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I'm 30

The weekend before my birthday Ruben took me to the beach to celebrate my birthday.  We stayed the night and it was a wonderful birthday getaway.

I woke up on April 24,2012 to Ruben blowing noise makers, playing Happy Birthday on his cell phone and this cupcake.  It was so cute of him!  He did many things to make my day special.
In one of my classes the kids all hid under their desks and when I came in the room they all yelled, "Happy Birthday" and gave and gave me a hug...all 26 of them.  Then they all gave me hand made birthday cards and sang me Happy Birthday. So adorable.
Ruben came home from Bible School, before I got off of work, and cooked me a delicious lunch.  It was his speciality, that he made up, "Choripapa." Which consisted of potatoes and chorizo. It was really good.  He also prepared a salad and crab fingers.

The greatest surprise of all was when we were going to eat Sushi at my favorite place.  I thought it was just going to be Ruben and I but when …

Tripa Chuca

Tripa Chuca is a Salvadoran game that literally means, prepare yourself, "dirty intestines". I know it sounds crude but it really is a fun game that the kids play here.  Oh, the things I learn as a 2nd grade teacher. I think I was more excited about learning and playing the game than than my students were, not really. They beg me all day long to play.  I don't give in until car pool time. So this game, let's call it Dirty Bowels" is simple.  You take a piece of paper and you write the numbers 1-10 o 1-20 all over in random order but you have to have two sets of each number.  So start with the number 1.  You have to find the other one and draw a line to it without touching any of the numbers. It is easy at first but once you start getting to 4 and 5 there are lines everywhere and you can't touch them.  The person who touches a number or other line "intestine" loses.  It is very simple and can be played with two people, a piece of paper, and a pencil…

Wedding Details

Here are some pictures of the little details and decorations I decided to do at my wedding thanks to the help of my creative mother, grandmother, and sister.  They helped me achieve exactly what I wanted.
 Birds of Paradise are my favorite flowers and my colors were orange and purple so I absolutely wanted my bouquet to be Birds of Paradise.
 This was the table where the seating cards, gift box, and calender was stationed.  The seating cards were regular seating cards but we glued shells on each one of them.  We placed framed engagement pictures on this table. We also made a calender, using our engagement pictures, for our guest to sign on their birthday. I decided on this instead of a guest book.  In El Salvador gifts are not bought but cards are given with money.  So my mom made a big present with a slot to put the cards in.

 The tables were decorated with mason jars, scrap booking paper, and ribbon filled with flowers.
 We glued sea shells on wooden letters to use as decoration i…

Youth Camp

The Central Zone youth camp was held in the mountains of Chalatenengo.  About 300 teenagers were a part of the camp "More Than a Warrior."  It was my first time to be part of the staff at Embajadores de Cristo (Ambassadors of Christ) annual youth camp. Embajadores de Cristo is the Assembly of God youth department here in El Salvador.
 This is César (left) and his pastor Eduardo on the right.  César is a gang member. Eduardo, the pastor, has a ministry that works with gang members.  César has been in the program for about three months.  I think César enjoyed the camp more than anyone and it was evident that God touched him while he was there.  There was also a girl who was an ex gang member who has been saved three years now and is active in this same program and youth group.  Pastor Eduardo is doing great things, with his leadership team, reaching out to the gang members.

Ruben and I were asked to share on the topic The Faithfulness of a Warrior for the last service of the…

I Just Want My Mommy

Today I had a root canal done and while I was sitting in the chair all tensed up and waiting for the anesthesia to kick in all I could think about as I nearly cried was, "Am I to old to want my mom right now?" Needless to say, I am alive and well.  Exactly one year ago, during Semana Santa (Spring Break), I had this same tooth looked at by the UCLA Dentist team that I worked with. They took out the filling and refilled it and told me if I continued to have pain that I would need a root canal. Well, that pain didn't return until Thursday of last week.  I was put on antibiotics and pain pills to make it through the weekend (because I had a kid's camp to help host.)  Thankfully, the dreadful process is now over and my pain is gone.