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Earthquake in Chile

Email I just received.
Friends, as you are probably aware, an 8.8 earthquake, the 5thworst recorded in history, struck near Concepcion, Chile, early this morning and reports are coming in about the destruction and loss of life. Here is what AD Dave Ellis writes: Things are still a bit chaotic in the country, with communication to Chilean leadership anywhere between Santiago and Concepción still very difficult if not impossible . . . the international airport, in Santiago, is still closed and with so many bridges having collapsed along the highways we are not totally sure about ground transportation into the country. We will monitor the situation at the airport and the possibility of entering the country by ground from Mendoza, Argentina and keep you informed. We have heard that many flights have been diverted to Mendoza but we just need to see if it is possible to get to Santiago from there as of now.

[We]are attempting to make contact with national church leadership to determine the …

Fighting Against the Unseen

I was working in Apopa about 10 minutes outside of San Salvador. We taught classes to new children, who don't come to our church, about salvation. The purpose is to go where the kids are and get them involved in Castle Club. We taught two sessions one in the morning and one in the evening. Here some children go to school in the morning and others in the afternoon so that is why we do two classes. In the afternoon we had 5 little boys all between the ages of 8 and 10. As we were teaching them about salvation and the things of God I felt we were actually battling for their souls. Directly across the street is a house that gang members live in. All day long they were doing their thing, hanging out, listening to music, keeping an eye on all that was going on. There wasn't a whole lot of activity because there were tons of police up the road at the entrance of the area we were in. So that kind of kept things under wraps. But as we were playing with these boys I could see…

True Love: He Will Buy You Back

True Love: He Will Buy You Back was the theme of the children's "Big Day" and the Lord really moved in an awesome way. I knew that God was going to do something special because of all the little things that went wrong during the practice and preparation. In the end, we just had to give to God and do it all for Him. Susanna and I sang our song and the Lord really touched our voices and it went really well. During the ministry time I prayed with a young women who had never accepted Christ so it was really awesome to pray with her. Also, one of the homeless women that is in the homeless ministry accepted Christ. Many people responded and that is the reason we do these. Not to put on a big show but that people would come to know Christ.

We Are Ready

Every Saturday I teach classes in our Guardian of the Vision program. Today was extra long, however, because tomorrow is "Big Day" for the children so we were working with the kids all day long teaching them songs and dramas for the service tomorrow. The theme is Real Love: He Will Buy You Back. We are using the story of Hosea and Gomer. We have been practicing hard and are ready to go out and minister to everyone who comes. Usually, I just help teach and do the scenery but I translated an Audra Lynn song called "Chord of Scarlet pt. 2" and Susanna and I are singing it live in Spanish. Needless, to say we are both quite nervous but we know God will use us and we are happy to be able to minister.

The Hardest Part of What I Do

The hardest part of what I do is hearing about kids who die. Not only just die but are mercilessly murdered. Friday a beloved youth in our church named Cristian was found in his bed stabbed over twenty times in the head. Cristian was an orphan who made his living by selling gum on the streets. He would also sell it at church to raise money so he could go to the different camps we have to become a leader in the church. He started coming to our church about two years ago and God changed his life. He spent the first two weeks of this year in the prayer fortress and earned the nickname "dulcito" a term of endearment for someone who is very sweet and cute. It was really hard for me to hold back tears when one of the Pastor's was telling us about Cristian's life and the way he died. Sometimes it is so hard for me to understand why something like this would happen to a kid who was trying to live right. But then I was reminded of a passage I read this morning. &quo…

My Only Valentine

Usually my only Valentine is from my dad and it didn't fail this year. He snuck a card in my bag so I had to open when I returned to El Salvador. I felt like I was in one of those sappy Hallmark commercials as I read it and it brought tears to my eyes. The card had a poem which said,
"A parent's heart is always filled with wishes for a daughter, and I keep many special hopes within my heart for you. I want you to be happy with the woman you've become-your gentleness, compassion, and warmth set you apart. I want you to be just as proud as I am of your talents- the world today can really use your wisdom and your gifts. And I want you to be true both to yourself and to your dreams and to feel fulfilled in any work or role that you might choose. But more than anything in life, I want you to feel loved. Yes, every parent's heart is filled with wished for a daughter, especially when that daughter is as wonderful as you." -L. Staten

Hitting the Ground Running

I arrived from my flight last night and got home around 10. I found out shortly thereafter that my presence was required early this morning out at the King's Castle training center to teach a class to the new Master's Commission students on the level I have for the children's program. After that I was asked to give my testimony and talk about why I work with the children of El Salvador. I usually only speak in spanish to the kids and I don't like talking in spanish in front of big crowds or adults. However, today the Lord stretched me a little more and I had to do it. It went really well with the Lord's help. So I have passed another plateau of my spanish speaking and I have more confidence to speak in front of others. Please pray that I continue to learn spanish and I have more boldness to speak when the Lord directs me.

Superbowl Champs

This morning I was able to share with my home church Bethel Temple. It was good to be able to see everyone who has been so financially and spiritually supportive of me. It is always good to be home and in my home church worshipping the Lord. But something else happened this Sunday that hasn't happened ever and will go down in history is the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl. I have been a fan my whole life and I never dreamed this day would come. WHO DAT!

Speaking at LakeShore

This past November I went to Nicaragua to work with a team from Lakeshore Church in Covington. A few of the students were interested in World Warriors so I was able to go down there tonight and share with their youth group. We had a good time. I was able to see and speak my heart to the youth and share more on the World Warrior program.

Jana's Birthday

Saturday was Jana's 24th birthday. That morning we went to Strand's downtown, which has amazing coffee, breakfast, and chocolates, to meet some of the people Jana works with at Bethany. We had a great time hanging out and talking. Later on we drove out to Middendorf's, which is famous for their fried catfish. It is on Lake Maurepas and it has a dock you can eat on if it isn't 37 degrees. It was freezing but we had a good time and the food was great. I ordered a much anticipated platter of fried oysters and Travis ordered turtle soup and fried frog legs. I can't believe my little sister is 24 but it was very special to be able to spend this birthday with her since I have missed the last three.