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Intercessory Prayer

I woke up this morning, wide awake, and couldn't get back to sleep. I started praying and asking the Lord to show me who I needed to pray for and it was Esau. One of the Salvadoran missionaries that was kidnapped weeks ago. Later on this morning I checked my email and received this message from Terri Triplett,
"Please continue to pray for Esau. Many people have written to us, asking for updates.

He still hasn't been released from his kidnappers in Guatemala. We don't know what is happening with him.

His birthday is January 1. He will turn 25 years old. He really needs a miracle."

Christmas Party with Friends

Yesterday we went over to another Missionary Associate's place and I helped and learned how to make Curry. Dinesh is from Nepal and he taught me how to make all kinds of really good food. We had a traditional vegetable curry from Nepal, a chicken curry, cashew rice, fried chicken, and fried shrimp and vegetables. It was all amazing. All the missionaries who aren't going home for Christmas came over so we had a big group. It was so much fun hanging out with our missionary family.

Ex Gang Leader Testimony

This guy spoke at the service today and he was one of the main gang leaders over the nation. This morning he shared his testimony which was powerful. On December 24, 2002 he was going to kill two people, it was his mission. He had already murdered many others already. He saw the people but God spoke to him in that moment and he fell down on the street crying and gave his life over to Jesus Christ. Ever since then he has been preaching the gospel. But as an ex gang member your life is still in danger and other gang members will continue to hunt you down. This year he was shot up in his arms. His left arm he can not even move. But he said this accident happened so that he would more fervently preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last Day of the Christmas Parties

I feel so priviliged to have been able to go out with other fellow Missionaries in King's Castle and help out in some of the feeding programs this week and give out Christmas gifts to those children. All the children in the feeding programs are under fed, malnourished children but I feel that the kids in Nueva Esperanza are probably the poorest and most needy of all the areas we work in. I sat down at a table and hung out with a few of the kids we talked and played games. But when the food was served they scarfed it down. One little boy with a swollen belly was literally wiping his plate clean with his hand to make sure he got every little piece of rice. As I watched him and others tears came to my eyes as I wondered why some children suffer so. I always wish that there is more that I can do for them; that the little I am doing isn't enough.

Mira Flores Christmas Party

Today we drove to one of the King's Castle annex churches, in Mira Flores, which is about an hour and a half from San Salvador. We were supposed to be there a little bit before noon. However, there was a really bad accident and we were stuck in traffic and were not able to get there until about 1. When we arrived about 50 children were quietly sitting at the tables waiting for us. The Guardians and Adolescents did some songs, a skit, and a game with the children. When they finished we served up the food and passed it out and then we passed out the Christmas gifts, cookies, and vitamins. I also translated for Mr. Don as he shared the Christmas story and I learned the word for manger in Spanish is pesebre.

Quotes from The Atonement Child

I have been reading "The Atonement Child" by Francine Rivers and it is such a great book. I am almost finished and in this one chapter I stumbled across quite a few really good quotes.
"We're all ministers. Some of us just have smaller congregations."
"They were drinking in the poison of a decaying society and getting drunk with the pride of their achievements."

"One person standing on the rock can throw a lifeline to others drowning in the sea."

Feeding Program Las Delicias

Each day this week I, along with other missionaries, are going to different feeding programs that we have and having a Christmas party with the children. Today we were in Las Delicias which is always a lot of fun, for me, because I know most of the kids. It was so much fun giving them Christmas gifts and cookies. However, the day was filled with joy it ended sad because Karen, my roommate for almost 3 years, is going back to the States. It is going to be hard without her but I am believing and praying that God will bring her back soon. She is going home to change her status and raise funds to come back and open the school in Las Delicias.

Local Surfer Girls

Merry Christmas Salvadoran Style
Catching some small waves.
Some of the local girls

Tuesday is usually the ministry day of but as of lately I haven't had time off, at all, but today I was able to go out surfing. The waves were really nice and clean about 4 ft. which is perfect for me. I was out with the local kids surfing and most of them were girls and we were kind of talking and stuff while waiting for waves. I caught a big one and as I dropped in and caught I look up and see a little girl right in my path and I actually maneuvered around her and then bailed. When I came up she looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up and said "buena" which means good. So I thought that was really cool, it made my day. When we all came in I sat on the shore and talked to them for a little bit. They are all local and live right there on the beach. I shared that I was a missionary and worked …

Missionary Kidnapped in Guatemala

Esau was a second year Master's Commission student when I first came to El Salvador. He is now working as a missionary in Cubulco, Guatemala. I was just there with the World Warrior's in July. Here is a letter Don and Terri sent out. Please keep Esau in your prayers.

Dear Friends, Family & Alumni,

Please continue to pray for the safety of Esaú Chavarría. His kidnapping is a mystery.

He was kidnapped after church on Sunday evening by 5 men. One of the leaders of the church saw it all. Esau locked up the church and walked to his house. As he was trying to open the door, the kidnappers grabbed him, and threw him in the back of one of the pick ups. The leader cried out for help, but the trucks took off with Esau. No one has heard anything from him since. There have been no calls for ransom. No clues.

Some speculate it was a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps they were targeting El Salvadoran Missionary Jose Ardon who has been working with the Achi Indians in Cubulco, G…

Christmas Camp

We are half way through the Guardian's Christmas Camp and it is going great. We have close to 200 children and each day has been filled with fun activities. Yesterday I taught about 25 children how to make sugar cookies and all the boys wanted to the recipe to give their moms. During the day is not only games and fun activities but they have to maintain their personal Bible studies and they have group Bible studies, as well. In the evening we have special services and the Lord has really been ministering to the children. Friday night is the big Christmas Gala in which we will be giving away gifts to all the children.

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week in Nicaragua was the most memorable and life changing weeks of my life. I have lived outside of the US for almost three years and never in my life was I so broken over the poverty, loneliness, and hurt that the people in Nicaragua have. I went a day before the team came down because there were some political things going on and it wasn't safe for American's to be out. However, the team flew in on that day and we had to pick them up. Everything was fine and then we turned onto a rode that was filled with convoys of tractors, trucks, and buses that were flying the communist party flags and Venezuelan flags. Many of the men and boys had shirts and bandanas wrapped around their faces and they had machetes and mortars. It was quite disturbing. We had to quickly put up our windows and sit down and try to get off the street. One of the Nicaraguan's turned to me and said, "Es como Venezuela" which means "It's like Venezuela." T…