Tripa Chuca

Tripa Chuca is a Salvadoran game that literally means, prepare yourself, "dirty intestines". I know it sounds crude but it really is a fun game that the kids play here.  Oh, the things I learn as a 2nd grade teacher. I think I was more excited about learning and playing the game than than my students were, not really. They beg me all day long to play.  I don't give in until car pool time. So this game, let's call it "Dirty Bowels" is simple.  You take a piece of paper and you write the numbers 1-10 o 1-20 all over in random order but you have to have two sets of each number.  So start with the number 1.  You have to find the other one and draw a line to it without touching any of the numbers. It is easy at first but once you start getting to 4 and 5 there are lines everywhere and you can't touch them.  The person who touches a number or other line "intestine" loses.  It is very simple and can be played with two people, a piece of paper, and a pencil.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 PM CST

    I love this game. I'm Salvadorian living in Washington DC for over 12 years and I play with my kids once in a while :).