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Zoo Trip

This past Saturday we took the Guardians of the Vision on a field trip to the zoo and a park. Because of working with teams I haven't been able to work with the kids as much and I definitely miss them. It was a blast being able to hang out, all day long, with these very special children. To bring them to a safe place in which they can just enjoy life and be kids. A few hours in which they were able to forget their problems and have fun. I love these kids and God has a special plan for each one of them.

Island Life

After two years I was able to go back to the Salvadoran Island of Meanguera. From the lake at Coatepeque, where we left, it was about 4 hours in bus and 1 1/2 in boat. I love the boat ride; it is so amazing to be on the open sea and there are so many tiny uninhibited islands all over the place. We arrived on the Island and had a service right on the dock and it was amazing. It was so neat to be able to see all the kids and youth again. Many of them remembered my name and the names of the World Warrior's that came two years ago. Every program that we did we had over 100 people. It was so much fun and another great experience.

My Week Working With SAGU

I love working in Mira Flores, Candelaria, and Guadelupe. I think the reason I like it so much is that this is where I mainly worked when I was an intern in 2005.
In 2005, there was not even a church building in Guadelupe and now they have a church and a feeding program.
We worked in two communities in between Vera Paz and Guadelupe which are new since the mudslides in 2009. It always a lot of fun working in an area for the first time.

This is the Volcano San Vicente or Chinchontepec in the native language of Nahuatl. You can still see the mudslide trail from 2009. It was amazing going to this area since I had not been out there since I helped in the relief efforts. There are still huge rocks in many places but it has been mostly cleared out and new bridges have been put in.

What The Kids Are Saying

This morning with the Guardian's of the Vision, the 9-12 yr. old kids in our discipleship program, we had a very interesting devotion time. They had one boy and one girl sit on stage and as the leader was talking about different things that had happened in the world this week she would then turn to the kids to hear their opinion. #1 was the death of Bin Laden and they agreed that he had hurt many people but we are not at liberty to take the life of another person, no matter how evil He is. In fact, they were very shocked and sad, as I was, to see people in the United States cheering and celebrating his death. #2 the $33 million dollars spent on the Royal wedding. The general census on that was they were in complete disagreement because there are people suffering and starving all over the world and that money should have been donated to help others. #3 Pope John Paul II being made a Saint. Again they were in disagreement because he was made a Saint for the miracles that He d…

The Volcano Izalco Hike

Along with the team from Southwestern University I hiked the volcano Izalco that sits at 6,398 feet above sea level. It's last eruption was in 1966. You start off from Cerro Verde and with a guide and a police officer begin the descent on a woodsy trail. After you have walked down somewhere between 1500 to 1700 stairs you are ready to start the trek up the volcano. From the top of the stairs I tracked the hike all the way until we reached the crater and it said it was 2.17 miles and it took us 57.19. I did not track it on the way back but I am positive it lasted longer because you have to go back up all those stairs which was definitely the most strenuous part. Once you are hiking the volcano it is very unstable, loose rocks and gravel which makes it difficult going up but you are able to kind of slide your way down. I was the second person to complete the hike and I did it at 3 hours exact, it was probably a little less because we hung out on the crater for a while but my …

Bridal Shower

This is my good friend Crici, who is getting married in June. She has been on discipleship staff since I have been in El Salvador. She is a wonderful women of God and a great friend.
Thanks to the help of friends Jolie, Katie, and Paige we were able to make all kinds of deliciousness for the girls who came.
As always the gift opening part was a lot of fun.
One of the parts that we all enjoyed was the marital advice from Hermana Ani.
We ended the time praying for blessings over Crici and William and their future marriage together.