to get ready for school.  I like the idea of combining of the zones and going to them because it is less children at one time which makes it easier to create relationships and keep an eye on them.  I do not know if we will keep this model but I think it would work well if we did.

Corrie Ten Boom: Truly My Heroe

I can not get enough of Corrie Ten Boom. Her story is absolutely amazing. If you have not read The Hiding Place or Tramp for the Lord I encourage you to do so. I was at the Triplett's house yesterday for a Pastor's meetings and I asked Terri Triplett if I could borrow a book from their personal library. As soon as I saw Messages of God's Abundance: The Lost Corrie Ten Boom Writings I knew that was the book I had to read. I typically like to underline and write in my books but when I borrow a book I can't do that so I write down the quotes in my journal. Here are just a few that touched my heart.
"God's great love is greater than human cruelty."
"The amount of God's love is unlimited. But we can only receive as much as we use."
"The Father's love in me is stronger than all hatred."

Sarah's Story

Yesterday I taught English in San Marcos and San Jacinto which is outside of San Salvador in the direction going toward the airport. The morning group I only had three students but Sarah was in that group. As I was dropping her off after the class it gave me some time talk with her. "Tears from the Saints" by Leeland came on and I was singing it. She asked me what it meant. So the line about "schools filled with hate" came on and I told her and she said, "Oh, that's my school." I asked her if it was hard for her at school. She said very. She told me she was the only Christian in her school and she is made fun of and called names. I was able to encourage her a little bit and let her know that is her mission field and the Lord is going to strengthen her and use her to be a light to her schoolmates. That conversation may not seem like something huge but I am reading "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions" by George Barna and he…