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Living in El Salvador but Affecting the United States

Many people may ask, "Why be a foreign missionary when there is so much need in your own country?" I say, "I go where God tells me to go." The sweet thing about following God's will is you minister to those He wants you to minister to. I have the opportunity to get to know and minister to more youth from the United States, here in El Salvador, than I ever did while living there. Now the Lord is opening the doors for the Castle Club and Guardian of the Vision programs to be implemented in churches in the US. However, before that can be done the manuals need to be translated into English and leaders need to be trained. So me, being here in El Salvador, working in the children's ministry I am able to translate the manuals that will then be used in reaching the children of my home country. Isn't it cool how God works? Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord."

One for One: Why You Should Buy Toms

Why should you buy a pair of Toms? Because when you buy a pair you are also buying a pair for a child in another country who can't afford shoes. A more practical or personal reason is because while working with the World Warrior's in Nicaragua we saw little children, all over the place, that had a good pair of shoes thanks to Toms. I also read that they are going to be doing a big shoe drop here in El Salvador, which makes me very happy. In fact, Tom's contacted Convoy of Hope about sending a bunch of shoes down here. The idea of Tom's is super cool but when I actually see the shoes on the feet of the kids I am ministering to it makes it even better. So I encourage you to buy a pair of Toms and choose to give shoes to the children of El Salvador. To read more about Tom's you can do so here:

We Need Bread for the Broken

Survivor Nicaragua

They are taping Survivor Nicaragua right now but the real survivors are the World Warriors having survived tarantulas, bed bugs, torrential rain, zip lining and one mega day. It has been a great experience but a somewhat more difficult one. We just completed week four of nonstop work and we are preparing for our last trip before we return to El Salvador which is going to be up in the Mountains in Rio Blanco. This past week we experienced dreams and visions, miracles, healings, baptim in the Holy Spirit, and many salvations. One major miracle happened on the second day of ministry while an intern, a world warrior, and an AIM team member were praying for a 8 year old girl who was crippled but she looked like she was two. They prayed for her and as they were praying actually felt her arms turn to mush and her hands relaxed and turned normal as did her feet. When we were leaving her dad was holding her hands and she is walking in front of him which she could not do before beca…

Mega Dia

We just finished Mega Dia in Nicaragua. The World Warriors are working with a team from Georgia and we all combined our efforts along with the Master's Commission students and had a great day. My favorite part was the very end of the day, during the ministry time, when I was able to pray with a little boy that started crying because his grandmother just died. So I was able to hold him and pray with him. At least today we know many children forgot about there hard lives and enjoyed themselves like kids should and the most important thing they received from the Lord.