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Hat Day for Tammy


Love Tap from the Lord

I used to get mad at my parents or grandparents when they gave me a love tap.  It never hurt but I guess because I wasn't expecting it that it startled me in which made me mad.  Well, I got a little love tap from the Lord yesterday. Let me explain.  In all my years in El Salvador King's Castle had a lawyer that helps all the missionaries with their residency requirements.  Well, this lawyer would help me but I just don't have the extra money to pay him so Ruben and I decided to do it on our own.  My residency expires in two weeks so I thought getting everything together last week and renewing it this week would be plenty of time.  We thought we had all the documents but I wanted to go to the Immigration Office to make sure I had everything before the actual appointment.  So we go and they don't let Ruben in because only the person applying can go in.  Then the guard lady almost didn't let me in because I didn't have my passport. I kindly explained I just wanted…

Youth Service and Garden Tour

Friday night was the Central Zone Youth District's prayer service.  They call it a Vigilia, in which they stay usually stay up all night long but this service ended at midnight.  It is like a church service but with different activities and longer.  Usually there are two different worship bands so two times of praise and worship.  We did a lot of games and challenges in between to give away the prizes than many different people had donated. The grand prize was a Nike soccer ball donated by a good friend in the States.  There was a special speaker named Edwin Garcia and a hip hop band from the church "Calles para Cristo".  Their ministry is really cool because most of the young people are ex gang members, or were drug addicts, ect and God changed their lives.  It is an urban street ministry that does graffiti, breakdancing, hip hop.  

Saturday two of our friends asked us to come along with them as they checked out different gardens to have their wedding this upcoming Dec…

Construction Zone

Our house does not have regular city water.  We have water from a natural spring...yes we are blessed with pure, ice cold water.  The down side to that is nice ice cold showers which at times feels great; like in the middle of the day. But early in the morning or at night the spray of ice water prickling my body is not welcomed.  So after four months of ice water I thought spending $15.00 to put in an electric water warmer (aka widow maker) on the shower would be a good investment.  Yes, the nickname is rather scary but to have warmer water we decided to take the chance.  Ruben and I discussed and he told me it would easy to put in so we purchased it.
 As you can see it was not quite as easy as Ruben had imagined. In fact, we had to call a friend who is an electrician come over and help.  Also the old shower head had never been removed and all the screws and such had been stripped and oxidized and broke. Then the concrete wall had to be broken to add length to the pipe so it would be…

Wedding Shoot


Wedding Pictures

I realized that I haven't put up any of my wedding pictures.  I have chosen my absolute favorites. The pictures we taken by my good friend, and also King's Castle missionary, Karen Nicholls.  She did such an amazing job.  

 We were married on February 18, 2012.  In Spanish the day is put first and the month second.  The finishing touch.  My mom, my sister, and flower girl adjusting my birdcage veil.  My sister, maid of honor, praying for me right before I walk down the aisle.  My dad walking me down. Wedding in El Salvador have a time of preaching and usually weddings are very long so it is normal to have chairs for the bride and groom to sit in.
Also, a Latin tradition, is the lasso which is kind of the same thing as the unity candle or the mixing of sand. A done deal.

Greatest Fear

Today I had a spiritual breakthrough with my students.  We have a 15 minute devotion every morning and on Tuesdays they go to chapel and after chapel the teachers have a reflection and application time.  In this time, after chapel, was when the breakthrough happened.  The topic was "God Protects Us Because He Loves Us." One of the questions was, "What is your greatest fear?" One of my students said with tears in his eyes that his greatest fear was loosing his parents. Which of course made me teary eyed and I shared that too is a fear of mine.  A few other kids agreed and some others said their greatest fear is their parents divorcing.  At this time many of the kids are teary eyed and all were listening and very serious.  Two of my problematic kids, who come from divorced homes, openly shared how difficult it was for them when there parents divorced, what had happened, and who God sent to them to comfort them in those difficult moments.  We always pray after devotio…


Living and teaching in El Salvador you have to learn to be resourceful and really creative.  Thank goodness for websites such as Pinterest however it is still very difficult at times to find the necessary supplies to make the cute ideas or if you do find it they are triple the price.  One of the things that you can not buy here is bulletin board border.  So what I have done is cut strips of poster board and with the  extra paint from the Father's Day craft I choose different kids, according to their good behavior, to come and paint sections throughout the day.  It turned out cute, it was fun for the kids, and it was a incentive for the kids to behave well in class.

Not Much to Celebrate

Mother's Day....Huge celebration.  Father's Day....not so much.  Why?  The main reason is that many just don't know their dads or if they do, they don't live with them.  It is really a sad situation and is a factor to some of the social issues that now plague El Salvador.  I recently had to do a census in my class for the Ministry of Education and it turns out that the majority of the children live with both parents.  I believe three come from divorced families and two live in an orphanage. I didn't know this but the other Second grade teacher told me that our classes were the only ones doing something for Father's Day.   The kids either didn't want to do it and/or the father issue brought to surface to much sadness.   I told my kids that the gift can be for a grandfather, uncle, or any other father figure in their life but to remember that God is our true father in whom we can always count on.

Two Communities in 2 Days

It is not considered summer time here it is actually winter.  Rainy season=winter and dry season=summer. Summer school break is November-January which is in dry season.  Even though it isn't summertime here  our ministry "Cazador de Tesoros" is chock-full of events.  This past weekend we went to the community of Las Delicias outside of San Salvador, in which I have many sentimental ties for all the work I've done there in King's Castle, and Portrerios a community in the volcano crater of Izalco high above Lake Coatepeque.  Friday, when I finished teaching, we went to Las Delicias to play some games and share with the youth.  It was a great experience because I have worked there for many years with King's Castle and it is where my old roommate teaches English.  To be able to introduce many of the kids and teenagers to Ruben and minister to them together was really cool.

 Saturday we had a day camp with about 40 teenagers from the mountain community of Portr…

Master's Commission and Interns

Ruben and I helped out with a mini training camp for the first year Master's Commission students this past weekend.   We were also privileged to lead the 2012 interns in games and team building activities.  It was so much fun and also very humbling to take a part in the formation of these future leaders, pastors, teachers, and missionaries.  It was very tiring especially since I had to get up early for work on Monday but totally worth it.  On the drive back to San Salvador we stopped on the side of the road and bought $1.00 worth of limes which were about 20 and $1.00 worth of huge avocados which were about three; also totally worth it.

It was a bit surreal for me because for the last 5 years of my life I have been preparing for the World Warriors. This is my first time to ever be in El Salvador during June and July.  Even though I'm not a missionary with King's Castle anymore it was really cool to still be able to work with them.  Next weekend we have a children's cam…