The Local Gringa

This morning as I was surfing none of my local friends were out so I had my spot to myself for a while. Then it started to get a little crowded as more surfers came out. It was cool, though, because I was asked by two different surfers if I was a local. I told them, not really, I live in San Salvador and come out on my days off but I don't live at El Tunco. They were like well your are practically a local. You live in El Salvador and come out to surf on a regular basis, your a local gringa. One of the guys was named Alejandro and he is a good friend of one of the locals out there but in between sets we were able to talk and I was able to share with him what I do and why I live here and it turns out he is a Christian as well. Tuesday might be my day off but I'm always a Christian and I believe that whatever I do and wherever I go is an opportunity to share God's love. Always before I go surfing I pray that God will put people in my path that I can share with and he always does.


Jennifer Music said…
this is awesome!

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