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2 Weeks Free

Friday night I had the privilege of going to a reunion service of sorts named "Freedom on the Other Side."  It was a service to celebrate prisoners who have been released and are serving the Lord.  One man in particular had just been released 2 weeks ago and hearing his testimony, listening to him sing to the Lord, and seeing the smile and joy of Jesus Christ on his face was such an encouragement.  The thing about that was he wasn't just smiling because he was free on the outside; my dad said he was happy like that on the inside as well.  He was joyful because he had experienced true freedom in Christ.  Another ex prisoner said something that really impacted me.  He said, "When you are out of God's will, you meet all the wrong people; when you are in God's will, you meet all the right people."  He also said, "Thank God we don't look like what we have been through."  You can clearly see the change and hand of God on these guys.  I talked to…

Most Violent Country in the World

I was shocked to read that El Salvador, where I have lived the past four years and will be living, is the most violent country in the world.  I knew El Salvador was violent; it is something you get used to, unfortunately.  You get used to hearing of the murders; it becomes normal.  Which should never happen.  It saddens me to hear that El Salvador, the country the size of Massachusetts is above Iraq, a country in war, as being the most violent.  I never feel in danger or scared but the stats are terrifying.  According to the Geneva Declaration Central America is the most dangerous region in the world.  El Salvador has the highest rate of violent fatalities, with over 60 deaths recorded for every 100,000 inhabitants. (  Some may ask why would you want to live there? Aren't you scared?  I can boldly say I want to live there because God placed El Salvador on my heart even a…

The Knot

For those who want to keep up with all the wedding stuff; you can do so here. The Knot

El Salvador: State of Emergency

El Salvador is in a state of emergency due to rain, high winds, flooding, and mudslides attributed to a tropical depression.  There have been 13 confirmed deaths already. This disaster is not limited to high risk areas but now they are having mudslides and trees down within the capitol city of San Salvador.  Please be praying for my friends who live all over the country.  If you would like to see some photos you can do so here:

Simple Prayer of a Child

Wednesday night I was honored to be able to spend time with the Mpact girls and Royal Rangers at Bethel Temple Assembly of God.  It has been somewhat of an adjustment since I have been back and not working in the church.  The past four and half years I have been in full time ministry.  These past two months have been a really long break for me.  Pastor Dylan asked if I would like to give a presentation to the kids this Wednesday and I eagerly accepted.  It was so great to be able to share my experiences and talk about what I did in El Salvador.  The kids were so receptive and full of questions. It wasn't just me talking we also had a lot of fund playing games.  After the service we all gathered together to pray for El Salvador.  Right now El Salvador and all of Central America is having a lot of rain from a Tropical Depression.  Many people have died already.  There has been and is major flooding, rain, winds, and mudslides.  In El Salvador, alone, they already have some 5,000 peo…