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A Movie Needs to be Made

I really feel like I could earn millions if my wedding week was made into a movie.  Instead of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" it could be "My Crazy Bilingual Salvadoran Wedding." So Friday morning, the day before my wedding, Ruben and I went to the market.  A week prior we had already picked out, ordered, and paid for the flowers. We were assured that all the fresh flowers I ordered would be there. Note that was a Salvadoran white lie.  We go Friday morning and were my flowers there; only a few.  I was boiling.  I mean when you order something a head of time and pay for it I expect what I ordered to be there.  We picked up what we could and I returned home to go pick up a friend from the airport and Ruben went to go pick up a friend from the bus station.  Needless to say, later that afternoon we had all the flowers.  But shortly after that fiasco Ruben was talking to the women in charge of our wedding and we had reserved a private room at the Hotel Capital in which …

Wedding Details

I found lots of cute little ideas on pinterest and the knot and with the creativity of my mom I was able to have many neat, little details that made my wedding unique.  Here are some of the things we did.
 The flower girl basket a normal basket and my mom and grandmother made fabric yo-yo's and put them all over the basket.
 My colors were purple and orange because my favorite flowers are Birds of Paradise and that is what we were using to decorate and my bouquet was made out of them.  We bought purple napkins from a party store, bought a fleur de lis stamp, and had a personalized stamp made with our names and the date. It is important to buy an ink that is waterproof.
 This was the ring bearers pillow. My mom made it from the extra material cut off of my wedding gown, material from her wedding gown, and the broach was from my Grandmother's wedding gown.
 Typically, Salvadorans don't have piñatas at weddings.  I read that is something that is done in Mexico however, I tho…

Reception Video

Well, the craziness is over and it is back to normal life.  It was fun while it lasted but I'm glad it is all over.  Here is a video that is dedicated to Ruben's mom because she wasn't able to come to the wedding.  It is in Spanish but it shows a lot of the reception; the band, fireworks, and piñata.  Copy and paste the link to watch:

Mission Trip Wedding

The festivities that we call my wedding have now begun.  It was supposed to all begin Tuesday night with the arrival of my family but that was postponed with a missed flight.  So they didn't fly in until 12:20 Wednesday which happened to be the same flight of a friend who came down for my wedding as well.  Of course the flight was a little late and the airport was packed.  My family and my friend didn't come out until close to 2:00.  Keep in my mind the civil wedding was planned to start at 5:00 and the airport is a good 45 minutes or so outside of San Salvador.  Because of all the luggage, for my wedding, we borrowed a micro bus from someone at church.  As my family came out with all their luggage I was reminded of my King's Castle days of picking up a team.  We loaded down the micro bus and headed on our way.  About 20 minutes into the trip the micro bus starts to over heat and shuts down.  So we sit on the side of the road a good 40 minutes as we are waiting for 4 diffe…

Juana y Manuel

Last night Ruben and I went to eat at my favorite pupuseria called Tipico Margóth.  It is a nice little place that has great traditional food.  When we pulled up there were two dirty little kids in the parking lot asking for money.  We talked to them for a little bit and gave them some money and went inside to eat.  When we came out they were still in the parking lot and it was dark and a little chilly.  We started to ask them their names and where they were from. Juana was 10 years old and her brother, Manuel was 6.  They had just moved to the area from Soyapango.  They walked down to the restaurant by themselves and they stay there until it closes.  There parents sale newspapers on the side of the rode.  The children have never been to school.  It really just broke my heart because in situations such as these your little bit of money to help them buy food doesn´t help their situation in the long run.  It made me think how desperate do you have to be, as parents, to send your childre…

Hardest Job Ever

I'm not complaining but I think I have the hardest job ever. At least the hardest job I have personally ever had.  But I know God has placed me in this position and he is doing a work in me.  Whoever came up with the cliche "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach" obviously never taught and is a liar.  Teaching a group of middle to high class Spanish speakers an English Lit class is ridiculously difficult. If anyone has any ESL, Middle or High School classroom management, Literature teaching advice, techniques, or ideas I am open for ANYTHING.  Some of my classes don't pay attention to my English classes but at least they listen when I am speaking to them in Spanish about the word of God which you think would be the other way around.  Two times this week I was asked to give a devotion to a 7th grade class and a 9th grade class and the Lord just spoke through me and the kids were more attentive during this time than any other.  Which that in itself is a mir…