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A lot of Excitement

Since I have been home I have been all over the place. I flew in on Thursday and on Friday we drove to Texas for my grandfather's surprise 80th birthday party we had for him on Saturday. I am so happy I was able to be apart of that and see family I haven't seen in over three years. We had a good jam session with my pawpaw and his friends. Sunday we drove back in time to watch the Saints win, which that alone has made me incredibly happy. Monday we went to New Orleans and I heard Who Dat over 1,000 times. Tuesday my dad and I went hiking in Tunica hills and saw some of the waterfalls. So far I have been taking advantage of every moment of my time and enjoying it to the fullest.

Homeward Bound

At this very moment I am packing up to go back home to visit. I am so excited to see my family and eat some good Cajun food. I feel like I am going on vacation back home. I leave tomorrow and will be in New Orleans by dinner time.

Preparing for Big Day

Next month is Big Day for the children. Basically, the children are in charge of the Sunday service. I have an intern and a MAPS worker living and working with me and this past week we have been working hard to create the service for the children. This morning we started to teach some of the children one of the drama's that we created and they picked it up really quick and it looks really good. The theme is True Love: He Will Buy You Back and it is the story of Hosea and Gomer. We all three feel it was God who gave us the idea and believe many people are going to turn their lives to the Lord. Before we started teaching the drama we had time of prayer for Haiti. It was really cool to see 50 children crying and praying for the children in Haiti.

Song for the Suffering

I wrote this song after Hurricane Katrina and I pulled it out and was playing it last night as a prayer for those who are suffering in Haiti.
I look around and see, So much pain and agony, Where can I go to get away, From the sorrow I've seen.
So I run to the Lord, He hears my cry, From afar, He is always there.
I close my eyes to ease the pain, I call upon His holy name, I want to run away and hide, But I can't close my mind's eye.
So I run to the Lord, He hears my cry, From afar, He is always there.

Disaster in Haiti

This was a letter sent out to all AG missionaries yesterday by Dick Nicholson.
Subject: disaster in haiti message from brother Dick Nicholson

Here’s an update:

All of our Haiti AG missionaries survived.

Haiti’s First Lady says that most of the capital has been destroyed

The Prime Minister adds that over 100,000 Haitians may have died

The Presidential Palace was destroyed

The National Cathedral was leveled and the Archbishop was killed

The United Nations building was destroyed and at least 100 U.N. staff are unaccounted for.

The U.N. head of operations is missing

Two Nazarene missionaries were confirmed dead

The Chinese Ambassador is missing.

We are mobilizing Convoy of Hope and a small team of our Caribbean AD and several others.

We may need hundreds of thousands of dollars yet, so anything you do will be a blessing.

Thank you again for giving and for praying. This reminds us of Hurricane Mitch and the earthquakes in El Salvador, plus numerous hurricanes!


Pray for Haiti

Last night as I heard about the earthquake in Haiti from an update on Facebook by Convoy of Hope and my heart broke. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has been pounded by natural disaster after natural disaster. I have never been to Haiti but I have always had compassion for the country. My sister has been a few times and Haiti was my brother's first mission trip. I also have several friends that work there regularly with Convoy of Hope. In fact, a good friend of mine was there during the earthquake. He is ok but is asking for prayers. As I was watching the news last night I was reminded of the stories from my Nicaraguan friends that went there on a mission trip recently. Here in my room I have a small Haitian flag and a dirt cookie that the children of Haiti made which has the words "Pray for Haiti" scribbled on top. Yesterday one of my roommates and I had to turn off the news because we were in tears and we just interceded for the people…

Gift of Giving

I hope this story inspires you to give more as it did me. The story to me is more than a story because it is real and I experienced it and it has marked me like so many things have in El Salvador.
Our church is a church full of people who come from the poorest, hardest, most dangerous areas in El Salvador. It is a church of children, widows,homeless, gang members, and families trying to do the best they can to survive in a poverty stricken country that is plagued with violence and natural disasters. However, that does not keep them down. After church service this past Sundaywe had a member's meeting. Two of my friends, Loidi and Lidia, shared with us about Cambodia. They are Salvadoran women who are around my age and they have been raising funds to work with the girls who are sold into prostitution in Cambodia. They are planning on leaving next month. After they shared with us we took up an offering for them. Now keep in mind, our church has about 400 or 500 people, but th…

A/G General Council in El Salvador

This past Monday through Wednesday was General Council in El Salvador. The Mini-Master's and all their leaders went to be apart of the services and also to sell food and clothes to raise funds for their mission trip to Nicaragua and Panama. It was really cool because it reminded me of all the Royal Ranger functions I used to go to with my dad and mom. They were in charge of all the parking and they had all their tents and stuff set up at the front of the campground. The services were great and we had a good time selling stuff. I saw many people that I worked with when I was an intern in 2005 most of whom are Pastors now.

First Guardian Graduate to Commit to Full Time Ministry

As leaders of the children's program it is our dream to see the children commit to full time ministry when they are of age. Today, Obed one of the first Guardian graduates, entered into Master's Commission. Oscar and Sulma are the children's pastor and one day they want to be missionaries and their vision has always been that a Guardian would become the next children's pastor. None of us are saying Obed will be the next Pastor but it is a possibility. Especially after he goes through Master's Commission. It was a very special time as all the children and the leader's prayed for Obed and sent him off into full time ministry.

What Can You Do?

This morning at the children's program I had a long talk with a kid who I am close to, who used to be a guardian, but isn't involved that much anymore. However, he does still come to church. He was telling me all the problems he is having with the police pegging him as a gang member. I told him I think there is a reason the police are messing with him, either he is dressing like a gang member or hanging out with the gang in his neighborhood. He told me he doesn't hang out with them he just tells them hey and stuff when he passes by. I don't know if I believe him or not but it really worries me. He is working which is good and keeps him off the streets but how do you tell a young kid to keep resisting the gangs when it is all he knows. I told him I would be there for him no matter what. I told him that I am praying that he makes the right decisions but if he does make a bad decision that I am still here as his friend. I really don't want to see him get invol…