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Excerpts from my Journal

Tuesday June 22- We arrived in Juayúa which is located in the department of Sonsonate. We met up with a a local King's Castle team and did street programs and then a children's church in the church that was hosting us.
Wednesday June 23- We went to a shelter today for people who have lost their homes from all the rains. The children were super excited for us to be with them. In fact, when we left one little boy started weeping and said, "Please, don't leave me. Please don't leave me" as we were getting on the bus. No one had a dry eye.
Thursday June 24- Three really cool things happened today. 1.) During the ministry time of a program we did at a school I started talking to a group of teenage girls. I was just sharing what I felt the Lord wanted me to say. They were all Christians and I asked if any of them had any needs or problems they would want to talk about and I could pray for them. They all looked at a specific girl and kept nudging her but she w…

Spiritual Retreat

For the last day of World Warrior boot camp we had a time of spiritual retreat We fasted and spent most of the day in the prayer fortress. We had a great time with the Lord preparing ourselves for ministry. We broke our fast with a time of reflection and communion. Tomorrow we are going to Sonsonate to help train castle teams in local churches and then we will be doing street programs with them. Please pray for our team, specifically against sickness, because it seems many interns have been getting sick.

The Lord is a Warrior

Yesterday World Warrior's officially started. This year we have three awesome young women. Even though our group may be small these girls have their hearts open to be used by God. It is a privilege to able to get to know them and work with them on a personal level. We are in our boot camp in which we do ministry training, get to know one another, learn what it means to be a warrior, and spend a lot of time being filled spiritually. Our last day of boot camp we will be in the prayer fortress and fasting all day preparing ourselves for what God is going to do. On Tuesday we will be going out somewhere in El Salvador, staying at a church, and working alongside the interns to help train local teams and do ministry with them. After that week we will go to Nicaragua, then we will work with the Guardian's, and the last week the girls will be working on their home teams. We are all excited that God is going to do great things in the next six weeks.

Women's Ministry Team

I was privileged to be able to host a women's ministry team from Crossroads Assembly of God from Lafayette, LA. Every time I work with a team from Louisiana it makes me feel like I have a little piece of home with me here in El Salvador. We had three ministry days in which we worked in three different rural areas; Coatepeque, which is the community around by the lake which is known as the Valley of the damned, Nueva Esperanza, a community that is built in the middle of lava fields, and Potrerillos, a community up the Mountain that was basically rebuilt by the church after the earthquake in 2001. All three areas are very hard places but we ministered with all our hearts in each place and many lives were changed. There were some really neat highlights for me from each day that I want to write about. The first day a little boy came up for salvation and Miguel, a Master's Commission student, asked him why he wanted to go to heaven. The little 4 year old boy replied, "Be…

Obstacle Course

I have taken three different courses from Christian Camps International since I have been living in El Salvador. They were never easy for me because I took them all in Spanish; however doing so helped me incredibly with my Spanish. The most recent was training on how to use the Obstacle Course and team building games. We didn't just learn safety and how to run these types of activities but how to reflect upon them and apply it to ministry and daily life. So yesterday, for the first time since the training camp, I was able to apply what I had learned with our summer interns. I was a little bit nervous, even though this time it would be in English and considerably more simple, I wanted to make sure that everything I said was what the Lord wanted me to say. The interns are staying at the King's Castle International Training Center which is in Santa Ana about an hour away from San Salvador, the capital and where I live. So I had plenty of time, in the car, to pray and prepare …


This is my last week before I work with a women's team from Louisiana and then some of my World Warrior's start to come. In the midst of tragedy surrounding me, in the place I am currently living and my real home in Louisiana, I am brokenhearted. I have decided to dedicate this week as a spiritual retreat. To intercede for specific situations, and to prepare myself to be the leader God wants me to be and to minister His love with power and anointing. I am not capable of doing any of this myself but through Christ ALL things are possible.
"To retreat is always a time of knowing ourselves that we may know Christ, and of knowing Christ that we may know ourselves. To retreat is to takes times of reflection, to pray rather than analyze, to open oneself more fully to the Spirit. We cannot learn this deeply enough. In some way, this is all one has to do: to remember and to realize who Jesus is in order to know who we are." -Edward J. Farrell, from his book Gathering t…