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Creole and Proud

Jackson Square, New Orleans
Cajun Music Day, Baton Rouge
Magnolia Mound, Baton Rouge
I love being from Louisiana. I love everything about our unique culture and not just because I am Cajun.  Everything about Louisiana, the food, music, and heritage makes me proud to be who I am.  Yesterday, my parents and I went to the Cajun Music Day at Magnolia Mound.  Not only did we hear some great Cajun music but also were able to tour Magnolia Mound.  Born and bred in Louisiana touring old plantation homes is something you start to do in kindergarden on field trips; even at a young age I always enjoyed the tours.  Now that I am older I have found a keen interest in these old homes and really enjoy learning more about my history and the history of Louisiana. It is very interesting to me how the definitions of words evolve through the years.  For example the word Creole originally was,

Louisiana Creole people traditionally are descended from HaitianFrench and Spanish colonial settlers in Louisiana.…


Life has been very different back in the United States.  Since being home I have been working at St. Andrew's Pre School.  While working there I felt God speak to me one day that wherever in the world you are children always need to be loved.  That simple truth has made my transition living in the US much smoother.  On top of working I am also taking a course to be certified in Teaching English as a Second Language.  I also was able to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and grandmaw and I found my dress at the first place we went to, in fact, it was the first dress I tried on.  That made me really happy.