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New Years Resolution

Yes, I know probably the most cliche thing I could blog about but I'm doing it. I love the feel of new beginnings, trying new things, moving new places, meeting new friends. That is why I love the new year so much. It makes you reflect on the past and helps you see what you wantt to change. Also, another reason why being a follower of Jesus Christ is so awesome is because it says in the Bible that God's grace is new every single morning. (Lamentations 3:23) So it's like every morning when we wake up we get a complete new chance at life. So honestly, I could write a book on all that needs to change in me or things I'd like to do but here are my top few. 1.) Know God More 2.) Love with His love 3.) Run farther and more regularly 4.) Improve my surfing 5.) Simplify (every area of my life) 6.) Learn to do something new
Like the song says, "I got a feelin' that tonight is going to be a good night." Well, I gotta feelin' that 2011 is going to be a good year…

Focus on Others

Last week as I was driving back from dropping off someone at the airport I exited off the highway and sitting under the overpass was a little old lady. She was very old, and wrapped up in rags. My heart went out to her and as I was watching there was a young man sitting there talking to her. It was chilly and He probably had somewhere to go but it was so comforting to me to see someone take notice of her and not just pass her by like so many people were doing; like so many of us would do. Then as he walked off another young man gave her some money and stood there talking to her. It really blessed me to see two young men reach out to this lady. Maybe giving our change won't make a difference but giving our our time will. This new year, may we focus on others. Let us not be so conformed to the world around us that we no longer hear the cries for help or see those in distress. (Taken from Voices of the Faithful.)
Romans 12:2 "Do not conform any longer to the patter of th…

The Local Gringa

This morning as I was surfing none of my local friends were out so I had my spot to myself for a while. Then it started to get a little crowded as more surfers came out. It was cool, though, because I was asked by two different surfers if I was a local. I told them, not really, I live in San Salvador and come out on my days off but I don't live at El Tunco. They were like well your are practically a local. You live in El Salvador and come out to surf on a regular basis, your a local gringa. One of the guys was named Alejandro and he is a good friend of one of the locals out there but in between sets we were able to talk and I was able to share with him what I do and why I live here and it turns out he is a Christian as well. Tuesday might be my day off but I'm always a Christian and I believe that whatever I do and wherever I go is an opportunity to share God's love. Always before I go surfing I pray that God will put people in my path that I can share with and he alw…

Real Salvadoran Christmas

Christmas Party at Church.
Sulma and I cooked the turkey for the first time.
Setting off fireworks for the first time.
This Christmas was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first "real" Salvadoran Christmas. I have spent Christmas's here but I have always been with Americans. On the 24th we always have church service. In which we had a Birthday Party for Jesus with the children and gave them their gifts. Then after the church service I went over to Oscar and Sulma's house. Oscar and Sulma are the children's pastors that I work with. Sulma and I cooked a turkey for the first time, ever, and it turned out perfect; thanks to my mom and the cajun injector and baking bag she brought down for me. So, we put the turkey in at 7 pm. We hang out and then we went to visit another family in the church and ate Christmas dinner with them and hung out at their house until 10 pm. Drove back and took the turkey out at about 11:00 pm. Went around the co…

Surf Lessons

Dani y Rebeca Moran
Marito Moran
William Duarte
Yesterday, a group of friends from church went to the beach. A family in our church has a "Rancho" on the beach, where I surf, so we all pitched in for food and went out there for the day. It was such a good day. We played football, surfed, ate great food, and enjoyed wonderful company. The whole reason of the beach trip being planned was because the Moran kids have been wanting to learn how to surf. I took Dani out on my board and he did really good. He stood up quite a few times. Rebeca told me, "Kristal I want to be a surfer like you." She was asking me questions so how do you stand on the board, what is the hardest thing about surfing? It was really cute. While we were eating and having a good time talking I thought about how I missed my family but how blessed I am for the Salvadoran family God has given me. I love them all so much and I am so blessed to be part of such a wonderful ministry, with wonderf…

Beanie Babies

Travis giving out beanie babies to the boys.
The kids loved them!
Mom saved and collected all year to be able to give to the kids here in El Salvador.
I thought it was really cool that my mom and brother could be apart of the Christmas festivities.
Mom and Travis with a Guardian at our 2010 Guardian of the Vision Christmas Camp.

Christmas Around the World

I love spending Christmas here in El Salvador. Truly I feel more at home here than I do in the States. However, the holidays without your family can always make one a bit melancholy. It was wonderful having my mom and brother visiting me this past week but now that they are gone it is a little lonely. So glad we have God's promise that He is always with us. He also knows just what we need. I was reminded of that this morning during my devotion time.
"Your attitude should be the same that Christ Jesus had. Though he was God, he did not demand and cling to his rights as God." Phil. 2:5-6 Another language blunder, but I never imagined it would be so meaningful. It was our fourth Christmas in China, and we had recently moved from a large capital to a remote town. Each Christmas, we made a manger out of bamboo and filled it with hay, then we wrapped a doll in a blanket and placed it in the manger in our living room. A floodlight shining on the doll's face he…

Christmas Camp

This past month has been a whirlwind of events with the grand finale being the Guardian of the Vision Christmas Camp.