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Going to Nicaragua

Genuine Christian love is forged against the anvil of our selfishness and possessiveness
... It is important to remember that love is more than a feeling. It is active and transitive. The real test of my loving is not that I feel loving, but that the other person feels loved by me. Love is what I do to create this sense of feeling cared for.- Morton T. Kelsey, from his book Companions on the Inner Way

Last night I found out that I need to go to Nicaragua on Sunday to work with North Shore A/G from Covington, LA. I am excited to go because I really enjoy working in Nicaragua plus I get to work with a team from home and see all my Nicaraguan friends. Two of my friends who teach english in Honduras are also coming to spend the holiday weekend with us. So it is going to be a fun time. However, it is super last minute and I realized that my temporary resident card expired two days ago and I have not received my permanent one. So I have to go downtown with our lawyer and work that al…

Boot Camp for the Mini Masters

Me teaching the first Evangelism class.

Because we have so many activities going on at one time I was put in charge of of the Mini Masters Boot Camp. Let me explain the different programs we have going on right now.
Guardians of the Vision- 9-12 kids that have completed all that is required in Castle Club and now are working their way through the 7 levels of the Guardian program. (These are the kids I work with on a regular basis.
Prayer Week- One week out of the year the children and their leaders spend a entire week in prayer. Everyone has two hour shifts and there has been continual praying for the last 11 years.
Mini Masters- A program during summer vacation which consists of a week of boot camp which is training. After that they minister and do programs in the streets, churches, and schools of El Salvador. They are also going to Nicaragua and Panama.
Warrior School- Part of the King’s Castle program and is an intense week of training spiritually and physically.
I knew that I wa…

In the Mood to Cook

I spent all morning teaching the kids a song they will be doing tomorrow in the "Big Day" service. The theme is The Heart of God is Missions. Tomorrow we are going to have different stations of traditional foods and I made food for the United States station. I don't know how traditional my food is but I made deviled eggs and peanut butter fudge. Obviously, not together but to be ate separately. I had some issues with the deviled eggs. The placement of the yolk when boiled was at the bottom of the egg so when I would cut the eggs in half they would break but I was able to salvage enough. So tomorrow we will see how the Salvadoran like my "traditional" food.

Graduation Day

Me with Walter and Edwin after graduation.

Today Holly, my roommate, and I went to support some of the youth from church who were graduating from 9th grade. First the little kids had their graduation then the older ones. After the ceremony both classes did a dance. It was great to be able to see these boys graduate and it is a miracle that they are in church and still in school. They live in a very dangerous community but, unfortunately, no matter where you live gangs are always a problem and target the boys. Staying in school and graduating is the only way they will be able to get out of where they are. God is really working and using this group of boys and we are doing all we can to support them and encourage them in the Lord.

Disaster in El Salvador Part 2

Video of Relief Work

This is a video that the Adolescent pastor made when we were doing relief work and I am explaining what is going on.

Relief Work

Yesterday we did relief work in one of the many affected areas in El Salvador. Another Missionary Associate that I was with wrote this letter that explains a lot.
Guadalupe El Salvador, yesterday.

I traveled to the Guadalupe area with our Team from Kings Castle. The devastation was overwhelming. I was prepared to be exposed to the devastation but not the death toll. Standing there in the lower valley looking down at the village was very difficult. I could see where the river blasted through and took lives, homes, church and anything else in its path. I looked up to the volcano where the peak was in the clouds and just below that line I could see where the mudslide began and could follow its path to where I stood and then on through the village. I could see hundreds of people below at work, searching for the lost, trying to cut a road through the old river bed, people carrying supplies across the then impassable riverbed by vehicles and helicopters flying over. Someone pointed out the re…

Rising Death Toll

Today I woke up to blue skies and sunshine. I am very thankful that the rain has passed however, the flooding and landslides are still claiming victims. I read the paper this morning and the count is up to 124. Please continue to pray for those affected and that the Christians take this opportunity to reach out to those in need. King's Castle has a medical team here right now that is going out to help and we also have two Evangelist that are here demonstrating the power of God through miracles. The enemy is trying to do what He can but we serve a BIG God who has everything in control. The Sunday School lesson I taught yesterday was about God' dominion over nature and that we have to learn how to trust God, all the time, but even more so when bad things happen. To view some pictures of the landslides you can do so here,

Natural Disaster Wreaking Havoc on El Salvador

Since last Wednesday we have had non stop rain that was brought on from Hurricane Ida. However, the growing amounts of deaths are not linked to Ida but it was a low pressure system in the Pacific that gave us most of the rains which have caused flooding and landslides. Latest we have heard over 100 people are dead. Most of the accurate news is in Spanish but you can read more here Please keep the people of El Salvador in your prayers.

Great Start to the Miracle Campaign

This morning we had a different service for the children. Evangelist and Pastor Marcus Triplett, brother of Don Triplett, started his miracle campaign with the children. It was a really great service and the kid's were enthralled in the way he spoke to him. He didn't water anything down but spoke in a way the children found interesting. When he finished preaching the pastor's created a prayer line and prayed for every single child that was in attendance.

Leader's Training Camp

Yesterday after church until today, in the evening, we had our leader's training camp in preparation for the week long Christmas camp that we run every year. The first year I was on the decoration staff which was fun and easy for me not speaking tons of Spanish. Last year I went home for Christmas because I was studying Spanish in Costa Rica. This year I am actually in charge of an entire level so I will have at least 50 kids under me. I will not directly be taking care of the children they will be divided into groups of ten and will each have a leader and those leaders will be under me. So at the training camp we basically did many of the things the kids will be doing so the leaders could learn. I had to give a 1 1/2 hour Bible study in Spanish and then supervise the leaders when they gave their Bible studies. I also instructed over 40 people, in Spanish, how to bake sugar cookies. I am used to being a leader to children, and I am used to being a leader to interns or World…