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Stories from the Streets of San Miguel

16 years ago in the city of San Miguel I received my calling to be a missionary to El Salvador. I was the same age as the Mini Master's. It was surreal being back in San Miguel and I reminisced over the past years and just thanked God for what He brought me out of and I'm still in awe that He would choose me to serve in this beautiful country.
During one of the street programs this women came up and asked for us to pray for her granddaughter that is sick with bronchitis. Then she told me that she wanted us to pray because she is having economic problems and just recently someone in her family had passed away so she was really going through some tough times. To be able to pray with her and see the kids all lay hands on her and intercede was a beautiful thing and she was touched by the Lord.
These kids were the reason I came to San Miguel. They had a place to live but are street kids. No one takes care of these kids. They live outside of the church and Susanna and I invited them i…

Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying?

This is 9 year old Wendi Mendez. She is the one closest to the camera in the jean skirt. During one of the evening devotions we had this past week she testified that she felt God speak to her as she was praying for Big Day. Big Day is an evangelistic service that we have once a month and each month different groups are in charge of it. This month the Guardian's were in charge and the theme was "Forgiveness is Love." She said that God said He would strengthen the kids and He is going to fill the people with his presence and love. Now that happened this past Saturday or Sunday. Today God filled people with His presence and love. Bro. Don Triplett asked the parents, that were in attendance, to find their kids and pray with them. The alters will filled with parents embracing their kids. The alters were filled with restoration. Those kids whose parents weren't there the leaders and pastors of the church stood in as there parents in Christ and prayed with them.

Dany's Vision

Dany Moran is a pastor's kid who is nine years old. Last night he shared a vision he had during the ministry time on Thursday night. He said he was praying and he felt someone touch his back. He opened his eyes and angels were all around and they had trumpets. He looked up and in the distance he could see God sitting on the throne and the angels started blowing their trumpets. He said in that moment he fell down on his knees and repented of all the sin in his life because He wanted to be right before the Lord.

Life More Abundantly

"The thief comes ONLY to steal and kill and destroy; I come that they may have life, and have it ABUNDANTLY." John 10:10
The enemy is constantly trying to break down the family. In El Salvador, the statistics of actual marriages is very low; most people just live together. Within our church you can not become a member unless you are married so many couples aren't members because they have not fulfilled that requirement. I have just found out that two of the mini master's have shared that both of their parents' are separating for reasons of infidelity. It breaks my heart seeing our kids so upset and sad over their parents separating. It makes me mad that people are allowing the enemy to creep in and destroy them. Please pray today for the families of our church. Pray that God will protect them, strengthen marriages, keep them faithful, and restore them.

Mini Master's Boot Camp

The Guardian of the Vision Mini Master Program is for levels 10 and up and is over a month of preparation and ministry while the kids are in their summer break. Boot Camp officially started Saturday morning and ends today after lunch. It consists of morning devotions, english classs, games, How to share your faith, swimming, practicing dramas and songs for Big Day, working on scenery, and Bible Trivia. Last night we had an incredible time of prayer as the kids were filled with more of God. Scott William's, Missionary from Canada, was with us last night. All the kids surrounded him and prayed for the children of Canada to come to know Christ. Today in the morning we will continue working on the Big Day Program which is next Sunday. In the afternoon starts Warrior School; which is much more intense and they actually receive grades from the classes they will take, they have to memorize like 5 scriptures a day, anytime they hear the whistle they have to stop what they are doing…

Be Careful

Be careful when you ask to see the heart of God. He will give you a burden that will break your heart. I have been conflicted in these past few days but I know the Lord is teaching me something through it. The Lord has really been teaching me about Intercessory prayer during this 21 day fast and during my week in the Prayer Fortress. One of the little girls, who just graduated into the Guardian of the Vision Program, came to spend a week in prayer and opened up about some really horrible things that are going on her life. Things that I could never imagine having seen much less experience on a daily basis. She literally is living a nightmare and is in danger and there is absolutely nothing I can do....except pray. But I feel as though that is not enough. However, the Lord has taught me that true intercession is enough. I was talking to someone about her situation because it has really been bothering me and that person gave the verse Jeremiah 31:13 which says, "The young …

Pray for Peace in the Streets

"...Stop all your violence and oppression and do what is just and right..." Ezekiel 45:9
We are literally on a race against time to reach the children and youth of El Salvador.
Early in the morning of November 10 one of the youth from our church was killed. Gang violence was the culprit. Cristian Neftali was not a gang member. He was a youth who loved the Lord and was mercilessly murdered because one of the gangs confused his identity as being in the other gang. When will the youth of this nation stop being murdered? When will there be true peace in the streets of El Salvador? When prayer warriors and intercessors rise up from their sleep and take rank as fighters of justice.

Prayer Needs of a 10 year old

This picture is taken from a notebook that is on the 3rd floor of the prayer fortress, which is the floor for intercession. There is a notebook in the inner room for people to write prayer needs so that while people are on their 2 hour prayer shifts they can pray for these specific needs. Samuel who is a 10 year old Guardian of the Vision wrote this page.
I want you all to pray for the family of the boy who died named Cristian. He was a Guardian from our church. Pray that they would come to church because they have already accepted Christ in their hearts.

That my sister would accept Jesus in her heart because she does not want to come to church. Pray for the Guardian's that want to be Mini Master's so that God would supply the $120.00 that they need for the trip. I give thanks to God because he supplied my needs for the money and now I will be a Mini Master. Please pray for these needs.

Samuel's Miracle

I wrote about Samuel a few blogs back and I just heard about an awesome miracle he just had. So, last Sunday he asked me to pray for him because his family was having economic problems and he wanted to be a Mini Master and didn't have the money. So Pastor Sulma told me yesterday one of the North American teams were with the Guardian's during the program we have on Saturdays. Samuel was praying for one of the women and while he was praying for her God spoke to her heart and said, "In the way I blessed you with money to come to El Salvador I want you to bless him." She didn't know what he needed or why but she somehow found out that he needed money to be a Mini Master. So she gave all that he needed and today he will be coming to the camp to take part in the Guardian's Prayer Week and be a Mini Master.

Prayer Week

Every Friday night at 10:00 the torch is passed on to a new group that will be responsible for maintaining 24/7 prayer and fasting.
My first prayer shift was 6-8 this morning. To make sure the shifts are covered and there is always prayer going on during the change each person comes 15 minutes early to their shift and stays 15 minutes later. So this is what it looked like as I hiked up the mountain at 5:30 this morning.
Emily Beebe, a missionary kid and Guardian, was on shift with me this morning.
We were blessed by this beautiful sunrise.

Celebrate God's Love

I'm reading a terrific book by Alicia Britt Chole called "Anonymous" that I highly recommend. Last night as I was reading she quotes a prayer by someone named Basilea Schlink. I liked what she had quoted so I looked up some more writings by this German religious leader and writer. I stumbled across this article entitled "Jesus Christ: The True Bridegroom" which goes perfectly with the theme God seems to be trying to teach me. Love Him....with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Celebrate His love everyday and throughout the day. I hope you find this article as interesting and profound as I did.
Jesus Christ:The True Bridegroom by Basilea SchlinkJesus is a true Bridegroom; this is His very nature. That is why He calls Himself Bridegroom in the Scriptures. His great love desires a bride, a bridal soul. He longs fervently for her love. He looks for her to see whether she is about to come to Him, to see whether she longs and yearns for Him, to see whether s…