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World Warriors Week 4- San Juan Pueblo, Honduras

San Juan Pueblo, Honduras will be marked in my mind simply for the amount of high schools we worked in and the huge amount of teenagers whose lives were changed.  God really worked and changed me personally and my attitude about working with teenagers. It's not that I don't like working with teenagers but I love working with kids.  After this week my perspective changed as I saw God use the team to minister to the lives of thousands of teenagers.  We also had the opportunity to work in a community of Garifuna's and I was able to try an amazing soup that only they make called Machuca.  That day, at the beach, a couple of guys started talking to me and one of them admitted he was an alcoholic but he wanted to know what was it that kept me going...what was my  reason for living.  As I sat there and was able to share with these complete strangers all that God had done in my life I knew that it was a divine appointment.  They needed to hear what I had to say, in fact, they tol…

The Story

Walking on the beach.
The surprise I had when we walked back.
I said, "yes."

For all the wondering and inquiring minds here is the story. Ruben and I met at the King's Castle International Training camp in Lake Coatepeque, in August, one year ago. I was working with the Guardians of the Vision and he was working a camp. After that initial meeting we realized we had many mutual friends in common and started talking and hanging out more; creating a friendship. I started to have feelings but I did not say anything because I knew the rules of being a Missionary Associate and I knew dating and having a boyfriend was out of the question so I didn't want to even dwell on the idea. So I started praying that God would take away all feelings if it was not His will and if it was His will he would confirm it. I spent a lot of time in prayer…

Week 3 Puerto El Triunfo

Week three was a memorable week for me because God did something in me that has marked me and pushed me into a new level of trust in faith in Him. This week we went to a specific high school of about 300 students and one of the guys was giving his testimony. While he was speaking God told me, "Tell you testimony, there is a specific person who needs to hear it." I was shaking because I have never given my testimony, in Spanish, especially in front of 300 teenagers. But I know what God told me to do. So I shared my testimony and in the faces of 300 teenagers staring at me there was a specific girl with whom I kept making eye contact. After the ministry drama and the invitation to accept Christ that exact girl came up to me and said, "What you went through I have gone through and I needed to hear how God changed your life because I want to change mine." So I was able to pray with her as she accepted Christ. Another guy said he has been hanging out with gang memb…

Last Sunday in El Salvador

My last Sunday at church was quite difficult. I was called up on stage and the kids sang to me and prayed for me. It was something I will never forget and my life will never be the same again. I am so blessed that God chose me to work here during these past four years. I believe in what God told me when I came to El Salvador that this is just the beginning.

World Warriors Week 2- Ahuachapan

Week 2 the World Warriors worked outside of the city of Ahuachapan ministering mostly to coffee farm workers and their children. One day we went to the San Antonio Coffee Farm and hiked about 45 minutes to get to a little community of workers. We split into groups and visited the people and prayed for them. This women, in the picture, used to be a christian but for others in the church hurting her she stopped attending. She allowed us to pray for her and then she took us to the next home to pray for a family member. We walked into a small adobe shack to find an elderly man laying on sheets on the dirt floor. He had fallen while working and should have died but he was left paralyzed. Praise God he was a believer and we crouched down and we laid hands on him and prayed for his healing. But the surprising and humbling thing was he started praying for us. Praying God would bless us and thanking God for sending us to him.

World Warrior Boot Camp

I'm going back in time in my blogs since I have been with the World Warriors these past six weeks and not had the opportunity to blog. So lets go back to week 1- World Warrior boot camp. The 11 World Warriors arrived June 17 to El Salvador. The first week was, what we call, boot camp. At 6:00 am we woke up in the mornings to do exercises, personal and group devotions, all week long we trained and practiced songs, dramas, human videos, puppets, clowning, object lessons, sermons, ect. We also spent a lot of time in prayer and fasting in which the Lord spoke to one of the girls, Ashlyn, in a vision. She saw angles around the entire team and each angel was giving a team member a certain gift/anointing that they would need and use during the trip.