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The Rain Came Down and the Floods Went Up

You can usually can see the Volcano from my backyard.
This is the ceiling in my room that is falling and dripping water from all the rain.

It's not just three days of rain, it's not just another tropical storm; it is a tragedy. If my place is falling apart and I live in a more constructively sound building than the majority of people in El Salvador I can't imagine what is happening to the homes of those made of mud, cardboard, plastic bags, and tin. I think about all the homeless people in our ministry that have no place to go to get warm or dry. Can you imagine only having the pair of clothes that you are wearing and not a place to go when you are cold and wet? They are suffering. The people in El Salvador are suffering. They have already set up shelters and are evacuating people because of the rising floods and fear of mudslides. It truly breaks my heart about the Oil Spill in the Gulf and all the wildlife that is being affected and destroyed but I will always va…

Whirlwind of Activities

Not only was I in charge of creating the children's church program for this Sunday but I am trying to get things, logistical stuff and ministry stuff, ready for the interns and World Warriors that are starting to arrive this coming Monday. I will be going out to our International Training Center in Santa Ana on Monday to be part of the staff during Intern Boot Camp week. Immediately after intern training I will be hosting a women's team from Louisiana and during that time two of my World Warrior's will be arriving. On the 17 of June the rest of the World Warrior's will come and then we will have our boot camp week and then 6 weeks of ministry. It is always a busy but very exciting time. Please pray for me as I continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and discernment. This is my fourth year of working with the World Warrior's and I want to continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord but also be a better leader. I can't do it without the help of God. Pl…

Relaxed and Refreshed

I must say I do look forward to Tuesdays, not just because I go surfing. But Tuesday is the ministry off day, our only off day and sometimes we don't even observe it. It is a day to relax and refresh ourselves in the things of the Lord. My favorite things is walking and praying on the beach or sitting on my board while waiting for waves and talking to the Lord. I didn't bring my board today because I messed it up last week but I talked to one of the local surfers and he said they can fix it for me. So I'm going to try to bring it to them on Saturday and hopefully get my board fixed.

Make a Joyful Noise

This is Kevin, whom I wrote about last weekend. It was great to see a smile on his face.Psalm 98:4 "Make a joyful noise unto Lord, all the earth; make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise."

Before service started we helped the girls make pom pom's and the boys rain sticks to use during worship service.

Kevin's Story

There is not one child in our ministry that does not have a heartbreaking story. The types of things most of these young children have already gone through would blow you away. This is Kevin and he was one of the only children that did not join in a prayer circle on Sunday during Children's Church. I saw him sitting there by himself so I sat down and started talking to him. He would not look at me in the eye and did not respond to anything I said. I put my arm around him and started talking to him about the love of Christ. I tried to get him to open up and he finally told me he lives with his Aunt and his parents are in prison, both are gang members. He was so hard and so hurt and has already been through so much. I told him Jesus Christ loves him more than anyone in the world and that I was there for him and anytime he wanted to talk to come and find me. Now all I can do is just keep praying for Kevin and hope that the love of Christ enters his heart.

Mother's Day

We decorated all day yesterday and this morning. It turned out well except the wind kept blowing the hearts down. The kids singing are on the Guardian's worship team and the girl singing a solo is a missionary kid here in El Salvador.

All the kids doing a song about how great their mom is.

Pastor Roxana Moran preaching an anointed message.

The end result, which is the most important, people coming up to receive salvation.

The Heart of the Matter

I think I am finally over my sickness. I don't quite feel 100% but I am getting there. I went back to my normal schedule this week. Church on Sunday, Pastor's Meeting on Monday, Free day on Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday preparation for Big Day. After cutting 1,000 something hearts out of cardboard, painting them, punching holes in them, glueing tissue paper on them you can get a little tired and bored of doing the same thing over and over. Not to mention the cutting and hole punching starts to give you blisters after a while. And I didn't do near as many as my roommate because of being sick. So as I was working and noticing my attitude kind of slipping and the Holy Spirit reminded me of something the Bible says about whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. I think we forget about that a lot. If we did everything us unto God I think our work ethic and attitudes would dramatically change. It doesn't matter how big or how small the work is; it is for the Lord so do it…

Gang Member Definition

What pops into my head and what pops into your head when the words gang member are said are two vastly different things. The typical "gang member" in the United States is very different from those here in El Salvador. I am reading a book called "Peace in the Streets: Breaking the Cycle of Gang Violence by Arturo Hernandez and he gives a very accurate description of a gang member even though he is referring to gang members in the States. In reference to a gang member he says, "They are our neighbors' sons, our cousins' daughters. They are children we have seen grow up. They sit in the back row at church, they dance at our daughters' 15th quinceñeras, and they say hello to us when we pass them by the phone booth at the corner market. They are children for whom we feel sorry, who die young before us, who stagger the streets drunk or stoned or covered in paint they've been sniffing."
In my words they are kids that used to come to our chur…