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Pinterest Projects

Pinterest is one of the best inventions ever, in my opinion. Especially for artsy crafty people.  Ruben and I didn't have a headboard so I saw on Pinterest how some people used old pallets as a headboard.  So as we were looking for furniture at a so called thrift store we saw these pallets. We asked if they would sale them and they did $1.00 a piece.  They are different types of wood and had writing on them so we mixed left over brown paint from the walls with some white paint and painted the pallets.  We then turned them lateral and put them in the place we wanted.  Now all we need to do is drill them into the wall to keep them from moving. Super easy and way cool.
 My other pinterest project was actually for my wedding with the intention of using in my house.  These are wooded letters we bought from Hobby Lobby and hot glued shells all over them. In the wedding we put the K on my side of the chairs and the R for Ruben's side even though we didn't really follow that rule…

It's Not Coincidence

I was teaching at Liceo Cristiano San Benito when I first came back to El Salvador.  I was teaching English Literature to middle and high school ESL students; quite a feat.  For many reasons I decided that it was not the job/position for me.  So before the wedding I turned in my notice and decided not to worry about finding a job until after the honeymoon.  I had been praying that God would provide me with a job that I would enjoy and a schedule that would be convenient for my work in the ministry.  A week after the honeymoon a friend, who is a children's pastor and bible teacher, gave Ruben a call and asked if I had a job yet.  I didn't so Guillermo, our friend, told me to send my resumé to the director of the school CEFAS where he worked.  I did and within an hour they asked if I could come in for an interview.  The job opening was for a 2nd grade English teacher.  The teacher that was there was having health problems and decided to quit so they needed a new teacher and qui…

Learning How to Play

The week after our honeymoon Ruben and I were privileged to work with Vida Victoriosa.  If you keep up with my blog then you know my husband and a friend started a ministry called Cazador de Tesoros which facilitates camps and also gives varies types of workshops.
 The workshop "How to Play" is one of my favorites because you get to play games.  But you don't only learn how to play games but how to facilitate games in a way that is exciting and that all the children understand and want to play.  It is a tool to incorporate in children and youth ministry.
This workshop was for the Sunday School teachers from Vida Victoriosa who are now pros at playing and leading games for the kids that they minister to every Sunday morning.

Our Island Honeymoon

We went to the Bay Islands in Honduras for our honeymoon. More specifically we went to the smallest of the bay Islands called Utila for five days (to clarify any miscommunication of how long we were gone.)  It was so beautiful. I have never in my life seen water so clear.  This picture was taken on Water Key.  We took a Captain Morgan's dive boat to Pigeon Key and from there paid a local fisherman to take us to this key in which we were there for about 3 hours all by ourselves.  The water was so clear and the sand was so white.  It was a picture perfect paradise.  I had plenty of time to practice snorkeling in calm, clear, shallow water before venturing into the world of coral reef, crazy sea life, and deep waters.
We just kind of winged the trip which made it all the more fun.  It was off season so we knew we wouldn't have a problem finding a place to stay.  We decided on an old wooden house, very similar to Acadian French homes, called Hotel Bird of Paradise.  Coincidence t…

Daylight Savings TIme: I Can't Escape It

Daylight savings time is not something that is put into affect in El Salvador; we stay the same time all year long.  I didn't even realize today was daylight savings time.  Last night Ruben and I decided we were going to get up early to go run before church.  Here in the house we only have water at certain times.  Our water schedule is 5-9 in the morning, 12-2, and 6-9.  Usually, it doesn't affect us but we wanted to go run so we could get back in time to shower before church.  So I set my alarm for 7:00 am.  I started to wake up and I looked at my ipod and it was 8:55 am.  I had set my alarm but I had the sound low so I didn't hear it.  I jumped up in a panic and told  Ruben it is 5 til 9 so he says hurry, go take a shower.  I scrambled around, half asleep, and showered as quick as I could so he could shower as well.  I got dressed and as I was drinking my coffee and messing around on the computer Ruben gets out of the shower and turns on the news. He asks me, "Krist…

Wedding Music

First of all, when talking about your wedding remember that it is YOUR wedding.  You can do whatever you want.  Music is a very important part of most peoples lives and it plays an important part in your wedding.  Music is the soundtrack to your life.  There were a few songs that marked important moments in my relationship with Ruben and I decided to have those songs in my wedding.  I originally was going to walk down to the Wedding March but only if my brother could play it on the guitar.  However, we looked up the origin of the Wedding March and it came from Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengrin." You can google it to find more information about it but Wagner was amused when the Bridal Chorus made its way into church services. If you read about the opera you will see why.  Needless to say, I decided against it and decided on some not so traditional music; being that my wedding was not traditional in any way.  The song that everyone walked down to was "Mi Bendición&quo…