Pupusa Making Machine

Pupusas are the national food of El Salvador. What is a pupusa you may ask? Well, a pupusa is made from a thick corn or rice tortilla and is filled with a variety of different things. The pupusas we made were filled with beans and cheese.

Flipping them, this usually done with the hands.

Marcela was my teacher.
You know we had to add some Tony´s.


kathy said…
How did they taste? Were they as good as the ones at the quant little restaurant on the way up to the volcano?
Zechariah 4:6 said…
I thought you were going to show us a literal machine, like a cuisinart or something I could buy stateside that would make pupusas for me. That would rock.
MedMissions said…
Um, wow. I'm still drooling over those pupusas...lol. Great blogs by the way. Continue forward!


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