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Cajun Dish With a Latin Twist

Last night I had a house full of people and I cooked red beans and rice. Not one, of the six, had ever had "cajun red beans and rice." I was apprehensive about making it because I have attempted making other foods from home and because I can never get all the correct ingredients I have to substitute and then it does not taste the same. My ingredient that I could not get here is andouille sausage or regular sausage for that matter. However, I read that Spanish Chorizo is similar to andouille so I used that. The red beans and rice actually turned out amazing, to my delight, and everyone loved it. I tried to tone down the spice because a few of my friends are from Boston and can't handle it. However, everyone else was adding some Crystal Hot Sauce and Tony's to the dish. I also made wassail because I found out when I made it last year in Costa Rica that, apparently, it is a southern thing but my friends loved it. So she asked me to make it for her and everyone …

Beach Day

Some of my friends who work with Convoy of Hope have been staying at my house this week. Since yesterday is the ministry day off for King's Castle I was able to take them to the beach. Claire and I met in Costa Rica and have been surfing together since then. The waves weren't the greatest but it was a beautiful day and we got a few rides in and we had a blast. I am still learning and improving so I was ecstatic when I paddled in and dropped into a wave. I know how to catch small waves and white water but dropping in is a completely different story. So that totally made my day.

Sunday Morning Service

The Lord has started answering prayers because the children's service went so much smoother today than usual. We have some really unruly kids and sometimes they can be uncontrollable however yesterday was different. Something really precious happened during the worship service. As soon as the first worship started playing a little girl next to me started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said her Aunt had just died and she was sad. So I prayed with her and talked to her about it. Soon there after other leaders started praying for the kids. I went to pray for this one boy who is usually really, really bad. My heart goes out to this kid because he has no parents and just lives with his older brothers. He was standing with his eyes closed, which stood out to me because he is usually running all over the place, I started praying for him and he just stood there praying. I really felt that God was touching him and I told him that he is special and God wants to use …

Continue to Pray for Raquel

Dear Friends, Family & Alumni,

Last night, the doctor decided to do an emergency surgery on Raquel. Her blood count was too low, and he suspected it was caused by the “leaking” spleen (I guess in English we say “ruptured” spleen).

But when they opened her up, they discovered that it wasn’t her spleen at all. It was her liver. Her liver was cut in two, like it had been sliced with a knife. It didn’t show up in the Ultra-sound they did when she came into the hospital. The doctor wanted to open her up the first night, but he decided to rely on what he saw on the Ultra-sound and X-rays.

I’m not sure how you “repair” a liver or what they exactly did, but they had to give her blood last night, and are watching her closely. Her mother was able to come to the hospital yesterday, so she was there with her.

Good news:
Her ankle isn’t broken! They thought it was, but now it’s not!

When she was admitted into the hospital the first night, the nurse that was assigned to her starte…

Update on Raquel

Dear Friends, Family & Alumni,

Don called me a little while ago to give me an update on Raquel.

Her body is scraped from her neck down across her chest. She has a broken wrist, ankle and rib. Her spleen is “leaking” but the doctor thinks it will clear up. He collarbone is not broken; just separated, but the doctor thinks that will be okay. One of her lungs was “displaced” (that’s what the doctor said or how it was translated to me) but he thought it would be okay. But all her vital organs are fine! Praise the Lord!

She will stay in the hospital overnight for observation; they will know by tomorrow if there is anything else.

Her family is so poor; they couldn’t even afford the transportation to the hospital. Their pastor told Don that they would have come if she was in a life threatening situation, but they just didn’t have the money to come. One of the Master’s Commission leaders is staying overnight with her in the hospital.

Side note:
At the end of November, Don felt led (w…

Urgent Prayer Need

I just received this letter from Terri Triplett please read and pray.
Dear Friends, Family and Alumni,

I got a call from Don a few hours ago as he was climbing up the mountain behind the Prayer Fortress. I could hardly hear him on the radio phone between his pants for air. He was breathing hard.

He said, “Just want to let you know what is happening so you can pray. One of the Pre-Master’s Commission students fell about 40 feet off the volcano and is down in the ravine. We are trying to get to her.” He was hiking up above her with Edwin, our Master’s Commission leader, and a couple of other people. Nahum and Marvin, two 2nd year students, had gotten to her, but Don didn’t know her condition.

So for the last few hours, I have been getting bits and pieces of the information, trying to piece together the story of what happened to Raquel Perez, and how she fell off the mountain.

Every year, we have a Pre-Master’s Commission camp for those who are interested in entering the program. It …

Funeral in the Mountains

Yesterday, while working at the office, we received a phone call saying that Margarita had died. Margarita has been working with King's Castle ministry for many years. In fact, I remember her from when I was an intern in 2005 and she had been working with King's Castle much longer than that. She was not very old and her daughter is about 20. It was very much a shock to us all when we heard what happened. Today was the funeral so we went out to Lago Coatepeque in Santa Ana, which is where she lived. The actual funeral was about 1 1/2 hours up into the mountains and then we had to walk the rest of the way. We were literally on top of a mountain. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been. I could not think of a better resting place for Margarita.

Cultural Experience

A few weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to take Nahuat at the University of El Salvador. Nahaut is the indigenous language of the people here in El Salvador but is increasingly becoming nonexistent. That is why they are teaching it at the University and some of the schools to make an attempt to preserve the language and cultural roots of the people here. Today was my first day of class and it was quite interesting. My Nahuat name is Siguamichin which actually means Fish women. Your Nahuat name represents something you like to do and I like to swim and be in the water. I asked the Professor about the grammatical aspect of Nahuat, like was it similar to Spanish, and she said you won't learn grammatically you learn by hearing and speaking. Not only am I learning the language but also she teaches Nahuat culture.

Destined for Eternity

The youth and adolescents were in charge of the service today and the theme was Destined for Eternity. It was a good service but three different things happened that blessed me. The first one was the older sister of one of the girl's I work with went up for salvation. It was really cool because her mom went up there with her and it was very emotional. Her mom was crying and so happy that her daughter was getting her life right with the Lord and I can only imagine how Jesus must feel when we accept Him. The second was my friend, Crisi, who asked every single person around us if they have accepted Christ and did they know they were going to Heaven when they died. It just really made me respect her more. The third was as I was praying one of the girls next to me told me someone wanted to talk to me in the back. I look up and it is a guy whom I have not seen in about two years. He had to move from where he used to live because the gangs beat him up and want to kill him so now…

Victory Over the Violence in El Salvador

Today I read some very sobering news in a newspaper here in El Salvador. La Prensa Grafica reported that in the past two weeks an average of 15 people have been murdered daily, here, in El Salvador. There has been a total of 3,340 Salvadorans whom have been murdered this year. The majority of these murders are in the capitol city of San Salvador. ( This is a very serious problem and I am not writing this to put fear in anyone's heart but to move you to pray against the violence in this country. This is one of the reasons Bro. Don Triplett has called all the Assemblies of God to come together on November 28 to fast and pray 12 hours for El Salvador. Mark your calenders and join with us to intercede for this nation.
"Defense of human rights, equality, and freedom… is a matter of policy… rooted in the gospel. -Oscar Romero


Yesterday the Children's Discipleship Team went to the King's Castle International Training Center which is located on the lake Coatepeque. I usually refer to it as "the lake" or "the camp". This is where all the teams from the US are trained before they go out and work. Once a month our church has encounter type camps out there. Many people and different churches also rent it out. It is also home to the Master Commission students and the Prayer Fortress. We stayed in the Prayer Fortress to pray and we also set apart time to plan out the children's Christmas camp that we have every December. At the Prayer Fortress we are going on the 11th year of continual prayer and fasting. There is always a prayer team there and someone is always praying on the third floor which is open and overlooking the lake. We all took prayer shifts during the night to prepare ourselves and also to pray for direction and wisdom in planning the camp. My shift was midnig…

Kid's Day in Las Delicias

We, in King's Castle Ministry, are celebrating Children's Day all month long. Last Saturday we had the Mega Feria, today we devoted the whole day to the children of an area called Las Delicias, and we are going to have mini fiestas at children's church throughout the month. We had a lot of fun playing and ministering to the children of the community Las Delicias. It gave us all so much joy to see the fun the children were having. One day that those children can forget about all their problems and issues and enjoy being a kid. One of the highlights of the day, for me, was when I saw Claudia. Claudia is a girl that used to be in the children's program and now she is a little bit older and goes to another church. So I haven't seen her in a while. I asked her how she was and what was going on and she took me by the hand and she lead me across the soccer field and she just opened up to me. This is huge because young girls usually do not open up very easily, es…

Help Us Give Toys to the Children of El Salvador

Would you help us collect a container of Toys for Christmas?

Yesterday was the official International Day of the Child, and all over the world, children are being honored. We will be celebrating a MEGA Children’s Fair at the King’s Castle Dream Center on Saturday, October 3, and expect around 1,000 children to be present. All month long, various aspects of our ministry will be celebrating the children, letting them know how very special they are to Jesus.

However, in King’s Castle, we celebrate the Day of the Child even more in December on Jesus’ Birthday, when literally tens of thousands of children come together to break piñatas, play games, eat refreshments, hear the Christmas Story, and receive a Toy from Jesus. The children are from the barrios all across the city of San Salvador, and for many, it is the only present they will get for Christmas. Even gang members bring their children to be part of these very special outreaches.

For Christmas 2008, we had to cancel two Christmas Birt…

Mega Feria 3

Today we had our third "Mega Feria" in which more than 1,ooo children came. It started at 9:30 am and ended at noon. The fair games were open until 11:30 and then we started the service. Each of us who work in the discipleship department were in charge of 17 games. So I was making rounds making sure they were all was running smoothly and the volunteers had enough tickets to give to the children when they won. For as many children that attended everything went very smooth and we ended with a good service and ministry time.

National Children's Day

Today is National Children's Day in El Salvador and today the children's leaders and helpers in King's Castle have decided to fast and intercede for the children of El Salvador. With poverty and violence on the rise the only thing can change this country and the futures of these children is our prayers. I ask you today to join me in praying for the precious children of El Salvador.
Psalm 72:4 "He will defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; he will crush the oppressor."