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Tamanique Waterfalls

I have been going to the beach at El Tunco for years now and know the locals and one of my friends told me about some beautiful waterfalls near the beach. I have always wanted to go but never have. In celebration of my birthday we decided to go to hike to them. One of the local surfers, Ronal, was our guide and we jumped on a bus for $0.50 and rode up into the mountains about 20 kilometers to the quaint little town called Tamanique. We then hiked a good 30 or 40 minutes down to the waterfalls. The cool thing about this hike was that 15 minutes into it you were already seeing small waterfalls, rapids, and crystal clear (no pun intended) pools. We had fun at one of the first waterfalls jumping off the rocks into the beautiful and cold pools of water. Finally, reaching the bottom was the biggest and most beautiful waterfall. As we were swimming toward it to touch the falls it was like swimming upstream or against a current and the wind coming off of it was unbelievable. It was so …

Reaching Out With My Own Two Hands

Today I went with the King's Castle Compassion team to two different communities called Los Heroes and Los Angeles 1. In LA1 the Master's Commission students, that I helped train in Castle Club this January, are starting discipleship classes with the children of this community.
This little boy is named Bryan and has a very hard life. His mom hates him because he is the son of a man that left her. Because Bryan reminds her of this man she treats him horribly and just kicked him out of the house. He hadn't ate since yesterday and was sleeping outside on the porch.
At the school in Los Heroes we were able to teach about personal hygiene, give out some veggies, and also pass out parasite medicine to the teachers for each student. If we give the medicine to the teachers we know that the children will receive the treatment.
This little girl is 14 years old and this is her newly born son. The last trip into this community he had a eye infection and one of our King's Castle …

Last Year of my 20's

Jolie, Paige, Karen, and I at the volcano restaurant for my birthday.
My delicious birthday meal.
This guy was sitting outside making awesome paintings with spray paint at only $5.00 a piece.

Yesterday was my birthday and started the last year of my 20's and I am determined for it to be my best year yet. Yesterday in Children's Church they called up my friend Crici, one of the kids Andi, and myself and one of the little girls sang happy birthday to us. I had a lot of fun with friends. I missed my family but they made a cake for me and ate it, too.

Tales from the Dentist Chair

This little boy is named Eliú. He came through Triage with his older brother. Eliú is five years old and has major dental problems. When I was translating for the Dentist he wanted me to ask how often does he brush his teeth. He looked at me and said, "Well, I don't have a toothbrush so I can't brush my teeth." They had to do a few extractions but we they gave him a toy for being so brave and a toothbrush so he could start brushing his teeth.
Pam is a Missionary Associate here who works on the Compassion Team. She is cleaning the teeth of a 13 year old boy named, Hokie. Hokie is a like many of the children in this area who live their lives in survival mode.
Here I am with Dr. Mike translating for him as he does Triage.
These two little boys from the community are brothers, Saul and Luis. These are the two little boys who I blogged about last week that were hanging around while we were cleaning the clinic. My heart goes out to these kids and I hope that in the l…

Little Scouts

Sunday a Dental team from UCLA is coming to work in our King's Castle Dental Clinic in Nueva Esperanza. Nueva Esperanza is a small community that was started as a group of refugees from the earthquake in 2001. It is also the location of one of our sister churches. We will be working there all week long and I am one of the translators. Today some of the missionaries went to the site and we did a good cleaning of the clinic. As we were cleaning two, dirty, little boys came up to the window I was cleaning and started talking to me. First thing they say to me, "That's a really cool watch." Which tells me that they have eyes that pay attention to what people have. Later on, they were asking Bro. Don how much he pays the people working here (referring to us). He said I don't pay them anything they are missionaries with King's Castle. They hung around and helped clean the bathrooms and they did a really good job. They also helped us unload supplies but al…

Never a Dull Moment

Most people might say they had a bad day when being encountered with situations such as I experienced today. I like to call them adventures and laugh at them. Thursdays, when I have the time, I volunteer to teach English at a LACC school. Today another missionary associate and I went at 8:00 am and we waited for an hour for the English Director to get out of his meeting. In his office he asked If I could substitute for the high school students. This may seem like no big deal but I had prepared for 1st and 2nd graders and was put into 45 minute classes with high school students completely unprepared; just a tad bit terrifying. But I did it and it was actually a lot of fun. After teaching I had to run some errands. So we went to the mall because there was a certain store that I needed to go to. Well, I have a Mazda B3000 truck and parking garages and parking spots in El Salvador are made for mini coopers but being that that garage was packed I grabbed the first spot I could. As…

Specific Prayers

Here in King's Castle ministry there are two seasons: Team Season and Not Team Season. Both are uniquely different and regardless of what season we are in there is always so much work to be done. As the years have gone by team season has started earlier and earlier. We now get a big boom of teams in March because of Spring Break. I was privileged to be able to work with Calvary Church from Naperville, Ill. this past week. I worked with them in 2008 and was really excited when I heard they were coming back and I was able to work with them again. Most of the team was different but there were a few familiar faces. Just as before, it was a great experience working with them. We did street ministry in different areas of the city but one of the days stuck out to me above the others. It was Monday, March 28, while we were working in Soyapango. In the first program, after we had finished praying and we started playing with the kids again, a young boy was trying to get our attentio…