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America's Favorite Past Time

My ticket
View from my dad's seat

One of the first things I did when I came home was go to a LSU baseball game with my dad. I haven't been to a game in four years because I have never been home during baseball season. I had seen the new Alex Box Stadium but it was my first game in it. I grew up going to games with my dad but going again, after four years of living in another country, I felt as if I was doing it all for the very first time. It was an emotional and very nostalgic evening for me. As all the kids ran out to stand with the players during the National Anthem, as I used to do, brought back fun memories. During the National Anthem, with my hand over my heart, singing it with everyone around me and seeing the American flag flying in the wind really engulfed me with a sense of patriotism like I have never felt before. I believe I actually teared up. Before the first pitch I had to get a foot long corn dog, fresh squeezed lemonade, and my favorite a big bag of c…

Pupusa Making Machine

Pupusas are the national food of El Salvador. What is a pupusa you may ask? Well, a pupusa is made from a thick corn or rice tortilla and is filled with a variety of different things. The pupusas we made were filled with beans and cheese.

Flipping them, this usually done with the hands.

Marcela was my teacher.
You know we had to add some Tony´s.

Advice for Attending a Soccer Game in El Salvador

Last night I went to see the El Salvador National Soccer team play against Haiti. Now I have been to other soccer games, here in El Salvador and in Costa Rica, but they were nothing compared to last night in Vietnam, as they call the section where we sat. I went with a group of people from church, mostly pastors, and we paid $3.00 a ticket to watch two games. The first game was the Sub 20 National teams of El Salvador and Mexico. So here is my advice if you are going to watch a game in El Salvador and sit in general admission.
1.) Wear an EL Salvador Selecta Shirt
You might think that wearing a shirt that is the same color as the team is good enough, it is not. We arrived early enough that, thankfully, we were only yelled at. However, as more people came the 500+ people in general admission would all stand up and start yelling all kinds of things and throwing everything under the son until the person is soaking wet and removes their shirt, whether you are a women or man. The guys…